Private Partnership

by Knight of Sunlight (a.k.a. The Dark One)

Transcriber’s note

This is an unfinished sequel to Hired Help, and as such is still in a draft state. The author’s own notes-to-self are retained as footnotes, and the tale has dividing lines between sections of story that had a larger amount of whitespace in the original.

Chapter 1

Laura pushed another piece of popcorn into her mouth and slowly chewed on it as she stared at the television in front of her.

She was wearing a nightgown in spite of the fact that the six o’clock news was on. On the blue livingroom carpet there were articles of clothing and the odd plastic bag. A pile of dishes sat in the sink, apparently neglected for some time.

“I just couldn’t stay,” Laura said aloud, not even conscious of her own words. Laura stared past the TV screen, with her mind lost in thoughts and recollections.

She could not remember ever seeing her sister Jennifer so happy. There was no comparison that could be made to anything that Laura had seen. Her husband Richard was obviously madly in love with her, and posessed a devious, kinky mind as well.

A shiver of pleasure went down her spine as she remembered the wedding. Jennifer, even though she was older, had always been the innocent one. That is, until now…

Laura let out a long sigh. “At least you’re happy, Jennifer,” she said as she turned off the television with the remote control. After a long moment, she left the bowl of popcorn on the couch and walked to the bedroom.

The bed was not made, but she did not care. Carelessly, she flopped down face first on the bed.

She slowly faded out of consciousness. Laura saw Images of Jennifer in her beautiful white wedding gown, walking ever so slowly. Her sister’s face glowed like every step was filled with pleasure and joy.

Another image. Through the doorframe, Richard Hane’s huge bedroom came into view. Richard was dressed in nothing at all, while her sister wore a black rubber body suit. Her arms and legs were tied to the bedposts, and she struggled feebly against them. Laura knew that Jennifer’s panting was not fear, but rather anticipation.


Laura was slow to regain consciousness. It was on the eighth ring before she managed to fumble around and pick up the phone.

“Ya?” she said blearily.

“Laura?” came a vaguely familiar male voice. In her present state, she couldn’t picture the face or remember the name.

“Yes?” she said again, rubbing one eye with her free hand.

“Are you OK? You don’t sould well,” asked the voice.

“I was just napping,” she said. You spend more time ‘napping’ than you spend awake, whispered a corner of her mind.

“I can call back later, if you’d rather sleep,” came the voice.

“No, that’s fine,” Laura replied. “I really shouldn’t be sleeping now, anyway.”

Laura twisted around on the bed until her back was against the headboard. “I know this is out of the blue, but your sister was kind enough to give me your number. I hope you don’t mind.”

My sister? Laura thought. She felt stupid for not knowing who it was, but too embarassed to ask yet. “That’s all right. I don’t mind.”

She heard a short, quick sigh from the other end. “Well, I don’t know how to say this. Sometimes things just come out wrong when I try to say them.”

“Well, just say something. I’ll figure it out,” she replied.

“Well, OK,” the voice said in a hurry. “Would you want to go out with me?”

Laura’s eyes grew wide. Before she could speak, the voice continued. “Oh, god, I said that wrong. I don’t mean to sound pushy or anything. I can do that. But… maybe we could spend some time together, maybe do a movie or something. Whatever you want.”

“Ummm…” she said, trying to collect her thoughts. “This might sound kind of stupid. Your voice is familiar, but,… who are you?”

There was a rare moment of silence from the other end. “Oh, god. Don’t you remember me? This is Collin. We met at Richard’s house.”

Collin! How could I forget! she thought. Laura could feel her cheeks heating up. “Now I remember,” she said.

“I guess I really screwed up,” Collin said.

“No, that’s quite all right,” she replied.

Laura felt like she was adrift in another world. Her weak grasp on what she thought was reality had finally slipped completely. In the background, she thought that she could hear the music from the Twilight Zone.

“Well, um, so, when would you like to come over?” came Collin’s skaky voice.

So, Collin wants to see me, Laura thought to herself. He’s already seen more of me than most of my boyfriends have.

I also orgasmed right in front of him. Oh, god, that was embarassing…

… but so intense!

The line was silent except for a very faint crackle of noise. Laura looked around at the plain walls of her sister’s apartment, and the chaos that surrounded her.

I’m stagnating here. I have no plans, no job, no direction. I sleep half of the day away, and spend the other half in front of the tube.

What do i have to lose? This?!

“When would be good for you?” Laura replied.

“Oh, how about Thursday,” Collin said quickly.

How about now? Laura thought, but did not voice. “That’s fine.” She rummaged through a drawer of the nightstand and found a pen and an envelope. “Now, how do I get there?” she asked.

Collin stammered out directions, and Laura gave up after writing down the address. “I’ll find it,” she assured him.

“Well, I’ll see you on Thursday, then,” he said.

“Thursday,” she agreed.

There was a momentary interruption in the conversation. “I have someone on the other line,” Collin said apologetically.

“That’s fine. I’ll talk to you later.”

“Bye,” Collin said, quickly.

Laura hung up the phone. She was now wide awake, with naughty, erotic memories rising to the surface. Just this reminder was starting to make her hot…

She opened up the bottom drawer of the night stand and found a pair of double-A batteries. Almost bounding for the bed, she kicked aside a pile of dirty jeans and opened up the closet.

Chapter 2

Crumpled on the floor, she spotted a mass of shiny blue vinyl. Laura bent over and gathered it up in her arm. A few seconds later, she had located the rest of the outfit and brought it all to the bed.

Laura was tempted to put the batteries in and get to it… “Nah,” she said aloud. “Let’s play dress-up tonight!” she said as she dropped the batteries on the bed. In the month since she had been in this apartment, she had not once had a reason to wear anything other than her most comfortable grubby clothes.

There was a faint smile on her face as she stripped off her nightgown. Instead of addressing the outfit that she had selected, she strode to the bathroom and started a nice hot bath.

It was an hour and a half later before she was done. When she emerged, her nails were done, the makeup on her face was immaculate, and not a single hair was out of place on her head.

The blue material

corset was tough to put on alone, she knew. But it was necessary in order to fit into the tight confines of the dress. Laura sucked in her breath as she pulled the front closed, then reached for the laces behind her.

Twenty minutes of straining agains the laces finally brought her to a waist that she thought was narrow enough. She tied the laces around her waist and tried to regain her breath.

Next were the shoes. Laura sat down on the bed and slipped on the blue five inch patent leather heels. Then she buckled the ankle straps in place.

“Now, the fun part!” she said. Laura picked up the next item. It looked to be a leather belt, with a buckle in front and a strap joining the front and the back. Along this strap, there were two long rubber dildoes attached. “And they call this a chastity belt!” she exclaimed.

Laura worked at the base of one of them, and took off a small plastic cover. Two batteries fell out that Laura knew were exhausted. Laura took the fresh batteries and slid them into place within the larger of the two dildoes, then replaced the cover.

She had to walk to the bathroom in her heels in order to find the lubricant. Laura liberally applied it to the two phalluses, then used her fingers to lubricate herself.

While lying down on the bed, Laura slid in the rear dildo first, because she knew that it took the longest. “I haven’t done this in over a month!” she said as she closed her eyes and consciously tried to relax her sphinter muscles.

Suddenly, it was past the point of resistance and slid in easily. She slid the forward phallus into her pussy, and then pulled the crotch strap up. When she was done, the two dildoes were buried within her, and completely out of sight.

Laura stood up, then pulled the belt around the smallest part of her waist and buckled it in front. As soon as the metal parts of the buckle made contact, the phallus in her pussy came to life.

“Oh, my!” she exclaimed. “That feels so good!” She moved her hips around as much as the corset would allow, and felt both dildoes shifting around inside of her. “Why didn’t I do this before?!” she asked.

Laura walked over to the far wall and leaned against it. She closed her eyes and concentrated as she clenched her muscles around the vibrating intruder.

A few seconds later, the vibrations stopped. She knew that they would return in a minute or two. During this period of calm, she returned to the bed and unraveled the blue vinyl dress.

She examined it briefly. It had long sleeves,and extended all the way from the neck to the floor. The shiny vinyl was interrupted by a heart shaped cutout near her breasts and upper chest. There, the dress consisted of a very sheer blue material that hid nothing below it. The dress would just barely cover her nipples, and the bottom corner of the heart shaped cutout would completely show the gap between her breasts.

Laura unzipped it in back and slipped her legs into it. The dress was unlined and she felt the cool vinyl slide past her ankles. She had to keep her feet touching to get them through the bottom of the hobble skirt. She then stood up, and put her arms through the sleeves.

She had just managed to zip it up all the way to the neck when the vibrations started in her again. With her legs together, she felt them even more intensely this time.

Laura concentrated again, and with a few contractions, the vibrations stopped. The extreme narrowness of the dress restricted her to six inch steps as she wriggled her way to the mirror. There was only enough room to separate her knees by about an inch, and she had to walk with her legs making many repeated circular movements

The picture in the mirror was devastatingly sexy, she had to admit. There was a mass of curly brown hair, carefully shaped and molded into place. She had long lashes and blood red lips, thanks to her cosmetics. Her nails were also long and painted red.

The corset gave her an ever so narrow waist. She was almost panting against its tightness, and as she breathed, just the barest parts of her nipples could be momentarily seen through the sheer heart-shaped opening. The shiny blue fabric was stretched taught from the waist down to the floor, losing more than half of its width on the journey down.

Laura touched her breasts through the dress, then ran her hands along the smooth, shiny material of the dress. “Now, this is a dress,” she said to her reflection.

She hobbled back to the bed, and reached up to turn on the air conditioning unit. “Full blast,” she muttered as she turned the temperature down to its coldest setting.

The vibrator inside of her again came to life. This time she did nothing to stop it. Instead, she slowly lowered herself to the bed, enjoying every slight movement of the two shafts within her.

Within a minute, she was lying on her back in the center of the bed. Her breath was fast and rapid, but each breath felt like it had only half of the air that she was accustomed to.

“Oh, OH!” she moaned aloud a few minutes later. Her legs twisted about inside the dress, but were held together by the shiny blue vinyl. Laura could feel the slippery feeling of sweat inside the dress, but did not care.

She could feel the orgasm approaching rapidly. With her eyes now closed, she reached out with her arms and grabbed ahold of the two small bedposts.

Laura kicked her legs up, then pushed them down, pushing her buttocks off of the bed momentarily. “Ohmygod!” she exclaimed, clutching the bedposts so tightly that her knuckles started to turn white.

As the wave of pleasure finally entered her, she saw an image of herself, in the blue hobble dress, with her arms tied to the bedposts. The shadow of a dark figure was cast over her body, and it came closer, closer…

Before she could see the face, the image faded from view. She felt the orgasm as it coutinued to course through her body. The twitching muscles of her pussy had momentarily stilled the buzzing device. Her mouth was open as she fought for air against the tightness of the corset.

The phallus in her pussy made her aware of an entirely different aspect of her orgasm. The sphinter muscles tried to contract against the rear plug, but only suceeded in shifting the pair of dildoes around inside of her.

The brunt of the pleasure had passed, and Laura finally opened her eyes again. She felt a cool breeze from the air conditioner as it touched the beads of sweat on her face.

“Now that’s something that no boyfriend could ever do to me!” she said to no one. She felt a pang of jealousy, knowing that her sister had this and many other kinds of experiences at least daily, if not more often.

As soon as that thought came, the vibrator again came to life. “Aaah!” she said, startled.

This time, the orgasm took longer. Without a chance to recover from her first one, it felt to her as if she spent an eternity in a state of sexual fervor, without being close to orgasm. Soon, she was hungry for it, and twisted around on the bed as she panted.

Laura reached down with her hands and tried to move the dildo around within her. Through the tightness of the dress, she could only move the devices within her the barest fraction of an inch.

“Ohohohohoh!” she let out. She twisted around on the bed, and found herself on her front, with her side against the wall. She held onto one bedpost with both hands while legs repeatedly went up in the air and back down on the bed.

As the second orgasm finally shook through her, she felt her arms and legs collapse, like the life had been taken out of them.

This time, the orgasm swept through her without her making a sound.

She learned from her experiences during the night.

Instead of letting the vibrator start up again after only a minute of pause, she clenched her muscles and caused it to stop. Laura did this several more times, until she felt that her second orgasm was fully past and that she had recovered from it.

Three, four, five… The belt and the dress pulled the vibrator in with a persistence and power that no lover’s penis had ever had. With her legs kept together by the dress, there was no escape from the sensations that it sent out. She could feel every breath that she took by the very subtle shifts in the position of the shafts within her.

The corset was short enough that she could still twist her hips forward and back. This allowed her to move the two phalluses of the belt forward and back. “Mmmmm!” she exclaimed, finding a particular position with her hips twisted back. The vibrating phallus was almost, but not quite, directly touching her clit there. Almost…

Six, Seven… she could finally feel the vibrator slowing down. Laura let out a pathetic moan and twisted around as violently as her outfit would allow. She was almost there… almost…

The power faded from the vibrator completely. Only when the last erg of energy had left it did she stop her contortions.

Laura panted on the bed for a length of time that she could not track. She could feel sweat dripping out from the sleeved of her dress, and collecting in the skirt. This had happened even with the air conditioner on full blast.

Slowly, Laura cracked open one eye. 10:03, read the alarm clock.

Over two hours… Laura mused. I should really get up, turn off the lights, and go to bed.

Now, fatigue washed through her. As she started to move, a huge yawn escaped from her mouth.

Laura fell asleep there. She was still dressed in the blue vinyl hobble skirt, five inch heels, corset, and chastity belt complete with plugs as she arrived in the land of dreams.

Chapter 3

It was the requirements of her body that brought her back to consciousness.

Laura tried to get out of bed, but found herself nearly falling on the floor. It took her several seconds to fully grasp that she was still all dressed up.

As she finally managed to stand up, she became acutely aware of the two dildoes within her. The lubrication that had been so free-flowing last night was now no longer in place. Laura fumbled behind her, and managed to unzip the form-fitting blue vinyl dress after a minute or two.

She shed the dress and unbuckled the chastity belt. The noted that the sensations were odd as she pulled her two bedtime companions from their places within her.

Still in the corset and shoes, she headed to the bathroom to take care of her bodily functions.

“What a night,” she said, walking back to the bedroom. Laura stood next to the bed, and tried to figure out what to do with the day.

Wednesday… Laura thought. Collin said that she should be over on Thursday…

Laura idly picked at the corset laces tied around her waist. As she looked down, she saw that the bottom drawer of her night stand was still open. In there, there were two unopened packages of batteries, and two more that were rolling around loose. That made ten.

“Well, why not?” she asked, carefully kneeling down and taking two more batteries. “What else is there to do?”

Laura made herself breakfast with the vibrator buzzing inside of her. She had not bothered to take off the corset and shoes. Her three weeks of employment with Richard and Jennifer had accustomed her to working in almost exactly these conditions.

Except that, then, she had tried not to orgasm. She had clenched her muscles around it whenever she felt as if she was close. “Now remember,” Richard had said in a playful yet serious tone of voice, “We don’t want this toy to interfere with your work. If we catch you orgasming, we will have to punish you,”

“Punish me?” she had said in surprise.

“Oh, yes,” Jennifer had chimed. “Richard is very good at that.”

The concept of being erotically punished like that by her brother-in-law, in front of her sister, had flustered her. Laura knew that anxiety to be rather ludicrous in light of the outfit that she wore around the house all day. Nevertheless, she felt very uncomfortable about it.

That would be like cheating on her, Laura thought. She knew that the two of them had a great deal of erotic play that involved toys, not just sex. Having Richard use his toys on her made her far too uneasy.

The chastity belt with the vibrating plug, however, was almost like masturbation, although much more intense. She could control it, more or less, and it didn’t matter if Richard was around or not. Ther was no sense of cheating with that.

With this in mind, Laura managed to avoid being ‘punished’, the whole time that she was there. She did, of course, orgasm with the vibrator within her, but only when she was out of sight of either of them.

The standard oufit there had used only a single vibrator for her vagina, along with the corset, heels, and rubber maid’s outfit. Laura had to admit that the rear plug added a certain extra spice, intensity, and outright naughtiness that was new and interesting to her.

Her toast was done, and she sat down at the table to nibble at her breakfast. With the corset on, she did not have the same appetite as usual, and half of her food remained. Laura clamped down on the vibrator, causing it to stop for a minute.

Ten minutes later, she was sitting on the couch, moaning as she let the device work its magic. She reached down with her hand and pushed it yet further inside of her.

Laura slid off the couch as she climaxed. She was brought back to awareness by the sensation of one of her spiked heels pushing into her buttock.

The vibrator was still… for the moment. She just managed to push herself back into the couch when the vibrator returned to life.

Laura lost track of time again. Twisting on the couch, digging her spiked heels into the arm and back of the couch, she orgasmed at least a half of a dozen times before the batteries ran out again.

She dozed off on the couch, with a faint smile on her face. When she woke up, it was noon.

Laura fumbled with the base of the forward vibrator, and managed to undo the plate. The two batteries slid out on their own. Tossing them in the garbage can, she went to the bedroom, and retrieved two more.

Within ten minutes, she was again panting on the floor.

These batteries lasted until two o’clock. She stopped to relieve herself, then lubed herself up, changed batteries, and slid the plugs inside of her again.

Laura stopped the vibrator on her own more often this time, and this set of batteries lasted until five.

While the vibrator was quiescent, she fixed herself a light supper. By quarter to six, she was on the bed, moaning, still in the corset, again in the chastity belt. She finally had taken off the shoes and her bare feet pushed against the sheets.

Laura let these batteries do their worst. They were spent by eight thirty.

After a bathroom break, it was ten to nine before she was at it again. Even as she orgasmed, she found herself regretting that this was the last set of batteries.

Eleven o’clock. “There has to be some fresh batteries somewhere in here,” she muttered, rummaging through the drawers in the kitchen.

By eleven thirty, she had given up. Now very tired, she flopped down in bed and slept, still in her corset and chastity belt.

Chapter 4

Laura examined the envelope again. “He didn’t give a time, did he?” she said. “Or a phone number.”

It was Thursday morning. Laura was naked in the living room, with a towel wrapped around her wet hair. All of the components of her bridesmaid’s outfit were strewn about in the bedroom.

The polite thing to do would be to hunt down his number in the phone book, or call for information. “He’s probably unlisted,” she rationalized aloud. “Rich guys are usually unlisted.”

Laura was feeling good. As she sorted through her clothes, she was whistling to herself, softly. “Now, what should I wear?”

The idea of showing up in the blue hobble skirt, complete with all parts, came to her mind.

“Nah,” she concluded. That might be construed as a sexual advance. How could it not be? Laura hardly knew the man. She was sure that he would be fun, just because of the people that he hung around with. But other than that… who knows?

After finishing her hair, Laura spent an hour trying on clothes before she decided upon an outfit. Blue silk blouse with lacy sleeves, and snug, but not tight, black jeans. She tried on a pair of black heels, but settled on flats instead.

Laura looked in the mirror and touched up her hair and makeup. In the mirror, she could see that it was just past noon.

“Time to go,” she announced.

It was one by the time that she found his house. It was nowhere near the grand estate that the Hane household had been. However, it was still plenty large compared to the house that she had grown up in. It was on the edge of the city, set on what seemed to be an acre of land. A vine covered wooden fence marked the boundary.

Laura drove up the twisting driveway and parked the car outside the three car attached garage. Collin’s house was a large, L shaped ranch style house, with light brown siding and a decided lack of windows.

Let’s see how he handles a surprise, she said mischeviously.

She ascended the five steps up to his large front porch, then rang the doorbell.

There was only silence. Laura rang the doorbell two more times, and there was no answer.

Laura let out a sigh and turned to leave. She stopped immediately as she spotted a black sports car pulling up.

There was a momentary squeal of brakes as the car parked next to Laura’s.

“Laura?” he said as he opened his door and almost jumped out of the car. “What are you doing here so early?”

“You didn’t give me a time, and you didn’t give me a number to call,” she replied calmly. Collin almost ran up the stairs to meet her. His straight black hair looked wild, and it appeared as if he had not shaved in three days. His shirt was only half buttoned, and she could see dark chest hairs in the gaps that formed.

“I… was expecting you this evening… sometime… I thought,” he said, with his voice trailing from anxious to sheepish.

“If you want, I can go home now. Maybe at eight?” she offered.

“NoNoNo, that’s quite allright,” he said quickly. “I’ve really been looking forward to this.”

He really seems uptight, Laura thought. “Actually, I’ve been looking forward to this too,” she confessed.

A smile appeared on Collin’s face and disappeared an instant later. “My place is a real mess,” he said. “I’m really rather embarassed to show it to you.”

“It’s a bachelor pad,” she replied. “I’ve seen them before,”

“Could you give me a second to clean up?” he asked, hopefully.

“Why?” said Laura. “It can’t possibly compare to what my room has looked like. I’ll help you clean up,” she offered. “We can get it done in half the time.”

“I’m really not sure,” Collin said, with his voice shaking slightly.

This man is nervous! she thought. I wonder why. Is he that shy around girls? How could he be. He has to be at least thirty…

Maybe there’s something that he wants to hide, she guessed.

If he is, then I want to know what it is! she concluded.

Laura smiled warmly at him and touched his hand with hers. “It will be fun,” she said. “I promise.”

She could see that his teeth were clenched as some sort of internal battle took place. “Well, I guess so,” he said, fumbling for his keys.

Laura was right at his side as he opened up his house. She took ahold of his hand. Collin looked up at her, with a startled expression.

“Relax,” she said. “Don’t you remember? We held hands when we went down the aisle at the wedding. I don’t bite,” she reassured.

He stared at her without answering. With a quick step, he led her into the house.

They were in an entryway with several coats hanging against one wall. The door to the rest of the house was open. Collin tried to step forward quickly, but Laura stayed at his side.

“You sure seem hyper today,” Laura replied. “Did you get too much caffeine?”

“No, I’m fine, I’m fine,” he said rapid fire.

Now it was Laura’s turn to lead them. A few steps later, they were in what appeared to be a family room. There was a large screen TV and entertainment center along one wall. There were four recliners, a loveseat, and a sofa that all appeared to be made of black leather.

What caught her eye was the coffee table. Specifically, there were several magazines that caught her eye.

“This looks interesting,” she said, stepping forward and looking at a picture of a woman wearing shiny black latex stockings, long black latex gloves, spiked heels — and not much else.

Chapter 5

“Oh god, I’m sorry,” said Collin.

Laura looked up and saw that Collin’s face was turning red. “You’re sorry? For what?” Laura asked.

