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The following stories are intended for mature readers, and contain fictional scenarios dealing with sex and power exchange.


The great Ziggurat of Dahom.

The planet Torei is a far-future science fiction setting, where a planet in a rogue stellar cluster between the galaxies has developed independently thanks to the bioengineering of its AI guardians. Think Æon Flux meets Blade Runner, to create a kind of Gor on Arrakis.

Torean women outnumber men 9:1, and nearly all clothing is made of the latex-like laminate material. The two AIs (Mazos and Dahom) rule from great ziggurats at the poles, separated from the human ringdoms (arrayed in a patchwork around the planets equator) by the vast badlands in (and under) which the terraforming work continues.

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Torei Tales

The Lead
This was the first story written in the Torean universe, and was inspired by an illustration by Luctem.
Your First Trip to Torei
This is a second-person gender-neutral narration of you, the reader, making a business trip to Torei.
A Blagger’s History of Torei
A professional who has built his life on Torei gives a potted history of the planet, and some cultural advice to travellers.
Stella of the Bailey
An off-world human rights lawyer finds her ex-wife’s family embroiled in a humanitarian crisis on Torei, and does everything in her power to try and save them. This is a multi-chapter piece, around 20,000 words.
Begging For The Chip
This was part of a daily microfiction exercise I was practising with a collaborator. It’s probably not canon for the universe, as I don’t imagine Torei having particularly strong electronic technology. It is short enough that I may update it some day to be more in line with the setting.
Dr. Folamour’s Commissions
A user named Dr. Folamour commissioned a gender-bending/transformation story from me. It’s not a genre that has any specific attraction for me, so it was a fun writing exercise. I hope I covered the topic acceptably.


I have two longer stories that were written round-robin style.

Holly and the Tiger
I answered a Tumblr post titled “Damsel seeking distress” by a user named gracediamondsfear. We chatted about a setting and decided on a yoga retreat as the theme for our story. Tumblr disabled many of the chapters due to the illustration images on some of them falling afoul of new content guidelines, so here’s the entire text of the story in full. I wrote the odd chapters, and she wrote the even ones.
The Enslavement of Marie
This was a long story, and unfinished as yet. English is not Marie’s first language, and she was quite self-conscious about her writing at first. But I think you’ll agree that she communicates the emotions of her imagined experiences in the chapters she wrote.


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