Collin did not reply. Instead, he hastily gathered up the magazines into his arms.

“I suppose you want to go home now,” Collin said with a sad note in his voice and his head turned down.

Laura was momentarily without words. “Collin…I really don’t understand what you’re so uptight about. You have seen me when I was indecent. I know that this is the kind of thing that you’re interested in.”

His head came up slightly. “T… that’s not it,” he said.

“Then what is it?” she asked.

“This date is already a disaster!” he exclaimed. “I wasn’t expecting you so early…”

“Calm down!” Laura said. Collin’s pathetic whining was starting to annoy her. “What is bothering you so much?”

“It’s just… I wanted to spend some time with you, you know, just chat and stuff like that,” he said. “See a movie, eat out, maybe walk in the park. I guess I just didn’t want to bring up… sex. Not today.”

“When were you going to bring it up?” she asked.

“I don’t know,” Collin replied. “When I worked up the nerve, I guess.”

Laura rolled her eyes and smiled. What a strange animal he is, Laura thought. He hangs around with the six kinkiest guys in the city, trades lies with them, but he’s uptight talking about it with me?

It’s kind of pathetic, but kind of cute, too.

I was the one who was embarassed, before, she thought. It’s kind of nice to know that he’s actually self concious about it, and not just a big mass of panting sex drive.

“Collin…” she said, taking him by the upper arm and guiding him over to the couch. She sat down, and a moment later, Collin sat down next to her. “Collin… I’m not going to leave now just because you have a few dirty magazines out. I did show up a little early,” she admitted.

Collin was silent for a few seconds, and did not meet her gaze. “Thanks.” he almost whispered.

“You were really uptight about letting me see this. I’m sorry about pushing my way in when you didn’t want me here.”

“Well… I wanted you over, just not so soon…” he said.

Laura nodded. “Tell you what. I’ll just sit here quietly, and let you clean up the rest of the house…” Collin’s eyes perked up at this. “…on one condition,” she said, with a thoguht coming to mind.”

“Condition?” he asked.

“I’ll need something to read while you’re cleaning,” she replied. “Leave those magazines here.”

This stuff really is making me hot, she thought to herself.

Laura had paged through one magazine of rubber and leather dressed women. She had remembered seeing her sister Jennifer dressed in very similar styles for Richard’s pleasure. Now, she was sucked into an erotic story about a woman who was kidnapped and forced by her captor to dress in rubber. He was constantly subjecting her to various rubber and mechanized sex toys, slowly breaking down her resistance…

The writing wasn’t very good, and the plotline was barely believable, but Laura was turned on by in anyway. She could feel herself becoming wet. Laura hoped that it would not show through her pants. Rather than stopping because of this, she read on, eagerly.

There was another story afterwards, this time about a man who willingly became a permanent slave to a kinky dominant woman. She capriciously alternated between denying him any sexual pleasure for long periods of time, and then demanded superhuman sexual efforts to satisfy her insatiable craving. The man would ultimately fail, then be punished in some sexual way. The doinatrix was constantly dressed in rubber, and inflicted this upon her slave as well.

At the end, there was a full page of color artwork that was probably related to the story. It showed a woman, covered completely in black rubber except for her face, nipples, and crotch. She was reclined on a bed, with her legs spread wide. A man was kneeling down, about to use his tongue on her pussy. He was dressed in what looked to be a black rubber straight jacket with a crotch strap. His buttocks were bare, and his cock was also covered with a black rubber sheath

I like this too, Laura concluded. As she put the magazine down, she was almost certain that her dampness was showing. A quick bit of exploration with her fingers found a bit of dampness coming through.

Ah, well, she said, putting the second magazine on the coffee table.

“I’m done!” Collin said as he came into the room.

She was just looking a the cover of the next magazine, and picked out that it was a colleciton of kinky personals. With a small sigh, she piled the remaining unread magazines together on the table, then arranged them neatly.

“That took you awhile,” Laura said. “Someday, you’re going to have to tell me what you were doing.”

“Someday,” Collin said.

“So, what do you have in mind now?” she asked.

“Well, we could go see a movie,” he said.

“We could,” Laura agreed.

“What would you want to see?” Collin asked.

Laura thought about that. “Well, I haven’t seen anything out that I’d like to see. Do you have any ideas?” she asked.

“Well…” he said. “I was hoping that you would have an idea…”

Laura suddenly shook her head. “I’ve been watching cable movies for a month,” she said. “The more that I think about it, the less I want to see a movie that I’m not going to be interested in anyways. Let’s do lunch,” she declared, “that is, unless you’ve eaten.”

“No, no I haven’t,” Collin agreed. “That’s a good idea.”

“You pick the place,” Laura said.

Collin thought for a second. “Do you like chinese?” he asked.

“It will work.”

“OK. I have a place then.”

Laura noticed that he seemed to be much less nervous now. A little high strung, a little tense, but nothing like he had been before. “Let’s go, then,” she said.

Laura finished her mouthful of cashew chicken. “This place is great!” Laura said. “It sure doesn’t look like much, though.” In the background, she could hear the sound of clattering metal, then several loud voices jabbering in some oriental language.

The dining room had dingy yellow walls, with a dozen small tables for four each with slightly rickety chairs around it. The floor could use a good scrubbing, in Laura’s opinion, and the windows letting in the sunlight were streaked in places with what looked like grease.

“I found this place by accident,” explained Collin. “I took the wrong exit off of the highway, and ended up here. I was starving, so I stopped at the first place that looked like it had food. I figured that I could ask for directions while I was here. This is not the type of place where you would want to go at night.”

“I can tell that from the neighborhood,” Laura replied.

She watched him for a few seconds as he gnawed on his eggroll. “I really don’t know much about you, except that you’re my brother-in-law’s friend,” she said. “What do you do for a living?”

Collin stopped chewing, then deliberately swallowed with his eyes nearly bulging out. “I’m something of an investor, like the others,” he said deliberately. “I don’t have quite the income that Richard has, but I manage to get by.”

“Investor?” Laura asked. “Real estate? Stock market?” she asked.

“A little of both, and a few other things,” he said.

“How did you get started? I mean, were you always an investor?”

Collin shook his head. “No. Just the last five years or so. Before that, I worked in the banking industry.”

“A banker, huh?” she said. “That’s how you made your money to start investing.”

“Well… not really,” said Collin. “The money was actually a gift from my father. Kind of a trust fund, so to speak.”

“Richard also called himself an ‘investor’,” Laura said, thinking back. “That seems to leave a lot of free-time, at least the way that Richard does it.”

“It can,” said Collin, “if everything is going well, and you aren’t doing anything risky.”

“So, what do you do with your free time?” Laura asked. “Hobbies? What do you do for fun?”

“Oh, I play some golf, and I occasionally make some horrible noises come out of my trumpet,” he said, with a small smile on his face.

“That’s it?” she asked.

“No, I also have projects that come up from time to time,” he said. “I feel like I’m being interrogated.”

“Sorry,” Laura replied. “I don’t really know anything about you, and I just wanted to learn more. I’ll stop for a while.”

“Thanks. So, what about you?” Collin asked. “I just know that you’re my friend’s sister-in-law. Want to fill in some of the details?”

“There’s really not much to tell,” she said. “I’m just out of high school. I don’t have much of a career to talk about. I would like to go to college, but my grades aren’t the best,” she said.

“You seem very smart,” said Collin.

Laura smiled at this. “I’m glad you think so. No, I understood everything in school, I just didn’t like doing the work. I would have nearly perfect test scores, but my papers would be abysmal, if I turned them in at all. I had… other things going on in my life.” Like dealing with my goddam crazy mother!

“Did you work when you were in school?” he asked.

“Yes, every summer for the last four summers, and during the school year for the last two years. I’ve been a cashier, and I’ve worked at the rennisance faire. Let’s see, what else… I’ve helped out an accountant that had his offices across the street, and I’ve worked in a hotel. There were a few other jobs that didn’t last,” she said.

“Did you like any of them?” Collin asked.

“The rennisance faire was fun,” she said. “The other jobs were… well… tolerable.” A smile came across her face as a memory emerged. “That old accountant made such a fuss when I left that summer,” she said. “He told me that I was the best assistant that he’d ever had!”

“It sounds like you’re good with numbers,” he said.

“I can manage,” she replied.

“Time to ask the old, time honored question,” Collin said as a preamble. “What do you want to do when you ‘grow up’? That is, if you ever do?” he said with a smile.

Laura chuckled at this. “You know, I really don’t know. I feel like I don’t know enough yet to make that kind of decision. I guess I just want to see what’s out there before I make any kind of decision.” I want to be a teenager for a while. It’s not like I had the chance when I was in high school!

“I can understand that,” Collin said.

Laura idly noticed that he seemed perfectly relaxed now. “I think it’s time to get the bill,” she said.

Collin made a gesture in the air, and a minute later, a young waitress appeared with the bill. “That’s not too bad,” said Collin, pulling out a credit card.

When the receipt returned, Collin stared at it for a second. “Ah, where’s my calculator?” he asked.

“Why?” Laura asked.

“I’m trying to figure out a fifteen percent tip for a bill of $23.04,” he said. “It should be a little less than four dollars.”

“Three fourty six, rounding up,” Laura said almost immediately.

Collin looked at her, then did the math on a napkin. “You’re right!” he said after the napkin was full of numbers.

“You said you were a banker,” Laura said. “I thought that you would be good with numbers.”

“I’m good with calculators and computers,” Collin replied. “I’m not quite so good when I don’t have those things.”

Soon, they were back in Collin’s car. “This really is a nice vehicle,” she said, feeling the leather upholstered seats. She had almost expected it to be rubber, from the reading of his magazines.

“Thanks,” he said. “It’s really nothing compared to Richard’s, or my uncle Ben’s cars,” he said.

Ben… he had done that awful, wonderful thing to mother… she only wished that she could have been there, to see her mother so humiliated…

“So, where to now?” Laura asked. “You’re driving.”

“Well, a movie is out, and we’ve eaten,” he said. “We could stop by the park…”

“I’d rather not,” Laura said. “I burn easily, and I don’t have any suntan lotion. Sorry.”

“That’s all right,” he said. There was a long silence.

“We can just go back to your place, for now,” she said.

Collin nodded, then there was another long silence. “I have a feeling that you’re not that good at this dating thing.”

“To tell you the truth, no, I’m not,” he said.

There was another silence as Collin went on the highway. “Laura…?”

“Yes, Collin?”

“I’m not sure how to ask this…”

Ask me what? Do you want to be tied up in my bed? Laura guessed. She wasn’t sure what her answer would be, but it sounded interesting. “Just spit it out,” she said.

“Do you… have any problems going out with an older guy? I’m almost thirty,” he confessed.

Laura was disappointed that he had not asked a racier question. However, she did sit back and think about it. “I… well, now that I think about it, not really,” she said. “Do you have any problems going out with a girl that was jail-bait two months ago?” she asked. “What will they say?!” she exlaimed, trying to sound scandalous.

Collin relaxed and chuckled. “I really don’t care,” he said.

Most guys didn’t care even when I was jailbait, Laura thought.

He turned on the radio and filled the silence as they drove back to his house.

Chapter 6

“So, why did you call me up, out of the blue?” Laura asked.

She was sitting back in the very comfortable leather couch. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see the stack of magazines. A part of her wanted to pick up the stack where she left off and keep reading.

“Well, I kind of thought that, well, there might be a chance, that, you know, we could get to know each other… I don’t have a girlfriend right now, and you didn’t have anybody that I knew about, so…”

“But why me?” she asked.

Collin again turned red. It was cute, and somewhat endearing to see a man ten years her senior becoming embarassed, but frustrating, as well. “Well…” he started.

“Maybe it would go faster if I just guessed,” said Laura, “and you can tell me if I get close.”

Without waiting for a reply, Laura started in on her guess. “Maybe it was because of the time that you came over to Richard’s house,” she said. “I greeted you at the door in that rubber french maid’s dress. You could hardly take your eyes off of me,” she said.

Collin was silent, and did not reply.

“Maybe it was because you heard something buzzing in my crotch, something doing a lot of buzzing,” she continued. Just the memories of arousal were making her hot again.

“Maybe it was because, right in front of you, I just couldn’t stop myself any more.”

Collin nodded, very faintly. “I… you have no idea how…”

“…hot you were?” Laura finished for him.

Collin nodded.

“You weren’t the only one who was hot,” she said. “I was so embarassed by that. I had always been able to control it before.”

“But… you didn’t want to?” Collin stammered out.

“No, I didn’t want to control it. Not then. I just had to let go.”

Collin suddenly touched her arm with his hand. She did not pull away. “I still remember how you helped me to the couch,” she said.

“I…” Collin started again. “You actually seemed to like it,” he said.

“You have that right!” she said. “I just didn’t realize it at the time.”

“So,” Laura concluded, “Is that why you asked me out?”

Collin nodded. “I’ve had relationships where I would spend months getting to know them, then, this kind of thing came up… they’d not be interested, or they’d say goodbye,” he said. “I was hoping… that you wouldn’t do that,”

“You were right,” said Laura. “Your turn-ons haven’t scared me away.”

Collin smiled again. “So…” he said.

“What should we do now, that we have that out of the way?”

Collin was silent, seemingly lost in thought.

“Well…” she said, leaning forward and picking up the stack of magazines, “We could go through these together, she said, opening up one that she had not yet read.

“You really like this?” Collin asked, for the fifth time.

The two of them were looking at a picture of a woman dressed in a very tight black leather corset and thigh high black boots with stiletto heels. Her ankles were bound together with a length of rope, while her arms were held together behind her in a very tight black leather armbinder.

“I really do like this,” Laura replied, for the fifth time since they’d opened up this magazine.

“Collin, I have a question for you,” she asked.


“When you were cleaning up your house… were you putting away your ‘toys’? I mean, your ‘sex toys’, rubber, and leather stuff?”

“Well…” he temporized.

“I can’t imagine that you wouldn’t have a collection,” she said, remembering Richard’s large collection.

“Some of my girlfriends at least tried it,” he said, hesitantly. “I do have some.”

“I’m tired of looking at magazines,” Laura declared.

“Y… you have something else in mind?” Collin said.

“I wouldn’t mind trying some of it out,” she said.


“Well? I’m willing… just remember, no getting fresh with the model! This is our first date, after all.”

There was again a visible conflict on his face. A moment later, resolution.

“What size do you wear?”

Chapter 7

“So, how do I look?” Laura said, emerging from the bathroom. Her six inch black stiletto heels clicked on the hard floor as she emerged.

“Wonderful,” Collin said, staring at her. “Just wonderful.”

Hugging her hips, she wore a skintight black rubber miniskirt. It was just barely low enough to cover her private parts. Her breasts were covered with a shiny black rubber bra. Other than the area covered by the skirt, bra, and shoes, her skin was bare.

Laura strode out and walked back and forth in front of her. Her practice in the heels at Richard’s house was now evident, as her strides were steady and she did not lose her balance.

“Not bad,” Laura concluded after examining herself in the mirror.

Laura sat down on the couch. In front of her, piled at least a foot tall on the coffe table, was a pile of rubber, leather, vinyl, and shoes. “These are the ones that would probably fit,” he had said. “I have more, but they wouldn’t fit.”

Collin stared at her. “Do you remember what you said?

“About what?” Laura said, idly picking up a leather bra with shiny metal studs.

“About not getting fresh with the model,”

“Yes?” Laura said, looking up.

“That’s getting harder and harder to do,” he said.

“Now, now, now…” she said, in a half serious tone of voice. “You have to keep your hands to yourself. This is our first date, after all.”

“I know,” Collin said, with a small sigh.

“There will be other dates, you know,” Laura said, batting her eyelashes.

Collin looked up at this. “For sure?” he said.

“For sure,” Laura replied. “If you behave yourself this time,” she said, somewhat playfully.

“I’ll do my best,” he said.

Laura continued to pick up articles of kinky clothing. “So, should I change into something else, or should I just lounge around like this? Decisions, decisions…”

She looked up at Collin, and saw that he was staring off into space. “Do you have something in mind for me to wear? This was just on top,” she said.

“Well…” Collin said.

“You must have at least one thing that you’re dying for me to try on, if not a dozen things.,” she accused.

“I do… but… I’m afraid that it would be getting ‘fresh’ with you.”

“Fresh?” Laura repeated. As she looked on the table, she noticed that there was a conspicuous lack of phallic objects, or sex toys, like the belt that she had back home.

He must have thought that a vibrator would be too risky, she thought. “When I said fresh, I just didn’t want you to think that you could get me pregnant on our first date,” she said. “Now toys — even very naughty toys — I wouldn’t call that fresh. Just exciting.”

“Well… I’ll be back in a second,” Collin said.

“I’ll be waiting,” replied Laura.

When he returned, it was not with the expected armful of sex toys. Instead, it was with a magazine, opened to a page of writing.

“Read this,” Collin said, simply.

The squeaking sould of rubber could be heard as Laura crossed her legs. She took the magazine and started to read.

By the time that she was done with the page long story, she could feel something wet starting to pool in her rubber miniskirt. “Is this what you want?” Laura said, smiling.

Collin nodded silently.

“Well then. What are you waiting for?” Laura said with enthusiasm.

“It will be hard for you to put this on yourself, in the bathroom,” Collin said.

Impulsively, Laura kicked off her shoes, then stood up and spent a minute taking off her skirt and rubber bra. When she was done, she was completely naked. “Then you’ll just have to help me, won’t you?”

Collin’s mouth hung open for just a moment, but he recovered quickly. “Stockings first,” he concluded.

Laura sat down as Collin slowly rolled on a black rubber stocking. She saw that his hands were shaking ever so slightly as he did so.

By the time that he was done, the stocking was most of the way up her thigh. A couple of minutes later, the other one was on as well.

Collin brought out a pair of black stiletto heels next. They differed from the last ones in that they had buckling ankle straps and shiny metallic heels.

It was a bit tricky to slide them onto her rubber covered feet, but Collin managed it.

“This seems very familiar,” Laura said with a smile.

“Of all the guys, I like Richard’s style the best,” Collin admitted.

“That’s fine by me,” she said.

“We do have a few differences,” he said.

“Like what?” she asked.

It was Collin’s turn to smile. “You’ll just have to find out,” he said.

The next item was a short black rubber corset. It extended from below the breasts to just above her hip bones. There were two metal rings embedded in the bottom, one in front, and one in back. There was no front busk, so Collin had to laboriously lace it up in back. It was lined with satin or something similar on the inside, so it slid around her waist as he slowly tightened it.

“Whoo! That’s tight!” she said, with her hands clutching the doorframe.

“Do you want me to stop?” he asked.

“You can pull it a little tighter, I think,” Laura said.

When he was done, it felt tighter than the corset in her bridesmaid’s dress, and that one was plenty tight.

“Can we do the fun part now?” Laura asked.

“If you want,” replied Collin.

This next item brought back memories. It was a single long rubber strap, with two protruding phalluses pointing in one direction. There was also a built up area with small rubber protrusions above the larger of the two phalluses. Also, the rubber region between the two phalluses was extremely thick, bulgy, and rigid. From this bulging area a thick wire protruded, which ended in some sort of connector.

Collin applied lubricant to the two phalluses, and to the built up area. “Would you like the pleasure?” he asked.

Laura took the cool rubber strap and started to work the smaller phallus up her anus. It was well lubricated, and slid in with a minimum of difficulty. Once it was started, she guided the other one into her wet vagina.

Once it was in place, Laura stood up in her heels. Collin then slipped both ends of the strap through the rings in the corset. He then pulled it into her, very tightly.

“Oooooh!” she exclaimed in surprise. As the two phalluses pushed their way inside of her, she felt the built up area of the strap push into her right above the dildo. The nubs of the strap were very near her clitoris.

Collin buckled the two ends of the strap together, right between her legs. “Is that all right?” he asked.

“I was just startled,” she confessed.

As Collin returned to his pile, Laura started to grind her hips around. She found that she could indeed push the nubs right against her clitoris. The sensations were very strong,and she let out an involuntary moan.

“Is something wrong?” Collin asked, with a black rubber bra in his hands.

“Noooo, nothing is wrong,” she gasped out. Every movement that she made was echoed with exquisite detail by the sensations in her crotch.

Collin’s next addition was a pair of rubber gloves. It was all she could do to stay still while he slowly rolled them up her arms. When he was done, the shiny black rubber extended from her fingertips to just below her shoulders.

“What else?” Laura asked, already panting against the constriction of the corset.

Collin smiled. As Laura stood there, he knelt down on the floor. “Legs together please?” he asked.

A whimper came out of her throat as she complied. The movement moved the devices within her yet again, and continued to tickle her sensitive areas.

She looked down, and saw that he was wrapping a thin band of black elastic around her ankles. Once he was satisfied with the results, he slowly worked his way up her body.

The tight band of rubber pushed into the flesh of her legs as it wound its way up. When he reached her crotch area, he took care to extricate the cord that led to her crotch strap before continuing.

Laura could not feel the rubber bindings through the tightness of the corset. When he reached her breasts, he wrapped the banding around the base of each of them before continuing. It felt like they were being squeezed and pushed forward.

Collin indicated that she should sit down. “Arms in the air?” he asked.

Laura complied, and wished that he would hurry. Collin wrapped the rubber strap around armpits, then continued going upward. As her arms were bound together above her, she found that her head was trapped between her arms. She could not bring her arms down without bending her head forward.

Collin reached her wrists. Finally! thought Collin. But, to her surprise, he was not done yet. Instead, he continued downward, retracing his steps. Collin took pains to ensure that the rubber strap crossed in the front and the back.

Laura had to stand up again for him to finish. “A work of art,” Collin said, once the rubber strap was fastened around her ankles.

She was teetering in her six inch heels, with shiny thigh high black rubber stockings. Attached to her black rubber corset, a rubber strap went between her legs, with a wire extending out from between her legs.

The rubber straps acted like a holiday wrapping for a package. It started as a thin band at her ankles. As it went up her body, the straps pushed into her body and crossed directly in the center of her front and back. The rubber around her breasts made them thrust out and jiggle with every breath that she took. Her arms were held above her head, and the crossing bands did not end until they made it all the way to her wrists.

“Let me help you sit down,” he said. She was almost falling over at this point, as it was extremely difficult for her to keep her balance.

“Is there anything else?” Laura asked. The bindings made it more difficult for her to move her hips around. Now, the sensations were more frustrating than satisfying. In spite of that, she continued to wriggle as best she could.

“Of course. Don’t you remember the story?” he asked.

Collin brought out a small black box. It was connected to an electrical plug by a long wire, and it had a receptacle for the cable that was attached to her groin strap. Collin unplugged a lamp that was next to the couch, then plugged the cable into the box and set the box on the floor.

Laura was slightly surprised when nothing happened immediately. “Is it working?” she asked.

“Oh, it is!” he said. He walked around her, then pushed the coffee table away from the couch. “Or, I should say, it will be,” he said as he sat down in a recliner directly across from her.

“How does it work?” Laura asked. “I don’t see any controls.”

“It has a computer chip inside,” said Collin. “The program can be changed by hooking it to a personal computer… with the right software, of course.”

“I see…” said Laura. There was a very faint sensation of vibration from the vibrator in her pussy.

“I need to get something to drink,” he said. “I’ll be back in a moment.”

While she was alone, the vibrator in her pussy slowly increased in power. By the time that he returned, Laura’s breasts were moving in and out with every quick breath.

“How… how long?” she asked.

“How long for what?” Collin asked.

“How… how long does this last?” she asked again.

“I don’t rightly remember. At least an hour. I have programs that last from an hour to twenty four hours. To tell you the truth, I don’t remember which one was loaded.

It felt to Laura that the forward dildo was at full speed. “Oh, my!” she exclaimed. Collin watched as she started to buck and writhe on the couch.

“Don’t get too carried away yet,” Collin said. “It has barely started.”

Laura no longer heard what he said. She was lost in her own world of sensations. Vibrations. Crotch. Oh, the rear one started now.

Need to breath… corset’s so damn tight… if only I could spread my legs… “Uunnnngh!”

Now both phalluses were at full power. Laura panted and moaned. Her legs kicked out, and she let herself fall on her side onto the couch, facing Collin.

She was close… so close… and she saw Collin’s eyes boring into her, hungry and eager…

Laura tried to hold it back, but there was no way. Her body was ready in every sense of the word.

“Ohgodohgodohohaaaaaaaaa!” escaped her lips. Laura found herself thrashing madly on the couch as the orgasm hit her with brutal force. She could feel her muscles clenching, down there, and was expecting the dildoes to give her a moment of relief…

… but they buzzed on, relentlessly.

Laura did not exactly black out, but she could not remember what happened next. Several minutes simply disappeared from her memory.

When she came back to reality, she saw Collin still staring at her, with lust in his eyes.

And now the bulge that was pushing against her clit was buzzing too!!!

It took only seconds for another orgasm to sweep through her. She had never dealt with two vibrators before, and now she was being egged on by three!

What?! She felt the dildoes inside of her move. Not in and out, but instead they moved towards and away from each other. She could feel the thick spot in the crotch strap as it expanded and contracted. Each movement of the dildoes pushed the vibrating bulge directly against her clit, and sent Laura into another fit of screaming pleasure.

There was no way to count the orgasms that she experienced, because the intensity of the sensations defied any such division. Every moment was a moment of intense pleasure mingled with extreme exertion against her restraints.

She could never have done this to herself. She would have stopped it long ago, with whatever means she would have had.


Suddenly, there was absolute silence from the devices inside of her.

Even with this relief, it was several minutes before she could talk. The sensations did not leave her so quickly, but slowly echoed and twisted their way from her body into the recesses of her mind.

“What…” she said, after she had managed to regain her breath. She turned her head, and saw a wet spot next to where her mouth had been. I was so out of it that I drooled, she thought.

“Would you like something to drink?” Collin offered.

She saw that he was leaning over her. In his hand, he held a squirt bottle of clear liquid, like used by runners.

Laura nodded and drank from the bottle.

“How long… how long was that?” she asked.

“That’s about a half of an hour, so far,” said Collin. “The shortest program was an hour. However, that program repeated iteself every fifteen minutes. I must say, that this program is at least two hours long.”

“Three more times?” Laura exclaimed.

“If this one repeats itself,” Collin said. “I’m tempted to check my computer, to see which program is in it. But it’s more fun to find out, and be surprised by it.”

Laura soon found out that it did not repeat, but what she found was almost as bad. Instead of all three vibrators kicking on at once, only one would be on at a time. There would be no warmup times, and each vibrator would kick on at full speed immediately. There was a pause from all three vibrators, then she felt the phalluses moving back and forth inside of her.

In what Collin told her was an hour long period, she had only two orgasms, but felt like she was on the brink for over half of that time.

“You are an evil man,” she said in one of her less stimulated moments.

“I’ll take that as a compliment,” he said, taking a drink of his soda.

The devices within her soon robbed her of that lucidity. Now the pattern was one vibrator on full blast while another was on low. No combination remained for more than a few seconds.

A few minutes later, it was all vibrators on a low to medium setting. She was close, ever so close…

As she came closer, the vibrators slowly died out. “Damn you, Collin!” she screamed out.

“Just luck of the draw,” he said.

Just as they finally died, suddenly they all kicked in at full fury, with the dildoes pumping towards and away from each other. “Gggggh!” escaped from her clenched teeth.

This time, the pattern was full blast everything for a minute, then dead silence for a few seconds. After the third such cycle, she was thrashing on the couch. orgasming at the tail end of each cycle.

“Ohohohoh,” she sobbed out when they finally came to rest.

Laura was now face down on the couch. She heard Collin doing something close to her while she fought for breath.

“It looks like you’re done for now,” he said.

Laura rolled and looked at Collin as he unplugged the cable from the box. “Done?” she said.

“Do you want to do it again?” he asked, with his eyes widening a bit.

“Well… why don’t you ask that question after I’ve had a chance to recover, and use the bathroom,” she said.

“Fair enough,” he replied.

It took Collin several minutes to undo the rubber strap from her body. “Wow, my whole body is tingling now,” she said.

Collin helped her to stand, then untied the crotch strap, but did not pull it out. “Thanks,” she said, then tried to step forward. In her present state, she nearly stumbled in her heels.

“Let me help you,” Collin said.

She took out the crotch strap in the bathroom and spent a much longer time in the bathroom than was strictly necessary. The rest of the time was spent sitting down, trying to recover from the experiences of the day.

Laura looked at herself in the mirror. Her hair was in complete disarray, and there was sweat dripping out from any place which was not covered by rubber. Somehow, the sweat just accentuated the shininess of the latex gloves, stockings, and corset, and made it look even more appealing.

“Are you all right in there?” came his voice.

“I’m fine,” she replied. “I’ll be out in a second.”

As she stepped out, she saw Collin doing something in the kitchen. “What kind of soda do you like?” he asked.

“Diet anything,” she replied.

“I’ll meet you in the living room,” he said.

As Laura made her way back to the living room, she noticed that there was now a large hole in one the armrests of the leather couch. “I must have done that with the heels,” she said softly.

Laura sat down, agitated. A few seconds later, Collin appeared with a pair of sodas in his hands.

“I’m sorry about the couch,” apologized Laura.

“That’s fine. It was worth it,” Collin said. “I watched you as you did the damage. If it would have been a big problem, I would have done something about it.

Laura greedily downed her soda. “I’m very thirsty,” she said.

“I’ll get you another one in a moment,” he said.

“You don’t seem nervous at all now,” she said.

Collin looked at her and shrugged. “I don’t have too much left to be nervous about,” he said.

“I take it that you enjoyed yourself?”

“I don’t know if I would use the word ‘enjoy’ to describe it,” she said.

“Would you do it again?” he asked.

“Now that you put it that way, yes, but not right now!” she exclaimed. “I need to recover from this one.

“I see,” he said. “What do you want to do now?”

“Well, let’s see… I could fix dinner,” she said. “It’s getting to be about that time.”

“You don’t have to,” he said. “We could go out.”

Laura went over to the coffee table and sifted through the items there. He has to have one like the one… “Are you sure?” she said, pulling up a red rubber french maid’s outfit. “You could help.”

“I… don’t think that I can turn that offer down,” he said.

“I’ll be back,” she said, heading for the bathroom.

Once she was there, she took the crotch strap again. “I have to have this in,” she rationalized to herself. “It goes with the outfit.”

Sure enough, a search of the medicine cabinet turned up a supply of lubricant. It took her a few minutes, but soon she had it firmly in place.

This outfit was a bit different from the one she had worn before. It had long sleeves, but did not go up to her neck. Instead, it was cut so low that it would completely reveal her breasts.

…breasts which were still bare and bouncing, a fact that she was reminded of by a look in the bathroom mirror.

“Close enough,” she said, slipping the outfit over her head and into place.

Laura zipped it up in back and examined the effect. She wasn’t sure if the black rubber gloves and red rubber maid’s outfit really went together, but didn’t think that Collin would notice. The rubber of the outfit hugged her corsetted figure tightly, and several layers of netting gave the skirt a good flare.

She saw the cord of the crotch strap dangling on the floor. “That won’t do,” she said. She got out of the maid’s outfit, wrapped the cord around her waist, then put the maid’s outfit back on. “That’s better”, she said, wriggling her hips. “Mmmmm. That feels good.”

Each step from the bathroom to the kitchen was a sensuous massage for her sexual organs.

Collin was waiting for her in the kitchen. “That sure looks good on you,” he said.

“Thank you,” she replied. “Now, let’s see about supper.”

As she went about her business preparing a simple roast, she found hereself becoming more and more aroused. It would be easy to grind for a few minutes and go over the edge, Laura thought.

When everything was in the oven, Collin had the opportunity to observe her behind as she bent over to check on the roast. “You put the strap back on!?” he exclaimed.

“It’s for self-protection,” she said, with a straight face after she turned and faced him. “Without that in, some strange man might take advantage of me.”

“Are you sure there wasn’t another reason?” Collin said, with a smile.

“Why sir, What other reason could there be?” she replied innocently, with her eyes wide.

Laura set the table while Collin finished making the sauce and the vegetables. Laura was again tempted to head off and do some private grinding. Maybe this strap wasn’t such a good idea, she thought.

Chapter 8

Dinner was a strange event. They sat across from one another, and Laura was acutely aware of Collin’s gaze on her. At least half of the time it was on her bare, heaving breasts, she knew. There was little conversation, only long looks.

The lack of constant movement allowed Laura to calm down sexually. “Is the dinner to your liking?” she asked, in the playful tone of voice that she had learned while serving Richard and Jennifer.

“Quite good,” replied Collin.

“Time to clean up,” Laura said, slowly getting to her feet and regaining her balance in the ever so tall heels. As she stood, she again became aware of the devices in her crotch.

“Leave it,” said Collin.

“But is it not the maid’s duty…?” she asked.

“I can do the dishes tomorrow,” he replied. “I… I think that I’d rather spend the rest of the night in other ways.

“That’s fine by me,” agreed Laura. “Do you have something in mind?”

“Well…” said Collin. “Is there anything that you would like to do? We already played my game, so to speak.”

“I’ll have to think about that for a minute,” she said. “Do you have any other ‘toys’ that you haven’t brought out? Or any other magazines you would like me to see? I might get some ideas from that.”

“There are a few things,” he said. “I’ll go get them and bring them out to the living room. Grab a soda or something if you want and relax.”

“Fine by me,” she said.

It was fifteen minutes later when Collin returned. In his hands were two large cardboard boxes. It looked like he was straining to carry it all. Carefully, he lowered the two boxes onto one of the chairs.

“What kind of stuff do you have here?” she asked, still fully dressed and in the open breast french maid’s uniform.

“This box,” Collin said, pointing to the top one, “has bondage equipment and sex toys,” he replied. “The bottom one is filled with seventy of my favorite magazines, books, and the like,” he said.

“Sounds exciting,” she said. “Don’t keep me waiting all night!”

“You know, I don’t believe that we’re doing this,” he said. “It seems so unreal.”

“I’m surprised too,” said Laura. “From when I showed up until you had me all tied up, you were nervous as all heck. Now, you’re cool as a cucumber. What’s with the big change?”

“I… guess that’s just the way I am. I get nervous very easily — especially about… sexually related issues,” he said delicately. “I… don’t feel like you’re going to laugh at me about what I like to do.”

Laugh at me… thought Laura. I suppose that a lot of women would think that this is repulsive, strange, or funny. “I find it exciting,” she admitted. “Remember, I was the maid to Richard and Jennifer for almost a month. I’ve seen what they do with their time. I didn’t leave because I didn’t like it.”

“Why did you leave, then?” Collin said. There was the clink of metal as he started to empty the box onto the floor.

“I left,” she said, looking at a pair of leg irons, “because I felt… like I was an interloper. Those two acting like newlyweds… and I was her sister, for god’s sake! It… felt so uncomfortable, so awkward, that I just couldn’t stay anymore. And… I was starting to get a little jealous of my sister,” she said.

“Jealous?” Collin asked.

“How could I not? There she is, having the time of her life, and I get to watch. I…” she said, freezing up with sudden revelation. “I… I have a feeling that I would have come on to Richard. Come on strong. I… didn’t want to do that to myself or to my sister.”

“I think I understand,” said Collin. “Well, do you see anything that you like?”

Collin had placed the equipment all over the floor. “I’m not even sure what all this stuff is. Those are manacles, that’s fur-lined handcuffs, of course. What is that?” she said, pointing.

“This is a body harness,” he said. “It doesn’t do a whole lot, and doesn’t reveal much. But it has lots of rings for attaching other things to it.

“This,” he said, pulling up a leather belt with two attached loops, “is a clever little bondage belt. The wrists go through the loops, and because they’re held apart from each other, the person can’t get free, even though there is no lock.

“I notice that some of these things do have locks,” she said.

“Locking collar, wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs,” he said, listing them off. “Locking spreader bar…”

“Now that looks interesting,” she commented.

“Has anyone ever told you that you have a dirty mind?” Collin said.

“Dirty? Lately, I’d have to call it a veritable cesspool!” she replied.

“Locking ball gag, locking head harness,” he continued. “Nipple clamps, various tensions…”

“Ooooh, I’m not sure if I’d like that,” she said.

“I guess that it is an aquired taste,” he said. He then held up a different set, with egg shaped ovals attached. “These are interesting. Nipple clamps with attached vibrators.”

“Well… I’ll have to think about that,” she said.

“A couple of paddles, two whips, and a switch…” he said.

“Is that the kind of thing that turns you on?” Laura asked.

“A little,” Collin admitted. “I bought them for a specific person who liked that kind of thing.”

“I see,” replied Laura.

“Locking chastity belts,” Collin said, holding up three leather contraptions.

“I don’t see any toys in them,” she said.

“Those are optional,” he replied. “Anything you put in there is going to stay once one of these is on.”

“Let me see those,” she said.

Collin handed them to her. They appeared to be fairly simple devices, with locks to keep then closed… “What’s this sheath for, in front?” she asked.

“Oh,” Collin said, “That one… is for a man,” he said.

“Have you worn it?” she asked.

“Occasionally,” Collin replied. His answers were getting quicker, and she felt that she was on a touchy subject.

“What about the toys?” Laura asked.

“Well, we have the standard assortment of dildoes, butt plugs, vibrators, vibrating eggs, and the like,” he said. “There are a couple of the hand held massagers as well.”

“Hmmm….” Laura said, lost in thought.

As she stared at the ceiling, she heard the sound of a phone ringing. “Feel free to keep looking,” Collin said as he sat up and went to the kitchen.

Laura looked at the items on the floor, not eager to move in her present self-inflicted predicament. Maybe there’s some ideas in this magazine that he gave me, the one that he brought out for his idea…

As she browsed the magazine, she started to hear his voice from the other room as it rose in volume. “No, everything is fine. Don’t you trust me on this…? Now, dont’ throw that in my face!”

“Do we have to do this now?!” his voice carried. “I have company… Is is my fault that you couldn’t get ahold of me? Every time I tried to return your… Everything is fine, I’ve done the numbers. You want my numbers? Over the phone now? That’s going to take at least an hour and I don’t…”

Laura slowly got to her feet, feeling the sensations in her crotch. She gracefully walked into the kitchen, the sway from her high heeled stride made her hips swing, and agitated the devices within her yet more. “Collin…?” she said softly.

“Hold on a second. Just a second! Yes, Laura?” he said, putting his hand over the phone. “I’m sorry, but this is really important. I’d put it off if I could…”

“That’s fine,” she said. “It is getting late. I’m going to gather my things and head home.”

“Home?! But…”

“We can do something tomorrow,” said Laura.

“I’m busy tomorrow, all day. Saturday?”

“Saturday,” replied Laura. “I’ll be back over on Saturday. I promise.”

“I’m so sorry about this…” Collin said.

“That’s all right. Do your numbers thing, or whatever.”

Collin returned to his phone call. “I’m going to transfer you to my office. I’m in the kitchen now… yes, I’ll pick it up.”

Collin punched a button on the phone and hung it up. “Don’t bother to lock up. I’ll do that later,” he said. “I’ll be in my office in back.”

Laura blew him a kiss. He smiled briefly, then his face was filled with concern as he walked out of sight.

“Wonder what that was all about?” she said.

Laura headed to the bathroom, where her clothes were. She took off the maid’s outfit. She was about to take off the rest of her outfit, when an idea came to mind.

“Who else is he going to use this stuff with?” she wondered aloud. Saying that, she put on her jeans and shirt, leaving on the shoes, rubber corset, rubber gloves, and rubber stockings, and carried the maid’s outfit out with her.

She felt a bit guilty about her subterfuge, but she somehow couldn’t help herself. Methodically, she started to gather up all of the rubber garments on the coffee table.

It took her four trips to get them all out to her car, and she took off her high heeled shoes to make the trips. The bondage gear was next. Lastly, she gathered up his loose magazines, and managed to haul the heavy box of unexamined magazines into the trunk of her car.

Before she left, she put the six inch spiked shoes back on over her rubber covered feet. “I should at least write him a note,” she thought. There was a pad of scratch paper and a pen on one of the small tables in the room.

Dear Collin:

I’m sorry that this night had to end so soon. I really did enjoy it. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I thought that I’d bring a few things home with me, to remind me of the wonderful time that we had tonight.

Don’t worry. You will definitely see me again. I know that you would like to educate me on your ‘kinky’ side. However, I am an impatient woman, and I don’t like to wait. Please forgive me for choosing self-education over your teachings.

I hope this gives you something to look forward to on Saturday.

With a Dirty Mind.

ps: You forgot to set a time again. I’ll come over… whenever I feel like it!

“That should do it,” said Laura.

As she was about to go, she spotted the box that had given her such an intense episode when it had been connected to the plugs inside of her. With almost no hesitation, she wrapped the cord around the box and took it along with her.

Chapter 9

The TV was showing a late-night talk show, but Laura wasn’t paying any attention. She sat on the couch, with a magazine on her lap.

Laura had shed her jeans and shirt. She was now wearing only the corset, gloves, crotch strap, rubber stockings, and six inch stiletto heels.

“This is really getting me hot,” she said, rocking backwards and forwards slowly. That made the phalluses and rubber knobs inside of her move around, and made her even hotter still.

The drive home hadn’t been too bad, but bringing in all of Collin’s fetish paraphenelia just about drove her wild. She must have been quite a sight, lugging up those two heavy boxes up the stairs while trying to balance in the heels. Every step, the two dildoes had reminded her of their existence.

Within a few minutes, Laura had given up on the magazine as well. Moaning, she started to rock back and forth, faster and faster…

She was literally bouncing on the couch before she managed to bring herself to a conclusion. This time, her orgasm was almost silent, except for the sound of her breath hissing through her teeth as she recovered from it. She ended up taking rapid breaths in her corset, lying on her side on the couch.

Maybe I should take a break for a while, she thought.

After a trip to the bathroom, she again found herself compelled to put the erotic strap back in its proper place. “Now, let’s see what he picked out for me to try on,” she said, striding back into the living room. Laura was full of energy in spite of the lateness of the hour.

Her haul of kinky clothing was stacked in a pile next to the television. Laura picked out the item on top and examined it, holding it in her still rubber gloved hand.

It was a shiny black rubber catsuit, with zippers on the ankles and wrists.. She looked inside and saw that it was lined on the inside.

Because of the zippers, it was not necessary for her to take off her heels to get into it. Once she zipped it up the front, she was completely covered with rubber, except for her face. The rubber was tight enough to fit snugly against her corsetted waist.

I’m glad the air conditioner is still running, she thought. Laura looked at herself in the bedroom mirror as she strutted back and forth.

The strutting was agitating her crotch again and making her hot in more ways than one. “This thing can really get to a person,” Laura said aloud. The single dildo that had been standard in the Hane household could almost be tuned out after one became accustomed to it, if it wasn’t vibrating and if one didn’t sit down too quickly.

“What’s next,” she said, unzipping the wrists and ankles before unzipping the front and sliding out of it.

She tossed the catsuit into a separate pile and grabbed the next item. “This looks different,” she said.

It was a black rubber bra with shoulder straps, and a tube emerging from between the two cups. This tube attached to what looked like an inflation ball for a blood pressure testing cuff.

Experimentally, she pumped the ball a few times. As she did so, she saw that the two cups were starting to fill up with air.

“Any size I want, eh?” she said as she released the air from the bra. Laura slipped it over her head and into place over her bare breasts.

Before inflating it, she took the next thing off of the pile. This was a pair of bright yellow rubber pants. They were lined as well, and had zippers at the ankles.

Laura sat down to put them on, then went to look at the effect in the bedroom mirror. “God, these pants are loud,” she said. “I might as well be a traffic signal in this outfit.”

She took ahold of the ball connected to her bra and gave it a quick squeeze. Then two. Then three more.

She watched as her breasts appeared to grow outwards. Soon, they were past the point of believability, extending out a good foot from her body. She felt her breasts being put under pressure from this, but it was not really uncomfortable.

“Madonna, eat your heart out!” she exclaimed to her reflection as she twisted and posed in front of the mirror.

Laura took off the pants but left the bra on. She placed the next item directly in the discard pile, as it was a black leather straight jacket with holes for a woman’s breasts to protrude.

The next item that she had on was a floor length ball gown made of blue latex. It was sleeveless, but came up all the way to her neck. It was a bit loose around her waist, and swirled around her as she turned.

Laura had guided the tube for the bra out one of the armholes. As she looked at her reflection, she started to pump up the bra.

At the start, with the corset, she had a very good figure. As she progressed, she watched her breasts appear to grow and strain against the confines of the rubber dress. Soon, she had a figure that only a Barbie doll could possess. A few pumps more, and she surpassed even that.

Of course, when she tried to look down, all she saw was a mass of stretched black rubber where her breasts should have been.

Her movement was still keeping her aroused, but not to the point where she felt compelled to carry it further. She shed the dress and moved on to the next item.

Laura recognized this immediately as a hobble dress. It was made of black rubber, and resembled the ball gown in the top, but was very snug from the waists down to her knees. Past the knees, the fabric flared out, giving her a femme fatale look as she walked.

It took some straining agains the latex to put any space between her knees. This kind of motion with her legs pressed together was making her very hot, very quickly. After twirling in front of the mirror once, she decided that she should take it off quickly.

Once she sat down on the couch, she changed her mind. Instead of shedding it, she started to rock back and forth, like she had earlier.

With her legs pushed together, she came even faster this time.

Laura went through the next few outfits quickly. She found the maid’s outfit that she had worn earlier, and simply put it aside.

The next dress was made of pink vinyl, with a very full skirt. Once she put it on, she looked like a princess out of a fairy tale. There was even a matching conical hat with a veil attached.

After this, came a knee length leather skirt. At least, that’s what it looked like from the front. In back, the only material that showed was the waistline, a crotch strap, and two other straps, one at mid-thigh and another at her knees. Knowing what a hobble skirt would do to her sexual state, she chose not to buckle the straps to their tightest when she was trying it on.

Laura tossed aside a leather armbinder, again an object not designed for solo play. Next she picked up a rubber hood that would fully enclose someone’s head. It was completely sealed except for a large nose hole and a small hole where the mouth should be. As she turned it inside out, she discovered that there was an attached penis gag on the inside, with a breathing tube through the center of the gag.

“Not now,” Laura decided, and passed on that one too.

The next outfit was made of white rubber. Once she assembled all the white pieces available, she saw that it made a fairly good nurse’s costume, albeit made of white rubber. It came complete with stethescope and color coordinated enema bag.

Laura tried it on, including the matching white heels, and decided that she couldn’t keep it on. The button up shirt was fine, but the knee length skirt was in fact a hobble skirt. Just twirling around in front of the mirror made her want to grind…

In her agitated state, she passed on a neck high black rubber hobble dress, with long sleeves and a very tight cut. Maybe tomorrow, she thought.

These look different, Laura thought as she picked up a pair of outfits.

They were both french maid oufits. Neither one of them had a bare breast area, and would fit tightly all the way up to the neck.

The first one was similar to the one that she had worn at Richard’s, except that it had built-in gloves. The second one did as well…

…and also had a built in hood, attached rubber stockings which terminated in very attached high heels. There was a zipper in back, and one for the crotch area, as well.

Laura put the first one aside, and set the second, more elaborate one down on the couch. She took off her shoes, then her stockings. The gloves were removed next, and finally the rubber inflatable bra, which she had continued to wear until now.

It took some work to get into it. The rubber was very tight all over, and it took her at least ten minutes to get her legs into it properly.

The long sleeves/gloves also took some patience. When all her limbs were in, she forced her head into the attached helmet. It enclosed her head but left her face bare. She had to struggle to zip the back zipper, even with her narrow corsetted waist.

Laura nearly stumbled as she strode towards the mirror. These heels are even higher, she thought to herself. I’ll have to measure them sometime.

As she looked at herself, she noticed that the skirt of the outfit was rather limp. She felt it with her rubber enclosed hands, trying to find the stiff crinoline material that should have been holding it in place.

Instead, she found a squeeze bulb, similar to the one attached to the bra. As she pumped it, she could see that the skirt was, very slowly, filling with air.

“How twisted,” she said aloud as she inflated the skirt of the full body maid’s outfit. It took her a good ten minutes to pump it up all the way. When she was done, it was a very stiff cone of rubber that extended out over two feet from her body in all directions.

Laura twirled around again. “Let’s try this for a while,” she said aloud. After she examined the effect for another minute, she decided that it was time to do some more reading.

Laura immediately discovered that the protruding inflated rubber skirt made it almost impossible to sit on the couch, or any chair for that matter. She had to resort to sitting on a footstool while she started in on her next magazine.

Laura was grinding in place before she made it halfway through. Wait a minute, thought Laura. Doesn’t this thing have a power cord?

Unzipping the crotch zipper, Laura was able to extricate the cord for the mechanized crotch strap. A minute of hunting revealed the control box that she had taken from Collin’s house.

Laura was panting with eagerness as she plugged the cable into the box, then plugged the box into the wall. Then, all she could do was wait.

Just like before, there was a delay before it started to work. At first, the vaginal shaft started to vibrate. Slowly, the it built up to its full speed.

“Oh, god!” she said, grinding her hips on the footstool. Her inflated skirt bobbed up and down in exaggerated motions as she did this.

Next, the anal device started its work. It too started slow, then built up to its full power.

Laura was now completely gone, with her eyes closed and her mouth open. She nearly pushed herself off the stool and onto the floor, but she just did not care at the moment.

Just as the vibrator next to her clit came to life, she let out a cry, a tortured moan of ecstasy. “Oh, lord!” she moaned. “Oh, god!”

When the pleasure hit her, it felt like every muscle in her body tensed up. As it continued, she thrashed out her arms and grabbed at the air.

The muscles in her pussy were contracting wildly, but the vibrations only increased.

“Nooooo!” she cried out. A moment later, she slid to the floor and landed on her rear.Laura desperately grabbed for the cord that led from the wall to the erotic torture devices within her.

She found something, and tugged desperately. A moment later, the devices within her came to rest. She sat there, panting, supported in her sitting position by the inflated skirt of the ouftit and unable to lie down.

By the time that she felt that she could get up and function, a half of an hour had passed.

Chapter 10

“What the heck…?” she muttered to herself.

Laura tried for the fifth time to make some progress against the knot that held her corset closed. Whatever kind of knot it was, it was a bear to untie.

Because of the way Collin had laced it, the knot was right at the top of the corset. Laura had to contort her arms awkwardly just to touch the mass of tangled strings there.

By now, she had taken off the maid’s outfit, gloves, shoes, and stockings. The strap with its devilish sexual devices was now in the sink, cleaned off and left to drip dry. It was well past midnight, and Laura was ready for bed, even though there were things left to explore in the living room.

All that remained was the corset.

It was another five minutes of struggling before she gave up. I could cut it off, said Laura, but I’m afraid I’d ruin the entire corset in the process. I don’t know how much that would upset Collin.

Laura decided to just try and sleep with it. She had managed to sleep while wearing the corset from her bridesmaid’s dress, so she shouldn’t have any problem with this one. Making her way to the bedroom, she turned the air conditioner down, and tried to get to sleep.

She turned and twisted, trying to get comfortable on the bed. At first, she thought that it was the corset that was keeping her from getting to sleep.

But as the minutes turned into an hour of sleeplesness, she realized that she just couldn’t stop thinking about the night with Collin, Collin’s things in the living room, and the sex toys that had been her constant companion the last couple of days.

She started to fondle herself, and touch herself in her private parts. But that just wasn’t doing it. She was feeling only more awake, and more aware of what was keeping her awake, and what she wanted to do about it.

The crotch strap for the corset would soon become intolerable, she knew. But, she remembered, there’s still the chastity belt with the two dildoes in it.

A few minutes later, she was in the bathroom, buckling the belt into place.

Instead of a gratifying buzzing, there was only silence from the belt.

“Damn! My batteries are all dead!” she said.

Laura ground her teeth as she thought. “Might as well go get some more,” she thought. She didn’t even bother to take off the belt. Instead, she put her jeans, T-shirt, and tennis shoes on, an headed for the all night convenience store.

She couldn’t even wait to get home. As soon as she was back in the car, she took her pants down and fumbled with the belt.

The store clerk had sure given her a funny look as she came to the checkout with five four-packs of batteries in her hands. Laura’s sense of embarassment over this was completely overruled by the rest of her brain.

One, two batteries, then the cover back on… Bzzzzzz!

“Oh, that feels so good!” she said.

Laura caught herself weaving on the road a couple of times. I hope there isn’t a cop around, she thougth. I don’t think that I bothered to pull up my pants!

Fortunately, luck was with her, and she had no incidents on the three minute trip back home. Laura hitched up her pants, and with her bag of batteries in hand, she headed back up to her apartment.

After she was safely in bed, she was finally able to fall to sleep… after she wore the batteries out.

God, it’s past two, and I’m just getting up!

Laura rubbed her eyes and stretched. The act reminded her that she still wore the rubber corset and chastity belt, complete with two dildoes.

She saw the pile of batteries on the nightstand, but decided to just get up and make herself some lunch before deciding what to do with the day.

The belt wasn’t as prone to driving her to distration while unpowered, so she made herself a light lunch and ate it without needing to take a break. Once that was done, she looked at the chaos of rubber, sex toys, and magazines that her livingroom had become.

She started out by relaxing in front of the tube, but an hour later, she was intently gazing at a magazine called “Dominant Damsels”.

The next one was called “Shiny” and showed men and women dressed in their finest rubber.

After that, it was “Bondage Diary”.

She was becoming hot yet again. Laura made it through “Latex Lust #7” before she had to stop reading and start doing.

Doing something.

God, I wish that Collin were here, she thought.

Collin would have had her tied up, in some devious way, she was sure. Laura imagined him giving her pleasure with his devices, and when she screamed for mercy, she imagined that he would jus turn up the power.

I must be a sick woman, because that really turns me on!

She was going stir crazy, and needed to do something about it. Laura took the easiest solution, and used two more batteries from her stash.

That lasted a couple of hours. After a bathroom break, she was left where she started, except that the chastity belt was now also in the bathroom sink.

She read two more magazines, which only served to exacerbate her condition. However, next one was different. It was a collection of stories, and one story in particular touched on a very relevant subject.

The heroine in the story was in a situation not so different from her own. The heroine found herself at home, wishing that her dominant partner would come home from a long trip.

And in this story, the herione described a thing called self bondage.

Chapter 11

“Now, what’s the best way to do this?” she asked aloud, sorting through the bondage items that she had taken from Collin’s collection. She was wearing nothing except for the tight black rubber corset.

Laura was thinking furiously as she fingered a pair of fur-lined handcuffs. Idly, she tested out the pair of keys that was attached to them with a wire tie. The handcuffs were perfectly functional, and very strong.

She was mentally reviewing the concept behind self-bondage. The trick was to make it inescabable for a fixed length of time. In the story, the heroine had counted upon the arrival of her signifigant other to get her out of her predicament. This idea really turned Laura on, but it was not practical at the time, given the fact that she was supposed to meet Collin on Sunday. However, the heroine also mentioned the use of ice cubes to hold keys, mailing the key to oneself, and having the key inaccessible outside, needing to wait for daylight or nighttime.

Laura suddenly remembered the device that had been present in her bedroom. With a smile on his face, Richard had threatened to use it to lock her up for the night, if she didn’t do her chores properly. And once, he had made good on his threat, giving her a night punctuated by a relentless vibrator that she could do nothing about. When morning finally arrived, she was automatically released from her bonds by the timing device.

Why didn’t I think of that before? Laura wondered. However, the devices in the mansion were not of use to her now, and she didn’t see anything even remotely resembling that in Collin’s things. “I’ll have to ask him abou that sometime,” Laura resolved.

Laura was too impatient to try out any of the ice cube ideas right now. That would take time and preparation. Mailing a key to herself wouldn’t work, anyway. The mailbox for her apartment was downstairs, right inside the entrance to the whole building. That was not a place that she could make it to inconspicuously while all bound up.

How about nighttime? She could put the key in her car. Then, she wouldn’t dare go outside to get it until it was past midnight, in case anyone could see her.

Laura liked this idea, but disliked the fact that it would require her to be able to walk around. She couldn’t tie herself up completely using that plan.

“This would be so much easier with a second person,” she said aloud.

There was another recollection from the Hane household. She remembered that when she was dressed up, she had to have her entire outfit locked on. She physically couldn’t take it off until she made it back to her room, where the keys to the outfit were held.

“Hmmm…” she thought to herself.

Suddenly, the last two ideas of hers combined into a greater whole. The sheer daring it would require appealed to her. She felt a rush of adrenaline just thinking about it.

“I’ll have to save it for Sunday,” she said with a sigh. “But I bet that Collin will like it!”

Laura dug out a long piece of string and an ice cube tray. Grabbing the handcuff keys, she made her way to the sink. “I guess I’ll just have to wait,” she said.

It was four batteries and four hours later by the time that the ice cube was solid.

Laura had to rearrange the bedroom before she could start. There was an eye bolt attached to the ceiling, apparently for use with a hanging plant or lamp. It was something of a project to get the room cleaned up sufficiently to move the bed under the ring.

Next, Laura dressed up. She lubed up the crotch strap and felt the dildoes slide into place inside of her. She brought out the control box for it, and set it on the bed, alonside an open padlock.

A locking leather collar with several attached D-rings was next. She also put on locking ankle cuffs, but did not attach them to anything yet.

Rope was next. She took a long length of it, and looped it under the bed. Laura left both ends coiled on the bed.

Now, it was finally time for the ice cube. She tied it to the eye bolt in the ceiling, and let it hang there. When the ice melted, the loop of string would be released, dropping the key down to just above the pillow.

Now it was time for her final preparations. First, she plugged in the box, knowing that it would be a few minutes before it would start the vibrators within her.

Next, she used buckling leather straps to tie the ankle cuffs to the footboard of the bed. She could unbuckle them if she could reach them…

Laura took the rope that she had looped under the bed and wrapped it around her corsetted waist several times. When she was done, she knotted it in front and tested it by trying to sit up. The ropes held, ensuring that she would not be able to lean up and undo the leg straps or pull the wire without untying the rope.

The dildo in her pussy was starting to vibrate, ever so slowly. “Almost done,” she said to herself.

She brought the handcuffs up to her collar. Using the open padlock, she connected the chain of the handcuffs to a D-ring in the front of the collar. The key to the padlock was in the living room, inaccesible. There was only one more step to go…

Laura broght her hands up to her neck, then paused to grind her hips as the vibrations increased. “Mmmmmm!”

With a tinkling metallic clinking noise, Laura brought her wrists up and locked the handcuffs around them.

Before the anal dildo had even started to vibrate, Laura had her first orgasm.

She tried to arch her back but the corset held it rigid. She tried to kick her legs, but the black leather straps were only pulled tight for a few moments.

Her hands closed down into fists involuntarily, catching a few stray strands of hair. There was a touch of pain from this, but it only acted as a spice for the pleasure.

Laura found herself trying to lean up, to grab ahold of the cord and pull it free. However, she had done a good job of fastening her waist to the bed, and even with straining, she was only able to bring her head a foot or so off of the bed.

“Ohhhh!” she moaned aloud. “Oh, stop!” Her vaginal muscles were twitching violently,but these devices were not designed to stop under these conditions.

The only answer from the crotch strap was the sensation of the anal phallus coming to life.

Laura’s breath was rasping as she struggled to breathe in the very tight shiny rubber corset.

Finally, after an indeterminate number of minutes, she slid down from the level that could be called ‘orgasm’ and entered the state that could be called ‘almost orgasm’. Now, instead of twisting to try and get away from the device, she was moving to try to achieve her next climax.

When the anal dildo finally achieved full speed, she achieved her second one. Her mouth was open and she moaned at every breath as the pleasure travelled over her body like brilliant rays of sunshine.

For a moment, it felt as if she would be able to come down off this mountain of sensation. However, just as her vagina was stopping its futile ritual of clenching, the vibrator next to her clit started to act.

Past this point, the concept of orgasm became meaningless. Laura twisted madly about on the bed, as much as her bonds would allow. Her arms strained to bring the hands down to her crotch, but the handcuffs held them firmly at her neck. She could feel the sheets becoming wet with sweat, but barely made sense of the feelings of dampness. Each moment was a moment of pleasure, the sensations almost intolerable yet indescribably delicious.

Soon, the last device kicked in, sending the two dildoes towards and away from each other. There was no higher for Laura to go, and this simply added another instrument to the orchestra of ecstasy playing in her groin.

It was sometime shortly thereafter that she lost consciousness.

Laura couldn’t have been out of it for too long, because when she regained a hold on reality, her first experience was a single vibrating anal dildo.

It took her only moments to regain her hunger. She ground her hips on the bed, not remembering or caring the pattern that was to come.

The anal dildo stopped, and was replaced with the sensations from the clitoral vibrator…

Laura was again panting against her corset and straining against her bonds. Because the black rubber corset had a slight amoutn of give, she could feel the rope cutting into her waist as she tried to pull her body up.

Now, all vibrators were off, replaced by the feeling of the dildoes sliding toward and away from each other.

“Ggggh!” came out through now clenched teeth. She had been close, now she backed away.

This stopped, then the vaginal vibrator came on. Next, the anal vibrator, alone. The clitoral vibrator…

This pattern repeated itself several times. She felt herself straining, trying to get that extra iota of sensation to send her over the edge once again…

Now there was one device on full while another was on low. Closer, closer…

She was on the absolute edge when all of the devices turned on at low power, then faded out to nothing. “Ooooh!” So close, so close…

It felt like every muscle in her body tensed up as the entire device turned on at full power. Within seconds, she had the orgasm that she had been straining to achieve for so long.

Just as she was about to cry out, the entire device fell silent. She was just able to recoverer from that pleasure when they all turned on again, at full blast.

This cycle repeated itself at least a dozen times, perhaps two. Laura could not recall a cycle that did not end with her experiencing yet another burst of pleausre erupting from her pussy.

Finally, the devices within her fell silent for the last time.

Laura easily spent a half of an hour with her eyes closed, recovering from this. After she was back to something that resembled normalcy, she opened up her eyes.

As she looked up, she saw the key suspended right above her head, just as she had planned.

Laura was about to reach up for the key, when a wave of fatigue came over her.

There’s no rush, she thought, closing her eyes to take a nap in her bonds.

Chapter 12

Laura examined her reflection in the mirror carefully. “That should do,” she said aloud.

Her curly brown hair had been carefully arranged and held in place with strategic applications of hairspray. She had accented and darkened her eyebrows slightly, and had applied a pale blue eyeliner to her eyes.

The few freckled on her cheeks were now disguised by a layer of makeup. In contrast to the relatively calm style of the rest of her makeup, she had applied a blood red shade of lipstick to her lips, and painted her short fingernails a matching shade of brilliant red.

The dress that she wore was probably more appropriate for evening wear than daywear, but it was the best thing that she could find to wear, all things considered. It was made of cotton, and dyed a deep blue color with a fine tracing of white vines all along the wrists, neckline, and hem. A row of pearl buttons held the dress together in the front from the neckline down to the waist.

It was high necked, and had long sleeves which fit her arms rather snugly. The body of the dress fit her fairly loosely around the waist, then became loose and flowing as it travelled down to the floor.

It would have been floor length, except for the shoes that she was wearing. She now wore white six inch heels from Collin’s collection. There was a black strap, somewhat out of place, that wrapped around her ankle and then around the instep of each shoe. A small padlock held the straps tightly closed, and the straps held the shoes tightly on her feet.

Laura twirled around in front of the mirror, letting the dress swirl around her and observing the entire effect. Then, in spite of the height of the heels that she wore, she strode out of her apartment with carkeys in hand.

Laura saw a man in the parking lot who was packing a suitcase into the trunk. After he was done, he glanced at Laura, then stared for several long seconds.

He probably saw the shoes, she thougth. Sure enough, his gaze was fixated on the ground beneath her.

“Are you going to just stand there??!” came a shrill female voice from the inside of the car.

The man shook his head, as if coming out of a trance. He walked over to the open driver’s side door, and sat down.

The man was driving away just as Laura was getting into her car. She could see that he was staring at her the entire way out of the parkinglot, and nearly hit a parked car in the process.

Laura smiled as she watched this. Then, with the man out of sight, she started her car and headed for Collin’s house.

“Well…” Collin said after he opened the door for her.

“May I come in?” Laura asked.

“I’m not sure, after you cleaned me out like that,” Collin replied.

“Look me in the eye and tell me that you don’t have twice as much stuff in your closets somewhere,” Laura said.

Collin did not reply to this challenge. Instead, he stepped aside and gestured for her to enter.

Laura walked inside and headed for the living room. Once she was there, she sat down on the couch and crossed her legs.

Collin took a moment to examine her, then stopped in the center of the living room. “You look splendid,” he said. “Are you worried about losing your shoes?”

“Well, they’re only borrowed. I wanted to make sure that nothing happened to them.

“Very cute,” he replied, also taking a seat.

“So, what do you have planned for today?” she asked.

“Nothing at all,” replied Collin, “especially seeing that I didn’t know when you were going to arrive.”

“How did your phone call go?” she asked, thinking of their last meeting.

“As well as can be expected,” replied Collin. “Accountants have no sense of humor.”

Laura thought back to a summer job of hers, where she had worked in an accountant’s office. “I’ll agree with you completely.”

There was a short pause. “Actually, I was thinking of letting you decide what we do today. That’s where we were when I received my urgent call. We could just resume where we left off… except for the fact that the ‘toys’ are elsewhere now.”

“Not all of them,” Laura said with a small smile on her face.

Collin looked at her for a long minute, without either of them saying anything. “Do you care to explain that?” Laura only smiled at this. “Well, if you don’t want to explain, then what do you want to do?”

“Hmmm… I don’t know,” she said, tapping her high heeled shoe on the carpet. “Why don’t you get us drinks while I think about it. Diet cola for me.”

“All right,” Collin said as he rose from his seat. Just the tiniest bit of impatience leaked into his voice.

While Collin was gone, Laura put her hand down the front of her dress and dug around. There it is, she thought as she found a squeeze bulb.

By the time that Collin returned, Laura’s breasts were almost double their previous size. The blue fabric around each breast was stretched tight to contain what was underneath.

Collin stopped and stared at her for a long moment. “Now, I really like that look,” he said.

“Why thank you,” Laura said with a smile.

“Are there any other surprises under that dress?” Collin asked.

“Could be,” replied Laura. “Could be.”

“This time, you showed up before noon,” said Collin. “Do you want to go out to lunch? Or would you rather eat in?”

“None of the above,” she answered. “If I remember right, I get to decide what we do now. I think that I’d like to keep ‘playing’. I feel overdressed, somehow.”

Without further ado, Laura started to unbutton her dress. With the inflatable bra underneath, the dress was more than eager to give way.

“So, you managed to get the corset back on?” Collin asked after her dress was on the couch.

“Back on? I couldn’t get your damn not untied! It’s been on the whole time!”

“You’re kidding, aren’t you?” he asked.

“Look for yourself,” Laura said, standing up and turning around.

Laura was now only wearing the inflatable rubber bra, the rubber corset, and the locked on six inch heels. Everywhere else on her body, bare skin was visible.

“Well, I can see that you’re right,” replied Collin. “That’s kind of an unusual knot that I use. Do you want me to untie it now?”

“No. Just do it before I go home,” Laura said. “You like it on me, don’t you?”

“To put it mildly,” replied Collin.

“Well,” Collin said. “You’re calling the shots.”

“What else do you have?” Laura asked.

“You took most of it!” complained Collin.

“Why can’t I believe that?” she asked. Collin mumbled something under his breath. “Yes?”

“Well… I do have some… larger equipment,” he said. “but… it’s in the basement.”

“Your own private dungeon?” she asked.

Laura’s arms were held in fur lined steel cuffs. These cuffs were chained to a wooden X frame that held her arms above her head.

“I’ll pass on the feet,” said Collin. “You’d have a tough time balancing that way in your heels, which somehow are locked on your feet.”

Collin tightened the chains so that her arms were extended straight out at forty five degree angles. The chains were so tight that they pulled her shoulders up.

Laura was still wearing the inflated bra, rubber corset, and six inch heels, but Collin’s next action was to deflate the bra and remove it. “I want them to be accessible,” he said.

“For what?” Laura asked.

Collin did not reply to this. Instead, he walked over to a large wooden chest and started to sort through the contents.

Collin’s dungeon was not quite the dark cold medival type. The floor was covered with a thick red carpet, and the walls were a warm brown color. Several banks of fluorescent lighting illuminated the medium sized room quite clearly.

This X-frame was one of four large items that were set up. The second was a pillory, except that the arm-holes and neck-hole were lined with thick red fur.

The third item resembled a box that a magician might use. It had holes for the head, wrists, and feet. It was large enough for a person to lay down in it, with only the extremities visible.

Lastly, there was a large king-sized bed. It was made of black wood, with very tall and thick posts on the four corners. Addionally, there was a wooden canopy frame connecting the posts, but there was no canopy draped over it. About every foot or so on the posts and the canopy frame, a large eye bolt had been attached. The bed itself had red satin sheets, and a trio of thick pillows with red satin covers.

There was a large screen TV set up as well, against the wall opposite Laura. Collin was sorting through one of six large trunks set on the floor, and she guessed that all of them contained sex and bondage toys of one kind or another.

“This looks good,” Collin said, retrieving an object from his collection. It looked like a nine inch long red plastic vibrator, and one touch of the switch on the bottom by Collin brought it to life.

Laura started to become excited just watching him. “What are you going to do with that?” she asked.

Collin smirked in reply. With it vibrating in his hands, he slowly brought it up to her left nipple.

Laura twisted away,but was only able to delay it for a moment. When it touched, it felt like a surge of electricity passed through her nipple and down her body.

“Stop it!” she said, only slightly serious. She twisted back and forth, making the vibrator touch the flesh of her naked breast.

Collin was smiling but silent as he assaulted her other breast with the vibrator.

“You just can’t keep still, can you?” he asked.

“Why should I? You’re being mean to me!” she said with a playful pout on her face.

“You haven’t even begun to see mean,” he declared. A moment later, the vibrator was wandering around in her pubic hair.

Laura twisted and squealed as he kept it in contact with her skin. She brought one leg up in her attempts to get away, balancing only on one foot with its six inch heel.

Collin slowly turned the vibrator down, then off. Laura could see that the playful look was gone from his face, replaced by a much more serious expression.


“Laura…” he said, pausing.

“What is it?”

“Laura… do you have any idea how hot this is making me?”

“Oh, probably as hot as I am!” Laura said.

“Laura… you… I… I really want to just take you! Right now, the way you are!”

“I said, no sex,” replied Laura. “Not yet, anyway.”

“When will yet be?” Collin asked.

“I don’t know,” replied Laura.

Collin suddenly turned the vibrator back on. With quick touches, he managed to touch both of her nipples, then her pussy in quick sucession.

“Eeeeeiaaaa!” she screamed out. “What are you doing?”

“Oh, just making sure that you’re just as frustrated as I am,” he said.

For the next several minutes, Collin played a game of tag with her various sensitive body parts.

“S…stop! Stop please!” Laura said. The exertion was taking its toll, and she was now panting against the ever so tight rubber corset.

“Why should I?”

“Stop!” Laura said, more seriously.

Collin looked at her, with active vibrator in hand. “I’m listening,” he said, leaving the vibrator in hand.

“I… how can I tell you when? I don’t even know myself!” she said. “Tickling me like this is not goingt to help!”

“I’ll take my chances,” Collin said with a twisted grin on his face.

“Wait,” Laura said. “Isn’t there another way that we can work this out?”

“Like what?” Collin asked.

“Turn that thing off, and we’ll talk about it!” she said. Laura had to admit that the touch of the vibrator had been erotic, but also frustrating as hell. That’s not why I came here! she thought. I came here to have more mind-blowing kinky sex-bondage, like last time.

And all he’s going to do is watch while you squirm? a part of her thought. How long did you think that that was going to last?

A plan of sorts came into mind. “How about…” she said. Collin finally turned off the vibrator. “How about… we play a game,” she said.

“Chess, checkers, parchisi, oh, anything!” Laura said. “Let’s just get a few rules down before we play!”

“Games, eh?” said Collin. “I’ll go for that.”

“Could you please unchain me?” she said. “My shoulders are starting to cramp.”

“Oh. Sorry,” he said apologetically. Taking a key, he unchained her wrists from the frame.

“That’s better,” she said, walking over and taking a seat on the bed.

“What are we playing for?” Collin said. “We should get that straight first.”

“What do you want?” she asked.

“You!” he said. “What else do you think I want. I want you, and I want you to be willing and eager,” he replied.

He could have just taken me, Laura thought to herself. There’s really nothing I could do about it. He didn’t take advantage of it. At least, not that much.

This thought reassured her and disappointed her slightly at the same time. By releasing her, Collin had shown her that he would respect her limits.

Maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad idea, Laura thought. He’s really cute, and has such a dirty mind.

I’ve got to get him to take off more of his clothes. This running around naked while he’s fully dressed has to stop!

“What do you want?” Collin said. “If you win.”

Well… let’s make this something worthwhile! Damn, it would be stupid if I said that I just wanted him if I won! “Let’s see… if I win, I get to keep all of the stuff that I borrowed from you. For good.”

“What?! Do you have any idea how much that stuff costs?” he said.

“A little,” she replied. “There were a couple of catalogs in your magazines. What? Too big of a wager?” she asked.

“Well, if that’s the way it’s going to be… all right, but I pick the games!” he said.

“I get to veto them,” replied Laura.

Collin thought about this. “All right. I guess that I can live with that. Tell you what. Let’s play for points. Each game is one point, three points to win.”

“Fine by me,” said Laura. “What’s the first game?”

Chapter 13

“Now, this is what you can feel,” Collin said, pushing the button for her chastity belt.

The dildo inside of her pussy came to life very suddenly. “Whooo!” she said suddenly.

Laura now wore a chastity belt complete with attached vibrating dildo. By now, this almost seemed like normal to her. This was buckled on over the rubber corset, but was not locked on.

Collin wore a similar belt, except that his had a leather sheath for his penis. On the underside of the sheath, Laura could see that there were two egg-shaped vibrators embedded within the sheath.

A wire connected both of their belts to hand-held control buttons. “Let’s see how yours works,” Laura said, reaching over with her hand and pushing the red button that corresponded to Collin’s belt.

There was the sound of churing vibrators. Laura could almost see his cock stiffen. As she held it there for a few seconds, she saw the tip of his penis start to poke out the opening at the end of the sheath.

“That’s enough,” he said, pulling the switch away.

“The tape?” Laura said.

Collin was naked except for the belt. Her gaze was locked on his tight buns as he walked over to the television and put a tape in the nearby VCR.

“Now, remember, first one to use their vibrator loses,” he said, “But the loser may feel much better than the victor afterwards. Also remember, only the loser gets to use it. No fair turning it on after the other person does.”

“Got it,” she said.

“I’m giving you a fair chance,” he said. “This is a tape from Holland, and is one of my favorites.”

There was almost no preamble to the story. It opened in a dungeon, with several leather clad men and women discussing something. She couldn’t understand the language, but didn’t really care.

A woman was being stretched out on table, with her wrists and ankles tied to the corners. One of the men took his leather gloved hands and slowly rubbed it over her naked body.

Soon, the man was eating her out, and the woman was moaning. While that was going on, a Mistress was roughly playing with the cock of a man wearing a skin tight rubber jumpsuit. His hands were cuffed behind him. He moaned and pleaded, but the Mistress stopped just before he seemed ready to cum. Then, she pushed his head down and he stared to lick her pubic hair.

Every minute or two, another scene of depraved, kinky sex came on the screen. Oh, god, this is making me hot!” she said, looking at the ceiling. She could tell that her hips were moving without her conscious thought.

“No fair!” Collin said. “Watch the movie!”

She did so, and everything she saw reminded her of what she wanted to have done to her.

This continued for several more minutes. The final blow was when she saw the two people from the opening scene again. This time, the man took out a vibrator and slowly pushed it up her very lubricated opening.

“Oh, my god!” she said, with her hips grinding. She took the button in both of her hands and pushed down, firmly.

A wave of vibrating, shaking sensaion radiated outward from the dildo. Laura let her back fall on the bed, and kicked her legs out as she came to an orgasm in less than a minute.

Her head rolled to one side, and she closed her eyes. A second later, she let go of the button and simply experienced the warm, tingling feeling that travelled through her body.

When she opened her eyes, Collin was looking at her. His penis was erectly protruding from the leather sheath, but his vibrator was off. “One point for me,” he said, with a smile on his face. “Out of curiosity, do you play chess?” he asked. “Or checkers?”

“Well…” she said, shaking her head as she slowly sat back up. “I have actually played chess before. One year, our high school actually had a chess club going. I beat all the guys there, before I found other things to do after school.”

“There’s something I’ve always wanted to try,” she said.

Both chastity belts were still in place. Laura sat across from the small chess table, with beads of sweat glistening on her bare breasts.

Collin’s breath was rather quick, as well. Between them, there was a chess game going, that somehow was not absorbing their full attention.

It was Collin’s chance to move. There was a chess clock set up. This one was a bit modified, Laura knew. Both Collin’s and Laura’s vibrators were plugged into the chess clock.

It was Collin’s turn to move, and there was the sound of buzzing coming from under his side of the table.

Either Collin’s or Laura’s vibrator would be on at a time. Controlled by the chess clock, the one that was on was the one who was trying to think of their next move.

Collin’s breath became more rapid. With a quick motion, he moved his bishop, then slammed down on the clock.

Suddenly, Laura’s vibrator came to life. As she thought about the move, she remembered that there were three ways to lose this game.

One: Get Checkmated. Two: run out of time on the clock. This was not likely, as Collin had assigned each of them six hours to play.

Or three: Orgasm. This made the course of play speed up remarkably. Several minutes of vibration on Laura’s end made her grit her teeth, on the edge of another wave of pleasure. She could only assume from the look on Collin’s face and the rapidness of his moves that his belt was at least as torturous as her own.

Laura, playing black, used her rook pawn to take a white knight. “Check!” she said, as she slammed down on the chess clock. Her rook was now bearing down on his king, and she knew that his position was very bad indeed. Mate in four, maybe even three, she thought, trying to study the board while the vibrator was silent within her.

Collin spent only seconds studying the board. His breath was now very rapid, and he quickly made his move. He took the bishop that he had moved last turn and retreated it to defend his king.

Suddenly, her vibrator was roaring with life. “Oh, oh,” she moaned out, softly. There had to be a good way to get him. She had to get his king soon, as she had sacraficed a rook to get this position.

One of her hands clutched the table as the other one, trembling slightly, took her queen and slid it over to one side of the board. Now, both her queen and rook were bearing down on the king. She threatened to checkmate him next turn by taking his bishop with her queen.

It took her three tries to push the button on the chess clock. Almost immediately, Collin moved his king one space, avoiding immediate checkmate.

Take the bishop… she thought as the vibrations returned to her crotch, with less than a two second break. She reached out with her hand…

“Uuuungh!” she said. She had to hold onto the chessboard with both hands, as the vibrator within her finally sent her over the edge.

She twisted her hips around and flailed around with her legs. From the look of sudden pain on Collin’s face, she guessed that her high heel had connected with his leg.

Laura soon slid off the chair and onto the floor. She sat there, grabbing air with her hands. “T… turn… turn it off!” she said.

Collin, still breating very heavily, reached over and unplugged her belt from the chess clock.

Laura leaned back, and rested her head on the chair that was now behind her. “I had you!” she yelled out, between breaths. “Two moves, and it was checkmate!”

“That’s true,” Collin replied. “I had no idea that you were that good - or that I was that rusty. But that really doesn’t matter now, does it?” he said. “Two points for me.”

“It ain’t over until it’s over,” Laura said, clutching her hair with her hands. “What next?!”

“Only twenty mintes!” she said. “You have to give me a chance!”

“I’m giving you more than a chance,” he said. “It’s outright charity.”

Laura was lying on the silk sheets of the bed. Her wrists and ankles were tied to the corners of the bed. The chastity belt was now off, but the corset and heels still remained.

Collin was now completely naked. After he had taken off his chastity belt, she had finally seen his erect penis.

Not bad, Laura had thought. Not a porn star, but definitely enough to do the job, she thought. The idea of him taking her on the bed, right now, was really beginning to appeal to her.

“Now, the blindfold,” he said.

“Wait a minute,” she said, as he slipped the padded leather blindfold over her head and buckled it in place. “How am I supposed to know when time is up?” she said. The last glance at the clock on the wall showed that it was three thirty.

“You don’t know,” Collin said. “You don’t get to look at the clock until you give up.”

“Three thirty,” Laura said. “You’d better get to work.”

Laura’s crotch was still very damp from their first two games. A moment later, she felt a flexible, rubbery rod enter her.

“What the?” she exclaimed, as the shaft began to bend and twist of its own accord. She could feel Collin’s hand at the base of the device.

“It vibrates, too,” he said. A moment later, it was humming inside of her.

Her words became moans within moments. “Oh, ummmm… aaaaah,” she let out. Laura managed to move her hips around somewhat, but the tight bindings on her wrists and ankles prevented her from accomplishing any real change in her situation.

A moment later, she felt something cold and metallic touching her left nipple. “Whoo!” she exclaimed. “What…”

Images of nipple clamps from the magazines came to mind, and she did not like that idea at all. But when it was fully in place, it was merely firm, and only slightly uncomfortable.

The other nipple followed soon afterwards. She could feel something flopping down on her breast, something larger, that felt like it was attached to the clamp…

Collin was still holding the squirming phallus inside of her when the objects on her breast started to vibrate, as well! The vibrations travelled straight to the clamps, and soon, she could feel that her nipples were almost rock hard as the vibrators ravaged them.

“Oh, god!” she exclaimed, twisting around frantically. All this did was to jiggle the clamps around to tug on her nipples, and this simply added to the stimulation that she wanted.

An orgasm shook her a moment later. Laura lost track of time and body. Her hands clenched into fists, and her two high heeled feet twisted and bent frantically. She managed to push her hips up and down, but Collin only pushed the dildo in further.

“G..gggg! she exclaimed.”

In the moments just after the orgasm started, she had an isolated period of rational thought. I could probably last quite a while, she thought. I’ve had the crotch strap at work on me for two hours at a crack. I’m sure that I could last this out.

But do I want to? Am I that much of a tease?

Am I that patient?

“Stop!” she cried out, answering her own question. “I give up!”

Laura knew that she could have lasted longer. She also knew that she didn’t want to win this contest.

The vibrators stopped within a few seconds. A few moments after that, Collin took the blindfold from off of her head. She stared at the wall, and slowly, the clock came into focus.

“Three fourty two!” Collin exclaimed. “Twelve minutes!”

A broad, almost maniacal smile came across his face. “And you, my darling,” he said, stroking her breast with the back of his hand. “Are now mine for the taking.”

I might be the loser, Laura thought, but the consolation prize should be very nice.

Chapter 14

“Collin? Collin?”

There was no reply from her captor.

“Collin?! Where are you?”

Laura could not look for him, because Collin had replaced the blindfold before he had left. He had removed the nipple clamps with vibrators and the throbbing twisting dildo before disappearing from the room.

She had no way to keep track of the time, but guessed that it was at least a half of an hour that Collin had been gone. Laura twisted around on the bed, trying to get more comfortable. She was still tied spread eagled to the bed, with her wrists and ankles firmly attached to the bedposts.

With the corset on, she was still not able to become truly comfortable in her situation. She twirled her feet, trying to kick the high heels off of them, but they remained in place.

Laura thought that she heard the sound of footsteps approaching. “Collin! Where have you been?”

There was no answer to her question. She heard the sound of shoes clicking on the wooden floor, coming closer.

“You are mine, now,” came Collin’s voice. “I can do with you whatever I want.”

Laura detected a note in his voice that she had never heard before. It was a note of… seriousness. His voice did not sound playful at all, but deadly serious.

I can hardly wait! Laura thougt.

She felt a touch on her leg. As the touch moved down her ankle, she rapidly identified it as a rubber gloved hand.

His hand slowly inched down, and she felt him touch her feet in the high heeled shoes. A few seconds later, she felt him tweaking her nipples with rubber covered fingertips.

“Hey!” exclaimed Laura. “What do you think you’re doing?!”

“Whatever I want,” was the reply. There was a sinister note to his voice.

She could feel the juices flowing in her crotch. Damn, this is making me hot!

“You have lovely breasts,” Collin observed in the same sinister tone.

“Thank you,” Laura replied. Another touch by Collin’s rubber covered hands on her nipples send a chill down her spine.

His hands then travelled to her face, and she felt rubbery fingertips run from her cheeks to her nose, then down to her ears and neck. It was almost ticklish, and Laura had to use her willpower to stop from thrashing about and giggling.

His exploration of her face ended, then she felt a light touch on her crotch. A moment later, that touch became a firm pressure as Collin guided a pair of fingers into her wet and ready pussy.

“Mmmmm!” Laura exclaimed as she felt his digits slide inside of her.

Collin simply held them inside of her, barely moving. Slowly, ever so slowy, she felt his thumb inching inwards, coming near her waiting clit.

“Ooooh!” she gasped out against the tightness of the corset as he made contact. Rather than continuing, he relinquished his pressure and slowly started to wriggle his fingers around inside of her.

Collin kept up that slow stimulation for what felt like hours to Laura. “God, you’re making me hot!” she exclaimed. She was starting to fight for breath against the corset, but was nowhere near an orgasm.

His hand picked up the pace of wriggling and twisting inside of her, but gradually. Laura found her excitement rising as well. “Oh, Collin!” she exclaimed between breaths. “I’m close! Sooooo close!”

This did not change Collin’s technique one iota. If anything, he kept his level of stimulation constant. He only occasionally brushed his thumb up against her clitoris, just enough to keep her on the edge, but not enough to push her over.

“Damn you Collin!” she exclaimed between her rapid breaths. She was now intensely aware of the corset that kept her breaths short and shallow.

“You are mine,” came Collin’s voice. From his tone, she could almost see the sinister smile on his face, even though she was blindfolded. “To do with what I please… and this is what pleases me.”

“You…. Uuuungh!” she said, with her voice fading into incoherence. Laura twisted against her bonds and tried to free any of her limbs. The bonds held firm, and she only suceeded in tiring out the muscles in her arms and legs. When she was through struggling, she was left to lie there, panting in the corset, with even her pelvis completely still. Laura remained on the edge of completion, Just a little more pressure, she thought. Just a little harder…

Laura suddenly jerked her hips up and down as much as the corset would allow. SHe managed to push her clitoris right against his rubber covered hand, and that extra bit was enough to send her over the edge.

“Oh my god!” she exclaimed. Laura could feel her back trying to arch, but it managed to shift only a little bit inside of the corset.

Laura felt like she was suspended in time. She lost track of her body, and found herself drifting in space, surrounded by a golden glowing cloud of pleasure.

Sh had no idea of how long she remained in that timeless place. When she returned to reality, she heard the sound of her breath raggedly leaving her mouth as she panted and heaved in the corset. Collin’s hands were no longer inside of her. “Collin?” she asked once she had the breath.

“You are a naughty girl,” came his voice. “You weren’t supposed to finish yet.”

“You are an evil man!” she accused him.

“Thank you,” came the reply, with a note of satisfaction. “I do try.”

“Collin?! Where the hell are you?”

Collin had again done his vanishing act. Laura was in exactly the same situation as before, except that there was a pool of sexual juices under her crotch that had soaked into the sheets. The cold clammy feeling of this against her butt cheeks was less than pleasant to her.

There was no way for her to slide to a drier place on the bed. With a short sigh, she let herself relax, and felt her rear sink into the wet sheets again.

There was again the clicking of hard shoes on the wooden floor. “Well, what now?” Laura asked. “I really don’t like being in the wet spot!”

“It appears that you’re getting something of an attitude,” Collin said in a cool voice.

“Whatever gave you that idea?” Laura said sarcastically.

There were a few more clicking footsteps, then she felt the mattress between her legs being pushed down. “Coming up on the bed, mmm?”

She felt his legs as he adjusted on the bed. She felt his legs were also covered with rubber.

Laura could suddenly hear the sound of his breath above her. “I hope you’re going to use protection,” she said, now with concern in her voice.

“Of course,” Collin replied. “What kind of a man do you think I am?”

I’m not going to touch that one, Laura thought to herself.

Without further delay, she felt Collin drop down and start to enter her.

Every part of his body that she came in contact with was covered with rubber. Even his probing, erect penis felt like latex as it slid inside of her.

She was not as lubricated as before, so it took a while before Collin was firmly in place. “That feels nice,” Laura said to him.

Collin was silent as he slowly moved around inside of her. She could tell that he was absolutely rock hard under his rubber covering.

It took a dozen long, lazy strokes before she was fully lubricated. A few dozen more, and she was again twisting at her bonds, and gasping for breath.

It felt to Laura as if Collin had suddenly shifted gears. One moment he was leisurely moving, while the next moment he was frantically thrusting away inside of her.

It didn’t take her long to come. This orgasm was not quite as intense as the earlier one, but Laura was left with no complaints when it was done.

She heard grunting sounds from above, then she thought that she felt a twicthing from the penis that was inside of her.

“Was it good for you too?” she asked.

“Indescribably,” he replied, sounding out of breath.

Collin just remained inside of her, and she could slowly feel his hard on fading. After a few minutes, he finally pulled out of her.

“So, what next?” Laura asked.

“Wouldn’t you like to know!” was the reply.

It was at that moment that the phone in the bedroom rang.

Chapter 15

“So, he accepted the counter offer?” Collin said, with eagerness in his voice.

Laura was still on the bed, with the wet spot underneath her even larger. The corset and heels were still in place, and the blindfold continued to keep her in the dark. I wish he would have let me out of this, Laura mused.

Instead, Laura listened intently, trying to figure out what they were talking about from Collin’s half of the conversation. Laura realized that she really knew very little about her ‘captor’.

“I really didn’t think that they would take the bid.” came the sound of Collin’s voice. There was a pause. “Is the financing is sound? Hmmm.”

“See if you can get the earliest possible closing date. This is a ten percent profit in what was originally a fiasco! … Yes, I’m going to try it again. I don’t really care what you think about it. The money will be several months of operating expenses, easily.” There was a pause. “For your information, it’s going to be done in a week,” he said with his voice rising in volume. “No, this time it will be done right.” “Just get the deal done, and tell me when I should show up to sign the papers.”

“You can call me back when you have something constructive to say,” Collin said, with a note of finality in his voice. “I have other things to do tonight, and some things to get in order. Goodbye,” he said, with the sound of the phone hanging up following soon after.

She heard a clicking sound that faded. Laura was still trying to puzzle out the conversation, and did not think to call out to Collin until it was too late.

Laura was left in the wet spot for what was easily fifteen minutes. She did not hear him re-enter the room. She first noticed his presence when she felt him starting to undo the wrist restraints.


“I would like to continue this at a later date,” Collin said, releasing her right hand.

Laura used it to take off the blindfold. Her eyes were momentarily overwhelmed by the room lights. “I don’t know about that,” she said. “I’d have to say that tonight is it,” she said. “Otherwise, you have to win yourself another night.

She saw Collin pause, then he cotinued to undo the other wrist. He was naked from head to toe, but it looked like he had bits of white power on his skin in places. The ankles followed right afterwards, as Laura just watched him.

Laura was finally able to get out of the wet spot on the bed. She spent almost a minute stretching her legs and arms.

Collin was about to leave the bedroom when Laura spoke up. “So, what is more important to you than kinky sex with me?” she asked.

He looked back at her, with a resigned look on his face. “I’m very sorry, but, I really have to call it done for the night.”

“I’m not mad about it,” she said. Well, maybe I am a little disappointed, she thought. “But… I’m curious as all hell as to what could possibly be more important. Will you at least tell me?”

Collin paused, then nodded. “And can you untie this corset? I haven’t felt like I’ve taken a decent breath in a week.”

Laura was sitting in the living room, naked except for her six inch heels. She thought about the keys that held them on, that were located on the microwave at the apartment. I did it to myself, she thought.

Collin was also naked, sitting next to her on the leather couch. She could still see the gouges that her high heels had made in the couch.

“It’s kind of a dream that I’ve had for a long time,” he said.

“It sounds like your starting some sort of business,” said Laura.

Collin nodded. “This will be the second time that I’ve tried it,” he said. “I know that I can get it right.”

“What, exactly, is ‘it’? she asked.

“Well, I’ve always wanted to go to a place where kinky minded people like myself could feel at home, kind of a kinky getaway. A bed & breakfast, or resort or spa. I know that there are enough people interested to make it a success. So… that’s what I’m trying to do,” Collin said, almost with a hint of meekness in his voice.

Laura sat back and digested that bit of information. “A hotel based on the availability of kinky sex. That sounds illegal,” she said.

“Not the way that I have in mind,” he said. “It might be skating the line, but I believe that it’s legal.”

A kinky resort… all people do all day is what she and Collin have been doing… The concept appealed to Laura. “I would think that the idea would work,” Laura said.

“I’ve just managed to sell the last place that I tried this,” he said. “With the money from that, I’ll finally be able to start up the new one.”

“Why didn’t the last one work?” Laura asked.

“Well…” Collin said. She could hear that he wasn’t comfortable answering this. “It was one problem after another. At first I couldn’t seem to get anyone to stay. I had a hard time finding employees, and an even harder time keeping them. I wanted to have something of a ‘community’ there, to have it be a ‘happening’ place. It was really to small to have that. I seldom had more than one client at a time. And, in final analysis, I guess that it just didn’t make money, and I bailed out when I could.”

Something about this explanation did not sit quite right with Laura, but she couldn’t quite put her finger on it. “You’re sure this one will?”

“I learn from my mistakes,” was his reply.

“You know, of course,” she said, “that I’m dying to see this place that you’re working on. Where is it, anyway?” she asked.

“Would you believe that it’s in the city?” Collin asked.

“In the city? I was expecting some hideaway in the country.”

“That was my last try,” Collin said.

“Will you take me to see this place?”

“It’s not quite ready yet,” he warned.

“That’s fine,” she said.

Collin looked at her for a long moment. “All right. Be over here at noon, and I’ll take you there.”

Chapter 16

“Right on time,” Collin said, letting her inside.

Laura was wearing a simple T-shirt and jeans, while Collin was wearing a business suit completete with tie. “I feel underdressed,” Laura said. “You should have warned me.”

“This is just a leftover from the morning meeting,” he said. There was a bounce to his step as he walked, and he seemed to be sprouting a smile every other second. “Let me change, then we’ll take off.”

Laura waited in the living room for him. She still wished that he wouldn’t have rushed her out of the house so soon. Ah, well.

Collin was ready in a few minutes. Soon, they were on their way.

It took them almost a half of an hour to make it into the city, with the traffic. “I wouldn’t have expected the traffic to be quite this bad on a monday,” Collin commented.

She was only vaguely familiar with this part of the city. From the condition of the buildings and people, this part of the city looked to be tired, but not actually a bad neighborhood. Before she had a chance to get her bearings, Collin turned and headed into an underground parking garage.

It wasn’t large, with room for perhaps a hundred cars. “We’re almost there,” he said.

Laura thought back to what was above them. “That’s just an office building that we’re under,” she said.

Collin just smiled as they made their way to the stairs.

Once they were on the ground floor, Laura found herself in a small mall. It was designed as a simple cross, with two halls that intersected at a small central court with a fountain in it. Each of the four arms of the mall had six or seven storefronts in them, with about half of them occupied. Each of the four arms ended in a set of glass doors which led to the outside sidewalks.

“You bought a mall?” Laura asked, with her nose wrinkled. “I don’t get it. I don’t mind…”

Collin shrugged, but there was a smile on his face still. Laura took a closer look around. The tile floor was a bit grey, and some of the fluorescent lights could have used changing, but it wasn’t a bad place. She scanned the stores around her. A hair dresser, candy store, card ship, clothing store with a mannequin wearing black vinyl…

“Now that looks like your style,” she said.

“That’s my addition to the stores here,” he said. “It’s a bit rough on the income to only have half of the bays filled, but I can work on that.” The two of them headed towards the clothing store. Laura saw that it was dark inside, and that there was no one inside.

“It’s not open for business yet,” Collin explained, opening the door with a key. “I’m still working on a few details.”

There was some merchandise out on hangers, but there were quite a few boxes stacked up along a wall.

Laura pulled one outfit from the rack. It was a short black vinyl jacket with a matching black vinyl miniskirt. “That looks sharp,” she commented. “I still feel like I’m missing something.”

Collin headed towards the back, headed through the empty stockroom, and ended up in a narrow, dimly lit hallway. “Where are we going?” Laura asked.

Collin didn’t answer her question. A few seconds later, they stopped in front of what looked like an elevator. “Handy private elevator,” he said. “Nice feature. There’s a public one as well.”

Right after Collin pushed the call button, the doors opened up. It was not very large, and would only had room enough to fit four people comfortably.

Laura saw that there were five buttons on the elevator controls: B, 1, 2, 3, and 4. The one was lit when they entered. Collin pushed the ‘4’, button, and after a bit of a jerky start, they were on their way.

“Welcome to the Secret Palace!” he said, stepping out and flourishing his arms.

Laura stepped out, and saw that there was sawdust on the floor. They were in a large open lobby with a large front desk. The room was bare of ornaments except for a large clock behinnd the front desk that did not look like it was working.

The desk was made of a dark wood, and appeared to be in good shape. The floor tiles were a black and white streaked pattern, and there were four hallways leading out of the lobby — one to the left, one to the right, and one on either side of the desk leading back. There was also a closed wooden door behind the main desk.

There were scraps of wood on the floor to one side. “It looks like someone’s still working in here,” she said.

“They were supposed to be done two weeks ago,” Collin said. “I don’t think that any construction project or remodeling is ever done on time.

“Let me give you the tour,” Collin said. She could see that he was bouncing with energy as he headed down the left hallway.

“These are the guest rooms,” Collin said. Laura saw that there were at least ten doorways in sight, and the hallway turned left some ways down. She assumed that there were more rooms further down.

“How many do you have?” she asked.

“There will be twenty rooms complete with bathrooms,” he said. “There’s room on this floor for thirty more, but I’m going to wait on that”

“Twenty rooms…” Laura mumbled to herself.

Collin stopped at the first one and opened the door. “They will all be properly locked, be assured,” he said, holding the door open for her.

What first caught her eye was the huge king sized bed that was centered against the back wall of the room. It was painted black, and there were four very thick bedposts that extended up almost nine feet into the air. There were at least four metal rings in each of the bedposts, at first glance.

There was a nightstand on one side of the bed, and a dresser on the other. In the center of the room, there was a large black wrought iron hanging light fixture that sprouted three lightbulbs. Even with the light from those, the large room with the dark brown walls swallowed up most of the light.

“This is a big room,” she said. “It’s nearly the size of the whole apartment.”

She could see a bathroom off to her left. At her right, she saw that there was a large wooden post that was attached to the floor. It met a crossbeam that was about eight feet above the ground, and the crossbeam was attached to two opposite walls for support.

The floor was covered with a dark brown tile. “This is the general idea,” he said. “Lots of bondage possibilites with the bed an the wooden beams over there.”

“It sure is dark in here,” she said.

“That gives it that ‘dungeon’ ambiance,” Collin said.

Laura could just imagine herself tied to the bed, with Collin leering over her. The thought brought a smile to her face. “Not bad,” she said. “Not bad at all.”

Collin showed her a few more rooms, each of which was a variant on the first. Some had queen sized beds, some were carpeted, and others had somewhat lighter colors in the room.

He brought them back to the main lobby before continuing their tour. He took one of the hallways that led behind the main desk.

“This is our lounge,” he said. Laura was led into a large, open room with a number of tables set up around the floor. At the center, there was an enclosed bar area with at least twenty barstools around. At a glance, this place would seat seventy or eighty at at capacity.

To Laura’s left , there was a platform set up. It was less than a foot above the main floor, with a single step leading up to it. On this platform there was a set of wooden stocks with black fur lining the neck and arm holes. There were stage lights set above the platform, and there were speakers of some sort hooked up to a sound system behind the platform.

Laura walked over to the bar area. She saw that each of the barstools had a chain and a leg manacle attached to it. As she looked over the rest of the place, she saw that each table had one corresponding leg restraint for each chair. “Interesting,” she said.

Laura walked over to the stage, then back to the other side. Opposite the stage, Laura noticed that the wall appeared to be made of glass. As she tried to peer through it, she thought that she caught a glimmer of what looked to be a cell.

“You’re getting ahead of me,” Collin said. “That’s on the next leg of the tour.”

Collin brought them back out to the lobby, then down the other hall that was behind the desk. “There are two parts to this section. The first part is our medical facilities,” he said.

“Medical facilities?!” Laura asked in a very dubious tone of voice.

Collin led them into a room that was very bright. The walls, ceiling, and floor were an intense white color. There were two beds set up in the room. They looked to be relatively standard hospital beds, except for the leather straps that were in place to restrain a patient. On a cabinet that was between both beds there was a stethescope and a red enema bag.

“Medical facilities,” he said. “Some of our guests will need certain special medical treatments while they are here.”

“I… see,” she said. Thoughts of a proctologist or gynecologist came to mind. Somehow, she guessed that her ideas were not far off from the mark.

“Room for sixteen now,” he said. “Two common rooms with four beds each, two semi-private rooms with two beds, four private rooms with one be each, and of course an emergency treatment room.

“I can imagine,” she said.

They exited the hospital room and continued down the hallway. Soon, it opened up, and Laura found herself in a long, narrow hallway filled with torture equipment.

One side of the wall was made of glass, and she knew that it would let people in the lounge see what was happening in here. “This is the dungeon,” Collin explained.

There were several sets of chains attached to the ceiling, which ended in various sorts of restraints. Laura saw at least two evil-looking chairs with leather straps all over them. There was another pillory here as well.

One of the chains to the ceiling had a suspended cage attached. It looked barely big enough for someone to stand up straight inside. Once in there, there was no way to lie down or even try to sit down.

There was a wooden X on the wall opposite the glass. Restraints were attached that would spread-eagle someone while they were standing up.

At the farthest point from her, at the end of the hall, there was a case that resembled a mummy’s sarcophagus. It was partially open, and looked like that a person could fit in there, but not move around much.

“There’s still room for more,” he said, “but this is a start.”

Laura slowly walked down the hall, taking time to touch the pillory and the suspended cage. “This is quite a setup you have here,” she said.

Collin looked to be very proud of himself. “We’re not quite done yet,” he said.

He led them back out to the main lobby, then down the hallway to the right. They passed a couple of doors first, then entered a large open room. “This is the ballroom,” he said. “Or it will be until I think of a better use for the space.

It was just a large open room, with a fifteen foot ceiling and with room for hundreds to stand. “You’ll definitely need to do more with this,” she said.

They headed back to the lobby. “What do these doors lead to?” she asked.

“That leads to the storerooms, and the employee breakrooms, lockers, and such,” he said. “Do you want to see?”

“Sure,” she replied.

The first room was a locker room, reminiscent of a gym locker room except that it was carpeted with a thin grey carpet. Through an open door, she could see a medium sized room that was half filled with boxes. “What’s that?” Laura asked.

“Some miscellaneous supplies,” Collin said. “They haven’t been unpacked yet. Come on. Let’s go to the office that I have set up.”

They went back to the lobby, and Collin led then through the door that was behind the front desk.

At least this room is finished, thought Laura. There was a large desk there, which Collin immediately sat down behind. Four other deep leather recliners were in the room as well.

The medium length carpeting was a dark red color, and the room was very well lit by several banks of fluorescent lights.

Each of the walls held a large latexy picture on it. The one right across from Laura was of a woman wearing shiny black latex gloves and stockings, without anything else on. The picture behind Collin’s desk depicted a woman in high heels and a shiny red rubber arm binder.

Across from the desk was a dressed mannequin. It displayed an ouftit made entirely of black latex. It was a high necked dress, with a cutout for the breasts that let them hang entirely outside of the dress. The sleeves were long and ended with built in gloves.

The waist of the dress was very small, and Laura thought that she could see the faint outilnes of a corset underneath. The dress hugged the body down to the hips, then narrowed as it travelled almost to the floor, and was conspicuously lacking in a walking slit.

There was no material covering the buttocks at all, except for a narrow strap that travelled up the butt cheeks. As Laura looked at the bottom of the skirt, she saw the tips of what must be very high heels on the feet of the mannequin.

“What is that outfit?” Laura asked.

“That,” Collin announced, “Is the uniform for the desk clerk at my resort here.”

Chpater 17

“So, when are you going to open this place up?” she asked.

“That depends on how long it takes to get set up and to hire a starting staff,” he said. “I would like to be taking my first customer within a month,” he said.

“A month?” she said. “This place looks like it still needs a lot of work.”

“It doesn’t have to all be done by then,” he said. Laura wasn’t sure if this was true, but did not comment further on it. “I’ve already placed several ads in the local paper. The ads come out tomorrow. Hopefully, I’ll be interviewing girls for the jobs next week.”

“How many people do you need?” Laura asked.

“That’s variable,” said Collin. “I’ll hire as many as I need. There’s plenty of room to expand here.”

Something about this answer bothered Laura. “How many people minimum do you need to start?” she asked.

“Hmmm…” Collin thought. “Probably at least six to get things started.”

Six girls off the street… who will be willing to wear that when they work… Laura had her doubts. She couldn’t think of a single person, other than herself or her sister Jennifer, that would possibly go for something like that without needing a very large salary to be talked into it.

“You own this whole thing,” she commented. “Whose going to manage it?”

“I will be doing that myself,” he said. “I’ll probably have to spend a great deal of time here, to get this thing started.”

A great deal of time… that means he’s not going to be around in his house, to play the games that Laura was becoming so fond of…

I would really like to stay around Collin, Laura concluded.

And the only way to do that…

… is to work for him, at the hotel.

He might say no, Laura thought. Some men might have a problem hiring their girlfriends. Is Collin one of them?

Maybe I should make it hard for him to say no.

Laura stood up and walked over to the mannequin. “So… do you have one of these in my size?”

“I think that one will fit you perfectly,” Collin said with a smile.

Laura gave him a long, long look.

She was standing with her hands on his desk. Collin was behind her, tightening the black rubber corset around her waist.

The corset was lined with a fabric that let it slide around her waist into place. Other than the corset, Laura was completely naked. “How tight are you going to make that?” she asked, with her eyes wide after Collin gave a mighty tug.

“As tight as the last one,” Collin said.

This corset was not very long and was not much longer than a waist cincher. It did not cup her breasts, nor did it come down over her hips. All that it did was to pull her waist in.

And from the short breaths that she had to take, it felt to Laura like it was doing that very well.

Collin was done with his pulling in less than ten minutes. “All done,” he declared, tying the corset strings around her waist.

A pair of shiny black high heeled shoes was next. They had several attached ankle straps that buckled into place. At a guess, they were six inches in height.

“What next?” asked Laura.

Collin silently held up the black leather belt. It had a thin rubber cross-piece that had two attached rubber phalluses.

Laura recgnized it immediately. He wants his employees to wear that? Laura thought. I may be the only employee!

Collin generously lubed up both phalluses. He buckled it around the narrowest part of her corsetted waist, then Laura slowly guided the rear phallus into place.

It took her two tries, and she had to concsiously relax her sphinter muscle. Laura let out an almost inaudible moan as the rear plug slid into place.

The front dildo was much easier going. Once the rubber strap was fastened to the front of the leather belt, Laura found that the rubber strap was very tight, and kept constant pressure on the two dildoes.

Laura looked around and saw that Collin was powdering the inside of the dress. “It’s a lot easier to get into it if it’s powdered first,” he said.

The zipper for the dress was in back, extending from the hole for the buttocks up to the neck. It was unzipped when Collin handed it to her.

Laura had to sit down to get her legs into the narrow skirt of the black rubber dress. Sitting down agitated the dildo and plug that were inside of her, and she could feel her sexual desire rising again.

Once the dress was up to her hips, she had an intense awareness of the plugs inside of her as her legs were pushed together.

It took her a bit of time to get her arms in the sleeves. Even with the powder on the inside, it was not that easy to get her hands to fit snugly inside the built in gloves of the sleeves.

“Zip me up, please,” Laura said, slowly standing up. Her breasts were hanging out the opening in the front of her dress.

Collin slowly zipped up the back of the black rubber dress. It took Laura several steps to turn around in the heels and hobble dress. She could feel the cool outside air, but only on her bare breasts and buttocks. “So, Collin… how do I look?”

“You look smashing,” Collin said with a smile on his face.

“When do I start work?” she asked suddenly.

“Start work…?” Collin trailed off.

“I want to be one of those girls you’re going to hire,” Laura said.

“That’s….” Collin said, trailing off.

“That’s what?” Laura said, scratching one of her breasts with a rubber covered hand.

“That’s… a splendid idea!” Collin said. “I… would really like that. Very much…”

“I thought so,” Laura said. She took several baby steps to make her way over to him, then leaned forward slightly and kissed him.

Chapter 18

Laura put the folded bedsheets down on the nightstand and leaned against the wall. Her breathing was short and rapid.

“This was not a good idea,” she said aloud.

Laura had volunteered to help get some of the rooms ready. Partially it was to help out what seemed to be an immense undertaking. She would also find out what it would be like to try to work in this outfit.

Laura’s pelvis was moving forward and backward almost of its own volition. Trying to walk around with the pair of phalluses was extremely challenging. With each step less than a foot long, and trying to balance in the six inch heels, it was hard enough without the dildoes giving her a sense of constant sexual arousal.

She almost wished that they were the vibrating kind. That way, she would be able to easily come to a climax. This way, she felt maddeningly close… but not quite there.

Laura had felt that way for the better part of an hour.

She could feel the sweat trickling down between her legs. Laura looked down, and saw that a small pool of perspiration was forming at her feet, with traces of white powder in it.

There was also a sheen of perspiration on her face, bare buttocks, and breasts. They were the only parts of her body that were exposed to the outside air.

Laura finally regained her balance and let go of the wall. Instead of continuing her work in the room, she headed out and made her way towards the lobby. She could hear the clicking of her heels on the hard floor as she took dozens of mincing tiptoe steps.

With all the movement on the way, she was again driven almost to the brink, but not quite over. She found Collin in the office behind the front desk. He was on the phone when she arrived and saw her as she entered.

Laura sat down on a chair and Collin wrapped up his conversation in a few minutes. “So, Laura, how goes the new job?”

“Not that well,” said Laura.

Collin’s eyebrows knotted. “Is something wrong?”

“Well, it’s taking me forever to get anything done,” she confessed. “Everywhere that I clean, I leave behind a puddle of sweat that dries to a powdery white mess.” Laura had to struggle to breath against the corset before continuing. “And this chastity belt of yours is driving me absolutely nuts!”

A very brief smile came across Collin’s lips, then disappeared. “Does… does this mean that you don’t want to work for me, after all?”

She could see the look of panic crossing his face. “Collin… no, that’s not what I meant to say. I’ll work for you, in or out of this uniform. What I’m saying is… I think that it will be very difficult to get girls to dress up like this for you. And even if they did, I can’t imagine that they would get any work done.”

Collin was silent for a long time. “I… see,” he said slowly.

Laura watched as Collin’s eyes looked down at the floor. She could almost feel his spirits sinking as she watched.

God! It’s like I told him that his puppy had died! Laura thought. But it really isn’t going to work!

“I’ve wanted this for quite a long time. A very long time,” he said slowly. “I have dreams about this place, what it can become, and what I want it to be.

“I… this is the kind of thing that is obvious, once you pointed it out to me. I guess that I should have known last time, when I had such difficulty findind women to work for me… It’s something that I just didn’t want to accept, I guess.

“But… I want this to work!” continued Collin. “I want it so badly that I can taste it! I want there to be a place where people who think like I do can come and enjoy themselves, surrounded by other like-minded people. A place where their desires are catered to, a place that shows them that dreams can come true.”

“Collin…” Laura said quietly. God, I feel bad about this. But wouldn’t it be even worse to let him find out the hard way, after he’s dumped even more of his time, money, and heart into it?

I don’t want to see this happen to him, Laura concluded.

“Collin… I don’t think that you have to give your dream up,” she said. “I… just think that you might need to have a little more patience. Don’t ask for the world up front.”

Collin looked up at her. She could see a hint of animation in his eyes, and interest. “You have an idea?”

“Well…” Laura said, with her mind diving into the past. “When I was fifteen, I worked a summer at the Rennisance Faire.”

“I’ve been there,” said Collin.

“Well, as you know, they have an ‘atmosphere’ that they try to keep up, kind of like what you want. I remember… the manager of the pub that I worked at… he would pay us according to how well we dressed up for the part. A couple of the girls just wore frilly skirts and vaguely medival blouses. But a few of us really went all out that summer. We bought our outfits at the clothing shops there in the faire, and tried to really act the part of a bar wench.”

“Maybe…” said Laura. She could see that the life was back in his eyes. “Maybe… you could introduce your ideas gradually. Don’t try to force anyone into something that they’re not ready to do.”

“Keep going,” Collin said, as he looked at her intensely.

“Like… maybe don’t start off with heels this high. Most women around here haven’t even seen six inch heels, much less worn them. As for the corset, well, don’t try to take six inches off on the first day of work!”

Collin scratched his chin as he thought. “That… that might work! That really might work!” he said. “There are details to be worked out, but…”

“Why don’t you give me a try at it?” Laura said. “I have a decent idea as to what women might go for at the beginning. Tell you what. Why don’t you write up a ‘wish list’ of all the things that you might like your employees to wear. I mean everything! Also write down about how much you were planning to pay your employees. I’ll work on it and try to come up with something that will be reasonable for people starting, but will encourage them to really dress the part.”

Collon nodded very slightly. “Do you really think that you can do this,”

“Trust me,” she said. This way, Collin’s dream might actually work!

“Is there anything else that you want?” he asked.

“Well, there is one more thing,” she said as she squirmed around on the chair. She could still feel the phalluses inside of her, and knew that there was a puddle of sweat accumulating at her feet. “This chastity belt that you have here…”

“Either let me take it off, or give me one that vibrates,” she said suddenly. “I’m not going to get any work done with this one on!

Laura looked down at the handwriting on the yellow legal pad. “This is quite a list,” she mused aloud.

She was lying on her front on a king sized bed. Laura was wearing the corset and heels, but the rubber dress and the new chastity belt were on the floor next to the bed.

“High heels and corsets are pretty basic,” she muttered, starting to draw up a chart. She filled in heel heights down one column, and waist sizes next to it.

She mumbled to herself and erased all the numbers. It took her three more tries to get something that she was satisfied with.

“How to work this other stuff in,” she said, “wthout it becoming too messy?”

She tried to interpret some scrawled messages in the margins. “Bare buttocks are a necessity,” she read aloud. “And chastity belt are mandatory for all. Add the dildoes as soon as possible.”

“Bare breasts and/or exaggerated breasts are also very desirable. As is vinyl outfits or especially rubber. And make sure that hobble skirts are included with any of the uniforms that it makes sense for.”

Laura idly chewed on the eraser as she thought. The ventillation system kicked in, and sent a blast of cool air down on her still sweaty body.

She shivered slightly, then was writing furiously as inspiration struck. “Give bonuses!” she said to herself. “That’s how to do it!”

After about ten more minutes, Laura had something that she felt satisfied with. “Decent starting wage, pay increases, and bonus money up front for wearing extra-kinky stuff. And no single step up is really that outrageous.”

Laura was finally satisfied with her results. Now, she could do what she had been wanting to do for the last half of an hour.

She reached down from the bed and grabbed ahold of the chastity belt. This one was made of leather, and sported a pair of black rubber phalluses.

Buried inside of each phallus, Laura knew, was a pair of batteries, fresh out of the package.

She used a bottle of lube that was on the nightstand and liberally applied it to both dildoes. Within two minutes, she had both rods inside of her, and buckled it in place.

Just as Collin had explained, the electrical contact from the buckles started the vibrations. “WOW!” she exclaimed. “Woooo!”

It took her less than ten minutes before she had to unbuckle it and stop the roaring within her.

As she panted in the corset and recovered from the first orgasm, she remembered Collin as he handed the belt to her: “Now, the batteries had better be dead when I get this back, or I’ll be very disappointed!”

I don’t think that he’ll be disappoinited, thought Laura with a smile on her face. But… this might take a while.

Chapter 19

The doors of the elevator opened, and Laura stepped into the lobby.

“Anyone home?” she yelled out.

“In here,” came a muffled reply from behind the main desk.

Laura walked into Collin’s office. He was sitting at his desk, typing furiously on a laptop computer, with some papers spread out on the desk.

“This is really a good idea, Laura,” Collin said as she walked in. “I had a chance to look over your suggestion last night at home.”

Laura was still disappointed that she hadn’t been invited to stay the night at Collin’s apartment. She had tried to hint, subtly…

“Thank you,” Laura replied quietly.

Collin was still intently typing on his computer. Laura was beginning to feel a bit uncomfortable. She sat down in a chair and waited for him.

After several more minutes, Collin stopped typing and nodded, then finally looked up. “Sorry to keep you waiting. I wanted to get this all down.”

“That’s all right,” she replied. “What do you want to get done today?”

Collin smiled at her. “Well, I figure that you could work on finishing up the rooms. You know, getting the beds made up, and adding a few special things that I thought that each room should have.”

“Like what?” Laura asked.

“I’ll show you in a few minutes,” Collin said.

“What about you?” Laura asked.

“Well, women could be calling today about the jobs. I was going to work on the lobby so I could stay near the phone. Before we can start, we need to take the freight elevator down to the basement and bring up some more supplies.”

The freight elevator was located down a short hallway connected to the ballroom. They exited the elevator in the basement parking garage.

“Where is it… ah! There it is!” he said, going over to a pallet full of cardboard boxes.

The two of them used the pallet jack to bring it over to the freight elevator. “So… what is all this stuff?” Laura asked.

“Care packages for each room,” Collin said, ripping into a box as the elevator made it’s slow, noisy ascent. He emerged with a colorful plastic wrapped package.

“It includes two vibrators, a butt plug, lubrication, condoms, rope, handcuffs, and basic wrist and ankle restraints,” he said. “It’s a starter package for those who travel light. It was a pretty good price for five hundred packages,” he said.

“What… an interesting idea,” Laura said, trying to sort out her thoughts on it. She examined the package that Collin handed her. “Five hundred?”

“They’ll need to be replaced as they’re used,” he answered.

The elevator finally came to a halt, and Collin pushed the skid into the ballroom. “There are a couple of other pallets down there, but I’ll get them later today. No rush.”

“I guess that I’ll start with these,” she said, grabbing a box of the sex kits and heading towards the guest rooms.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” Collin asked.

Laura looked back and gave him a puzzled look.

“Aren’t you a little underdressed?”

Laura slowly made her way back to the office. She was wearing her ‘uniform’, which consisted of the corset, high heels, double dildo chastity harness, and the hobble dress that left her buttocks and breasts bare. Sweat was visible on her face. “I’m done,” she said, pushing the door open.

Collin was on the phone when she entered. “Well, it’s a bit different from a typical housekeeper’s job,” he said. “Well, this place has something of a ‘risque’ atmosphere to it… well, a little bit… well, the pay is excellent… starts at…” Collin suddenly looked downcast. “Are you sure you’re not interested? Well, thank you for calling,” he said, then hung up the phone.

“What was that?” Laura asked.

“It’s the third call today that I’ve had,” he said. “It’s also the third woman to say that they’re not interested after I mention that there might be a bit of exposed skin in the job.”

“Don’t they understand that from the ad?” Laura asked.

“I would think so, but apparently not,”

“Well, I’m done stocking the sex toys,” she said. “Do you want me to wriggle around and do anything else for you?”

Collin scratched his chin as he sighed. “Well, the bar needs to be stocked. I moved a pallet full of liquour boxes to the lounge. You could work on that if you’d like.

“I’m not too familiar with booze,” Laura said. “But… I’ll give it a try.”

“Thanks,” Collin said, then stared down at the desk in front of him.

Laura wanted to say something to keep the conversation going, but couldn’t figure out what. Instead, she left the room and closed the door behind her.

The walk in the tight hobble skirt moved the phalluses around inside of her and by the time she was in the lounge, she was horny again. “He forgot to give me the vibrating ones,” Laura muttered.

She saw a pallet with about three dozen boxes on the floor in the Lounge. Laura slowly started to unpack the boxes and find places for the alcoholic beverages in them.

As she slowly worked, an idea suddenly crossed her mind. “Jennifer!” she exclaimed suddenly.

Chapter 20

“Come on, pick up!” Laura said.

The phone was on the ninth ring. Laura was just about to hang up when she heard a sound on the other end.

“Hello?” came a familiar masculine voice.

“Ricard? This is Laura,” she said.

“It’s been a while since we’ve seen you,” Richard said. “Jennifer was just mentioning how we missed having you around the house.”

Laura found that she still had mixed feelings about that. Some parts of it were so fun, and so naughty… but with her sister there…

“I was wondering if I could talk to my sister,” she said.

“Well, she’s tied up right now,” Richard said.

Laura was silent for several seconds. Oh, that phrase has such a different meaning in that house! “Could you untie her for a little while? Or at least take the gag out?”

She heard Richard chuckle. “Hold on for a few minutes,” he said.

There was a long silence. Laura thought that she heard the faintest sound of moaning from the phone. Then there was another period of quiet.

“Laura?” came the voice of her sister.


“You should call more often!” chided her sister.

“Well, I’ve kind of been busy,” Laura said.

“Does it have something to do with Collin?” Jennifer asked.

“You could say that… acutally, it has everything to do with him.”

“I’m glad to hear that. Richard and I thought that the two of you might get along.”

Laura’s face screwed up as she concentrated for a moment. “You weren’t playing matchmaker, were you?” she accused.

“No, not really,” said Jennifer. “But… it wasn’t hard to guess. So… what’s up?”

“This has to do with Collin’s business.” she said.

“Business? What business?” said her older sister.

“You don’t know?” Laura said.

“Shoud I?”

He hasn’t told anyone else? I thought that Collin and the other guys routinely talked about this kind of thing. “I’m not sure. He’s trying to start some sort of kinky resort,” she said. “I’ve been helping him get set up.”

“I think that Richard told me something about this. Could you hold on a second?” Jennifer asked.

“Sure,” Laura replied. She heard faint echoes of a conversation between Richard and Jennifer.

“I’m back,” announced Jennifer. “Well, Richard heard that he tried to start a kinky bed and breakfast about six months ago. Last time he heard anything, it wasn’t doing so well.”

“I guess he ended that. I think he sold it, actually.”

“If that’s the case…” there were more sounds of Richard and Jennifer talking. “He hasn’t told anyone about it, that I know of. At least, he hasn’t told Richard anything. He must be trying it again. This will be the third time,” she said.

Third time? That means that there were two attempts before this one. “What happend the first time?” Laura asked.

“The first time?” again, there was the sound of Richard and Jennifer talking. “Richard tells me that he hired a manager to run the place, and that the manager embezzled a couple of hundred throusand from him, and took a long vacation to Jamacia. I’m going to have Richard get on the line.”

“That’s fine,” replied Laura.

“Here I am,” came Richard’s voice.

“Well, that’s interesting,” said Laura.

“Now, exactly what is he trying now?” Richard asked.

“Well, he’s apparently bought a large four story building downtown,” Laura said. “He’s going to turn the top floor into his little resort.”

“Bought a building?” asked Richard.

“I think it’s on the corner of Second and Parker,” said Laura. “There’s a small mall on the ground floor.”

There was a moment of silence. “I think that I know which one that is,” Richard said. “How the hell could he afford that? I would think that would cost several million, at the least.”

“I… have no idea,” Laura replied.

“Let me look into this later,” said Richard. “I don’t like the sound of this.”

The course of the conversation was not sitting well with Laura. However, she remembered her original reason for calling. “Well, the reason that I’m calling is because Richard is having a little problem finding employees for this place,” she said.

“This wouldn’t be the first time,” said Richard.

“I was wondering if you would know of any women that would like to give it a go,” Laura asked.

“I assume that he wants them to be really dressed up?” Jennifer asked.

“Eventually,” said Laura. “Acutally, I talked with him about that. The uniforms will start fairly tame.”

“Good idea,” said Richard. “I think that I might have an idea or two, for possible recruits,” he said. “But, I’ll have to make a few calls first. You’ll be in the apartment tonight?” he asked.

“I’m not going anywhere,” she said. I’m still waiting for an invitation from Collin.

Maybe I’ll have to invite myself over sometime!

“All right. I’ll call later,” Richard said, hanging up.

This left Laura and Jennifer on the phone. “So…” asked Jennifer. “Have you set up a wedding date yet?”

“Jennifer! You little… Look, I don’t think that I’m going to get married three weeks after meeting a man, like you did,”

“Why not?” Jennifer replied. “If the man is right, why wait?”

Three weeks from first meeting to marriage… it still made Laura shake her head. “I’ll settle for a torrid affair for a few weeks first,” she replied.

“So, what’s he like?” Jennifer asked.

“Nosy, nosy,” replied Laura.

“Well? Aren’t you going to tell me?”

“I don’t know…” Laura replied.


“Well, all right. The thing is, I haven’t even spent the night at his place yet. check

“You haven’t? Why haven’t you?”

“Because he hasn’t invited me over for the night yet,” Laura replied, showing a bit of frustration in her voice.

“Thats funny,” Jennifer said.

“Tell me about it,” replied Laura.

Their conversation veered into other subjects, as Jennifer talked about their plans to go to Europe in a few months.

“Well, I think that I have to go,” Jennifer said. “I think that Richard is a little impatient to continue where we left off.”

“Left off… Oh, I can just imagine,” she replied.

“Bye, bye,” said Jennifer.

“Bye,” replied Laura.

There was the sound of a dial tone from the other end of the line.

Laura slowly put the phone down and looked around her apartment. Although Collin had technically won their little contest, he had not as of yet tried to reclaim a single one of his kinky devices or outfits from her.

I wonder what he’s doing now? Laura wondered. He’s probably still working on things for his resort.

This thought did not entirely please Laura. I wish that he’d be as obsessed with me as he was with that resort.

Another idea crossed her mind. “Hmmm,” she said aloud. “Hmmm…”

A smile came across her face as the thoughts came together.

Laura spent the next half of an hour putting all of Collin’s kinky outfits, sex toys, and magazines back in their boxes.

After this was done, she started a thorough cleaning of the kitchen and rest of the apartment. The dishwasher had to be loaded and unloaded twice to take care of all of the dirty dishes. She also threw out the perishables from the refrigerator and ran the garbage out to the dumpster.

It was nearly nine o’clock before she finished her tasks to her satisfaction. “Nothing’s going to stink while I’m gone,” she announced.

Laura turned the television on, but grew bored after a few mintues. She wandered into her bedroom and sat down on the bed.

The blue vinyl hobble dress from the wedding was still lying on the floor. Along side it, there was the matching shoes, corset, and chastity belt.

Laura thought about tossing them in with the other things in the boxes, but then changed her mind. “I spent the whole damn day hot and horny,” she said, “and Collin didn’t do anything about it, or even seem to notice!”

It took her only a few minutes to disrobe, find fresh batteries for the belt, and slide the phalluses into place.

“Mmmmmm,” she let out as the dildoes started to hum. She was lying down on the bed. Laura slowly rotated her hips, feeling the vibrating shaft as they slid around inside of her. She fondled her left nipple slowly as she remembered being tied up at Collin’s house.

Only a few minutes later, she was clutching the bedposts as an orgasm swept through her. The vibrations died moments later, as the contractions of her vaginal muscles triggered the dildoes to stop.

Lauras breathing was just slowing down again when the vibration started up again.

“Oooohhhh,” she moaned as she tossed her head from side to side.

A few minutes later, very excited but not near a climax, the phone rang.

Laura fumbled with one hand for the phone while she concentrated and tried to still the vibrations inside of her.

“H… hello?” Laura said, still clenching.

“Laura, this is Richard.”

“H…hi,” she said. Finally, the vibrations came to an end.

“Am I interrupting anything?” he asked.

“Ah, no,” Laura replied. Well, yes you are, but it’s too late now!

“I did some reasearch, and made a few phone calls. It seems that Collin found a hell of a bargain with that building. He managed to pick it up for less than a third of what it’s worth after it was foreclosed on. Collin must have more connections than I thought,” mused Richard.

“OK,” Laura said, somwhat breathlessly. “What about… finding anyone?”

“Actually, I had luck there,” said Richard. “I called Mary at Fantays Supreme. It seems that a girl that used to work for her is again in the marked for a job. Her name is Wanda Everton. She left FS on good terms, but had to leave for reasons that I’m not really clear on.”

“Good,” Laura said. Just that instant, the vibrations started up again.

“I have a question for you,” he said. “Does Collin know that you’re doing this?”

“Ah, no,” she said, taking a deep breath. She ground her hips around again, and hoped that the phone conversation would be quick.

There was a moment of silence from Richard. “I’ll tell her to call the number in the ad,” he said.

“Thank you,” replied Laura, breathlessly.

There was another few seconds of silence. “I’ll let you get back to what you were doing,” he said.

Laura did not even bother to say goodbye. She fumbled as she hung up the phone, then twisted around on the bed and moaned.

Chapter 21

Collin was exhuberant. “That’s the third one today!” he exclaimed. “When it rains, it pours!”

Laura smiled widely. Third one? “What are their names?” she asked curiously.

Collin looked down at his notepad. “Let’s see… first one is named Darla Evans. She says that she used to waitress at a strip club. She seems like a good candidate… second one is Mandy Strakinzlowski, or something like that. She does housecleaning now, but wants something that pays better. The last one is Wanda Everton. She used to be a seamstress, or some such thing. I didn’t get all the details.”

“Three calls in the last hour?” she asked.

Laura was again wearing the corset, six inch heels, phallic chastity belt, and hobble dress which bared her breasts and buttocks. “I have to sit down,” she said, making her way over to a chair in Collin’s office. As her rear touched the seat, she moved her hips around for a few seconds, feeling the rubber dongs moving around inside of her. Still not a vibrating one! she thought. Maybe I’ll just have to wear the one from the wedding tomorrow. “When are you going to interview them?”

“I set them all up for tomorrow morning,” he said. “Eight, nine, and ten. No reason to keep them waiting.”

Laura wiped the sweat off of her bare breats with a rubber covered hand. She moved her torso around, sending her breasts jiggling. This was both to help to cool them off and for Collin’s benefit.

His eyes did indeed stay on her chest, but only for a moment. Laura looked around the office, and noted the pictures of kinky bondage on the walls. “Where are you going to interview them?” she asked.

“Right here,” he said.

“With these pictures around?” she asked.

Collin looked at the picture of the woman wearing only rubber stockings and gloves, then turned and looked at the picture of the woman in the shiny red armbinder and high heels. “A little too intense?”

“Just a little,” she said. “I’d set up shop out in the lobby if I were you. Just my opinion,” she said. Collin apparently took this advice well. “I’ve just about finished with the lounge,” Laura announced. “All the tables are ready to go. The walls look a little bare, but that’s about it.

“I’ll take care of that soon enough,” he said.

“What next?” she asked.

Collin thought for a moment. “I think that the front desk needs to be finished,” he said. “If you’ll wait here for a few minutes, I’ll bring up the stuff we’ll need.”

“Could you bring up a coke while you’re at it?” she asked. “I’m very thirsty.”

“No problem,” he said, leaving the door open as he left.

Laura sat back and closed her eyes. Three interviews tomorrow… that added to the urgence of her mission. Today was potentially the last day that she would have his undivided attention. That thought did not sit well with her.

A sudden blast of cool air from the ventilation system was very refreshing. Laura shook her head and stood up to let the air touch all of her exposed skin.

She saw that Collin was coming towards her, pulling a pallet jack that was laden with a skid full of boxes. “What is all that?” she asked.

“Two computer systems, four VCRs, and some tapes,” he said.

She took small steps towards him, and met him at the front counter. By now, walking in the hobble dress and very high heels was second natured to her. She just had to realize that it would take her twice as long to get anywhere while dressed this way.

Collin was cutting into the boxes, and disassembling some of the computer parts. “What ever happened to the construction people that were going to finish this place up?” she asked.

He stopped his cutting and looked up. “We ran into a dispute over billing. They were trying to charge me for things that they hadn’t done. When I called and asked them what was going on, they claimed that I was trying to stiff them. It was a little ugly, but I paid them what they deserved, and the contractors called it quits at that time. Besides, it was close enough to being done that I figured that we could finish it ourselves,” Collin said with a smile.

Laura smiled back. Within two hours, the two of them set up both computer systems and networked them together. One was at the front dest, while another was in Collin’s office.

“I’ll teach you how to use this,” Collin said. “The computer handles reservations as well as automatically billing credit cards,” he said.

Laura listened to Collin, and found that it wasn’t too hard. “I’m pretty good with computers,” she said.

The VCRs were the next thing to be installed behind the front desk. “Why so many?” she asked.

“Four channels of kinky porn, cabeled into the rooms,” he said. “The wiring bas already been installed. The system can handle up to twelve channels. The televisions for the rooms should be here next week.”

“What time is it, anyway?” Laura asked.

Collin went into his office and checked a clock on his desk. “It’s nearly six,” he said. “You can get out of here any time you want.”

“Thanks,” she said. “But… I was wondering if I could just stay the night.”

“Stay the night?” Collin asked.

“Yes, stay the night. You know, give this place a ‘trial run’, so to speak. We should make sure that we haven’t forgotten anything important.”

Collin thought about that. “You know, that isn’t a bad idea.”

“So, do you want to be the guest or shall I?” Laura asked.

“Oh. That’s how you want to do it? Well… I expect that most of the guests will be men,” he said. “So… why don’t I be the guest?”

Laura nodded. “I’ll be here. When you get off the elevator, your a guest.”

“Sounds good,” Collin said, heading for the elevator.

Collin rode the elevator down a floor, then up again. When the doors opened up, Laura was sitting at the front desk, with her bare breasts visible.

Collin strode up to the front desk while Laura watched. “Can I help you?” she asked.

“I would like a room for the night,” he said.

“Do you have a reservation?” she asked.

“No, unfortunately not,” he replied.

“How long will you be staying?”

“Just tonight, and maybe tomorrow night,” he replied.

Laura started to type on the computer. It took her several minutes to figure out how the screens worked. “Queen or King sized bed?” she asked.

“King,” he said calmly.

“We’ll put you in room three,” she said. “That will be four hundred a night. How will you be taking care of the bill?

“Credit card,” Collin said, presenting an American Express.

Laura typed the number into the computer, then waited.

“This isn’t working,” she said, coming out of character.

Collin leaned over the counter and looked at the screen. “Ah. We didn’t hook the modem up yet.” He walked around the desk and spent another five minutes messing with the cords in back of the computer. “Try it now,” he said.

This time, it went though, and Collin walked back to the other side of the counter. “Very good,” she said. “Collin, where are the keys?”

“Second drawer on your left,” he said.

Laura found the appropriate key and handed it to him. “I hope you have a pleasant stay with us,” she said. “Call the front desk if you need anything.”

“I will,” he said, with a lecherous grin on his face.

She watched Collin walk off to the room, and let himself in. Laura spent a few minutes playing with the computer, waiting for the phone at the front desk to ring.

Collin came walking back a few minutes later. Laura noticed that his face was a bit red.

“Can I help you?” she asked.

“I don’t believe it,” he said, shaking his head.

“What don’t you believe?” she asked.

“I… I forgot to get any phones for the rooms,” he said.

Laura closed her eyes and winced. It was funny, but not funny at the same time. “Well…” said Laura, “aren’t you glad that that we did this, and found out now?” Collin nodded at this. “Let’s just fake it. I’m sorry your phone is out of order, sir. We’ll have someone look at it first thing in the morning. Is there anything that you require?”

“This is a bondage getaway, isn’t it?” Collin asked.

“Bondage and kink, that’s our calling card here at the… the…” Laura’s mind drew a blank.

“Secret Palace,” whispered Collin.

“Secret Palace,” Laura finshed loudly.

“So, how do I get some bondage in my life?” he asked.

“Well,” she said, dredging her memory for the details that Collin had given her about his plans. “We cater primarily to the submissive lifestyles,” she said. “So, how do you wish to be bound?”

“I’m not sure yet,” he said. “Maybe if you could show me around, I’ll get a few ideas.”

“I really shouldn’t leave my desk,” Laura said. “But… as you’re the only guest here at the moment, I think that I can give you the tour.”

Laura stood up and walked around the desk. As she wriggled in the hobble dress and heels, the dildoes in her chastity belt made their presence felt.

First, she led him to the lounge. “Here is our lounge,” she said. “It’s not too busy at the moment. As you can see, all guests should be chained to their chair or barstool while drinking,” she said, improvising. “We wouldn’t want anyone getting hurt while under the influence.”

“I like that policy, Laura,” Collin said.

“Thank you,” she replied.

“I don’t want a drink just yet,” he said, going back into character.

“Very well,” she replied, leading him over to the next area.

“We have our own erotic medical facilities here,” she said, “just in case you should require that during your stay.”

“Hmmm… I may just have to sample that,” he said. “What else?”

Laura led him past the ‘hospital’ and down to the dungeon. “Here is our dungeon facility,” she said. “The glass here allows those in the lounge to observe all that happens here.”

Laura re-examined the equipment set up here. One wall was made of glass, and allowed thoes in the Lounge to look inside the Dungeon. Against the opposite wall, there were three sets of manacles set into the wall. Two more were attached to the ceiling. There was a medival bondage chair with buckling leg and arm attachments. A fur lined pillory was also nearby.

“This is a possibility,” Collin said, touching the steel of a body cage that was suspended by a chain attached to the ceiling.

“How about this, sir?” she said, pointing to the wooden X against the wall, with restraints for the wrists and ankles.

“So many choices,” Collin said aloud.

“Would you care for any of these choices?” she asked.

“Not yet,” he replied. “What else do you have?”

“That is about it, for now,” she said. “We have a full ballroom, for major events, but we don’t have anything sheduled for the moment. Would you be interested in supper?” she asked.

Collin clenched his fist. “I have to set up something for room service,” he said suddenly.

“I didn’t see a kitchen here,” she replied.

“I know. There’s actually a place where we could install a small one, but I didn’t think that it was worth the effort.

“So, what are you going to do about it?”

“Remind me to check with the restauraunts on the first floor, and across the street,” said Richard. “I have no intention of trying to manage my own restauraunt. I should be able to work something out with them.”

“Hmmm…” he said, going back into character. “Well, why don’t we keep it simple the first night?”

“What do you have in mind?” she asked.

“Why don’t you send someone to my room in about ten minutes or so, and ‘tuck me in’ for the night?” he said, with a wink. “If you know what I mean?”

“I think so, sir,” she said.

“Good,” he replied, and left her behind as he went back to his room.

Laura made her way more slowly to the front desk. “I really need to shed the belt, or get it to vibrate,” she concluded as she sat down. She could feel that some of her secretions were dripping between her legs. However, she also knew that she wouldn’t be able to orgasm very easily right now, if she could at all. Laura turned her attention to the computer. “Now, how do you play solitare on this thing?”

Two games of soliare later, she made her way to Collin’s room and knocked on the door. “It’s unlocked,” he said.

Laura opened the door, and saw that Collin was sitting on the bed, completely naked. “What took you so long?” he asked.

Tuck him in… ah! Laura wriggled over to the nightstand, and brought out the plastic wrapped sex kit that was standard equipment in each room. “We’ll have to make due with these,” she said.

Laura unwrapped the kit and found a set of nylon wrist and ankle restraints. The closures on the cuffs were velcro. “Just relax,” she said, as she worked her way around the bed, tying the restraints to the eye bolts in the bed.

Collin watched her the whole time, smiling broadly. When she was done, he was rather fastened to the bed in a rather tight spread eagle position. “Is that all?” Laura asked.

“Move the pillow down for me, could you?” he asked. “And cover me up?”

“Certainly,” Laura replied. It took quite a bit of wriggling around the bed, but she managed it.

“Actually… why don’t we add a little more,” Laura said suddenly.

“Hmm?” Collin asked.

“It’s on the house,” Laura said. She reached into the kit of toys and brought out a buckling ball gag.

“This really isn’t…”

“Open wide,” Laura said.

Collin resisted for just a moment, then relented and let her fasten it into place around his head.

She heard him try to mumble somthing, but she ignored him as she next put a blindfold over his eyes.

Laura grinned evilly at him. She could see that he now had a raging erection. Mischeviously, she bent over the bed and gently kissed his erect member.

“Goodnight, sir,” she said as she left, turning off the light and closing the door behind her.

Chapter 22

Laura finished putting on her street clothes. The parts of her ‘uniform’ were lying out on the bed of one of the hotel rooms.

She was grinning with anticipation. He may never forgive me, she thoguht.

But then again, he probably will. He deserves it, for being such a horible tease!

Laura headed out of the room, and made her way to the freight elevator.

It took her three trips, but she broght in all of the kinky items that she had taken from Collin’s house. She put the boxes in the room that she had claimed, along with her bridesmaid’s outfit.

Once that was done, she shed her clothes and took a long bath. She knew that soap and towels were available, because she had put them there herself.

Laura toweled herself off and looked at herself in the mirror. The woman that stared back had curly brown hair check!

, an average set of breasts, and a fairly narrow waist. She knew that men referred to her as ‘nice’ looking. Along with that, there was a grin on the face of the woman in the mirror, but also a bit of trembling in the wrist.

Well, she thought to herself, are you going to do it or just stare at your naked reflection all night?

She made up her mind. Dropping the towel on the floor, she made her way out and across the hall, to room number three.

The door was locked. She had to detour to the desk to get the master keys for all of the rooms.

Slowly, she opened up the door, trying to be as quiet as possible.

The light that came into the room revealed that Collin was just where she left him. He had ovbiously been struggling somewhat against his restraints, but had not managed to get free.

She left the door open, but did not turn on the light. Quietly, she made her way barefoot to the side of the bed.

There was no sign that he knew that she was there. Slowly, she bent over and gave his flaccid penis a tender kiss on the very tip.

His hips suddenly bucked upwards and a loud moan came out through the gag. Laura backed away and looked down at his face. “Is something wrong?” she asked.

There was another moan from Collin. “I’m sorry, I can’t understand a word you’re saying,” she said, smiling sweetly even though he could not see her.

Laura hummed softly to herself as she walked over to the nightstand. She unwrapped a condom, then crawled up onto the large king sized bed.

There was plenty of room for her to sit down next to his spread eagled body. She reached out with one hand, and gently massaged his belly, slowly workingn down to his pubic hair. As she anticipated what she was about to do, she could feel herself becoming very wet.

I don’t believe that I’m doing this, a part of her thought.

I don’t want to wait any longer! screamed a much larger part of her mind.

His cock was rock hard by the time her hand made it down there. She took the condom and worked it down the length of his penis, stroking the bare flesh as she worked her way down.

Laura let go, and saw that it wtand, and brought out th “Nice,” Laura said out loud. Let’s see… his cock is about as tall as the heels that he makes me wear.

I wonder if there’s a reason for that?

There was another moan from Collin. “Is something wrong?” she asked again. “You did call for room service, didn’t you?”

The next moan was very short. She ran her fingertips across his chest, feeling the hair as it passed by her hand.

Laura leaned over him, and maneuvered her hips over his pelvis. She brought her hips down, but did not take him inside of her. Instead, she let the rubber covered cock slide past her pussy and rub up against her butt cheeks, near her anus.

Laura lowered herself on top of him. She wriggled her chest and dangled her nipples over him, letting them gently caress his chest.

She could smell the musky smell of his sweat, and this brought a low moan from her lips. She lowered herself completely onto his chest, and slowly started to kiss his chin.

Collin twitched against his bonds, but they did not give way. Laura ran her fingernails up and down the inside of his arms. She could hear the scraping sound as they left very thin scratchmarks in his skin.

Laura rubbed her legs against his. She moved her hips up and down, feeling his cock rub up against the outside of her pussy.

She was breathing deeply and rapidly now. With one hand, she reached down and guided his rod into her.

Collin let out another moan, which she ignored. Slowly, she moved up and down on top of him.

At first, Collin wriggled underneath her. She wasn’t sure if he was trying to resist her or if he was trying to speed things up. After a few minutes, the wriggling stopped, and he was still. A long exhalation that might have been a sigh exited his nose, and tickled her breasts with the hot air.

Her slow pace soon became firm, then rapid. She sat upright, letting her breasts roam freely as she bounced up and down on the bed. With each thrust, she felt his manhood probing deeply inside of her.

“Oh, holy… holy…” she exclaimed breathlessly. The wave of pleasure caught her by surprise. She grunted aloud, then fell on top of him and pushed her pelvis with all her might into him and ground her hips for a few moments.

Laura grabbed ahold of his shoulders with her hands as the pleasure travelled through her. “Oh, my!” she said. “Oh…”

He was still hard inside of her as she rested, lying on top of him. Just a few minutes later, she started to move her hips again as she felt the hunger inside of her.

This time, Collin caught her by surprise. His hips suddenly started to thrust inside of her, and a matter of a minute later, he let out a groan as his penis slowly lost its hardness.

“Hmmm…” she said, rising up and letting him slide out of her.

Laura kissed both of his nipples, which were perky and erect. “Well, it looks like you made quite a mess,” she said as she sat down next to him. She took the condom off of his penis and threw it away in the trashcan.

She made her way to the bathroom, and cleaned herself up with a washcloth. I still don’t believe that I did that, she thought.

Didn’t it feel good?

Laura looked at the woman in the mirror, and saw that there was a smile on her lips.

It felt good. Very good…

She spent several minutes cleaning herself off. While she was doing this, she heard the sounds of Collin thrashing about on the bed.

“Well, well, well…” she said as she walked back to the bed. Collin’s head was turned away from her as she climbed into the bed and sat next to him. “Are you ready to try it again?”

There was no reply from Collin. As she leaned over him, she saw that the cord between his wrist and the bed was now loose. Before, it had been tight all the time…

Collin’s arms suddenly wrapped around her body. She let out an abridged scream as he took off the blindfold and gag with one hand while holding her tightly with the other arm.

He looked into her eyes and bared his teeth at her, with a low growl coming from his throat.

Chapter 23

Oh my god…

Laura’s could hear her heart pounding in her chest. Both of her arms were trapped between her chest and his chest. Her eyes were wide, and she started to pant as he glowered at her.

Laura braced herself, expecting him to crush her chest, or to throw her against the wall. Will he hit me? Will he throw me out into the street?

Will he ever forgive me?

“G… g…” Laura stammered as her chin quivered.

“You…” Collin said in a low voice. “You…”

Collin continued to stare at her. Laura could not break away from the gaze of his blue eyes.check!

“I don’t belive you did that,” he said in the same low voice. “I just don’t believe it.”

“I’m sorry…” she said, meekly. Am I? asked a corner of her mind.

You’re sorry that he got loose, that’s what your sorry for, you little nympho!

“You’re sorry?” he said, tilting his head. “You’re SORRY?!” he repeated, shouting the last word.

Collin’s eyes closed tightly. His lips were tight as he took a long breath.

Something like a sob escaped his lips. Oh, god. What have I done to him.

I raped him, didn’t I?

I raped him?

Can a woman rape a man?

She could feel her brain starting to seize as it tried to process this train of thought. The entire scene was becoming more and more surreal to her.

Wait a minute… he isn’t sobbing…

He’s laughing!

The sounds that came out of his mouth now were definitely the sounds of laughter. Slowly, ever so slowly, a smile started to come across her mouth.

“You’re sorry!” He continued to laugh, and shook his head with his eyes closed. “You’re sorry!”

“Well… what am I supposed to say?” she asked.

“You… well, I don’t know what you can say,” he said. “What you did with the customer was a very bad thing to do,” he said.

“What was bad about what I did? Didn’t you like it?” she asked.

Collin smiled at her. “It was very nicely done,” he said. “But… activities like that will get us in trouble so fast that it could make your head spin.”

Laura had a puzzled look on her face.

“I’m talking about having sex with the customers!” he said. “This was supposed to be a trial run of how a guest should be treated. We will supply fantasy, and sevices for sexual gratification, including devices,” he said. “However, we at the Secret Palace will not be in the business of prostitution.”

Laura looked downcast. “I… I got carried away,” she said. “I’m sorry,” I bet he has a lot in common with Richard, she thought. Now, how would Richard have handled a situation like this?

“Maybe I’ll learn if you punish me for being bad,” she said, batting her eyelashes.

“I have a feeling that you won’t learn your lesson easily,” he said.

“Probably not,” she replied. “It might take a few times.”

Me and my big mouth, Laura thought.

Inadvertently, she had revelaed to Collin that all of the borrowed outfits and equipment were just across the hall. This had given Collin inspiration for a ‘punishment’.

But… this ‘punishment’ was one that she was really looking forward to.

Collin continued to tighten the laces in the short rubber corset. This corset was the same one that he had asked her to wear that first time that she had been over there.

He pulled it very tight around her waist. There were metal rings at the front and the back, for attaching a strap across her crotch.

Once he was satisfied that it was tight enough, he retrieved the matching crotch strap from the box and lubed it up. This was similar to the effect of the chastity belts… except this one had more of a range of motion, and had a built up area that would brush up against her crotch with a bunch of tiny rubbery fingers.

“Mmmmm!” she exclaimed as he worked the phalluses inside of her.

Laura was very hot by the time that the belt was in place. Collin made sure to pull it very tight, so that her clitoris pushed against the rubbery fingers with every movement that she made.

He next asked her to sit down on the bed as he put a pair of black patent six inch heels on her feet. Collin then went through the collection of outfits, and pulled forth a long sleeved, high necked hobble dress made of blue rubber that she had not tried on yet.

Collin set this aside as he thought. He rummaged again, and his hands emerged with another piece of rubber.

This was the helmet that she had not tried on. It was made of black rubber, and would cover her down to the neck. There were three opening in it. One was a large hole for the nose, a second was a small breathing hole for the mouth, and the third one was apparently for her hair.

Collin gathered her hair and pulled it through the hole in the helmet. He then worked it around her head, making sure that her nose emerged from the large hole in the front.

On the inside, there was a short phallus that was positioned as a gag. Laura opened her mouth, and sucked it in.

Collin pulled the helmed all the way down around her neck. Once it was in place, Laura was completely without sight, as there were no openings for her eyes. She found that she could still breath through her mouth, as there was an opening in the gag that permitted air to pass through.

Blind and speechless, Collin helped her to get into the rubber hobble dress. It was just as tight as the one she had worn earlier. The main differences were that this one covered her breasts and buttocks, and this one left her hands open.

“Come on,” she heard Collin’s faint voice. Each step that she took ground the crotch strap into her. By the time that she had taken several dozen steps, Laura was moaning and hissing through the gag.

“We’re almost there,” he said. “Now, just lean over…”

She did, and found that her neck was resting on something soft. Collin guided her hands into place, then she felt something close down on top of her neck and wrists.

He’s put me in the pillory! she thought.

“Sweet dreams,” Collin said, as she futilely struggled against the solid wood of the bondage device.

Chapter 24

It was a long night for Laura

The only effect that her struggles had was to jostle around the devices inside of her. She found herself becoming hot, both sexually and temperature.

Laura moaned through the gag, but there was no answer. She had a hard time hearing anything through the rubber hood that kept her blind and gagged.

It was impossible for her to relax in this position. She had to keep her legs straight, because if she slumped over, it would twist her neck in the pillory and make her very uncomfortable. And even though she was well practiced in the high heels, her feet started to ache as the ordeal wore on.

Slowly, she felt the sweat build up between her legs and drip downward. She squirmed around, trying to find a position that was a bit less uncomfortable.

This moved the crotch strap up against her clitoris. Damn you! Laura thought. This one doesn’t vibrate either!

As Luara thought back, she remembered that she hadn’t actually needed this one to vibrate. With little else to do, she started to twist her hips around on purpose, trying to find just the right movements to excite her further.

Her breath hissed through the gag as she came closer and closer… the tightness of the rubber corset became acute as she neared a conclusion.

With her limited range of movement, she found it extremely difficult for her to finish what she was doing. Laura moaned and twisted, but that served only to keep her on the brink.

She clenched both of her hands and jumped up and down madly. Although her feet protested this treatment, it served to give her the extra bit of movement to push her over the edge.

Laura lost track of all sense of time after that. Odd bits of dreams would pass through her mind, only to end when her body started to move towards the floor.

What? Laura thought. I hear something. Collin must be coming to let me out!

She was tired, thirsty, sweaty, and had a full bladder by this time. Come on! What’s taking you so long? Laura strained to hear what she could through the rubber hood.

“…and this is the dungeon,” she heard Collin say.

“This is very interesting,” replied a female voice that she could not recognize.

What?! He’s doing his first interview now? I’m still tied up here, in the open!

“Who is that in the blue?” the female voice continued.

“Ah… Ummm…” Collin stammered. Laura heard the sound of approaching footsteps.

Did he forget about me?

“Is that rubber?” the woman’s voice continued.

“Well, ummmm, indeed it is,” he said.

What the heck is going on? Laura wondered.

“Is this the sort of thing that goes on in the dungeon?” asked the female voice.”

“Well, Wanda, it’s one example,” he said.

Wanda, Wanda… isn’t that the one that Richard sent over?

At least this one shouldn’t be too scared off by ths. That damn Collin!

Their voices faded off. Laura was left standing there, desperately trying to find a way not to pee. I wonder if I can pee in this thing? she wondered.

Some time later, she heard the sound of approaching footsteps. She felt the pressure on her neck and wrists vanish as Collin opened up the pillory.

Laura nearly fell over, but Collin helped her to stay standing. He unzipped the back of her rubber hobble dress, then pulled the helmet off of her face.

“I didn’t know that I was going to be a part of the tour,” Laura said in a low voice.

“I…” he said, looking sheepish. A moment later, the look on his face changed. “Hey, you were being punished! I’ll let you out whenever I feel like it!”

Laura had a hard time believing that he planned it. “Just get me out of this,” she said. “And get me to a bathroom.”

“So… how did the interviews go?” Laura asked.

She still felt tired. She had napped in the hotel room that she had claimed whle Collin had conducted the last two interviews.

“All three of them will be here on Monday,” he said, looking proud.

Laura yawned and stretched. She was still wearing the tight rubber corset, but the rest of her punishment outfit had been removed. Other than that bit of black rubber, she was naked.

“Anything else, or can I go back to sleep?” Laura asked, stepping back into her room.

“It’s eleven thirty on a Thursday,” Collin said. “That makes it a work day.”

“I didn’t get any sleep last night!” Laura exclaimed.

“It’s your own fault,” Collin said quickly.

“Like you didn’t enjoy it,” Laura said.

“That’s not the point,” he shot back.

Laura backed up and sat down on the bed. “Look,” she said. “I’m beat, and I want to sleep. If you’re going to want me to work, the uniform better have someting buzzing in it to keep me awake, or I’m likely to fall asleep on my feet!”

Collin thought about that for a second. “I think that can be arranged,” he said, entering the room.

Laura laid down on the bed. “Fine. Wake me up when you have it all picked out.”

It felt like she had been dozing for only a moment when she felt Collin’s hand on her shoulder. “Time to wake up,” he said sweetly.

“Uungh,” was her reply.

“I’m all done,” Collin said.

She focused, and saw that he held a rubber crotch strap, similar to the one that she had been wearing. This one, however, was missing the back dildo. Instead, the material at the rear of the strap was very thick and somewhat rigid.allowed him to fasten it to the back ring of the corset. “If you would stand up, please?” Collin asked. Laura complied, and stood with her legs apart as Collin put it in place.

The wide strap pushed her butt cheeks apart slightly. Collin lubricated the dildo before sliding it into her, then fastened the strap to the front of the corset. It was rather tight when fully in place, but not as tight as the one she has worn last night. This one also had material built up in front of the dildo that would push up very near her clitoris.

“This one buzzes, I hope?” Laura asked.

“Indeed it does,” he said, with a smile on his face. “The batteries are very fresh, I assure you.”

“What else?” she asked.

“Just one more thing,” he said, bringing out a familiar piece of black rubber.

She recognized it as the one piece french maid’s outfit with the inflatable skirt. “Interesting choice,” she said.

Collin liberally powdered the inside, then helped her to get into it. First, she slid her legs into it, and felt her feet being pushed into the built in high heeled shoes.

Next, she worked her arms into the outfit. It took a few minutes to get her fingers into the attached gloves.

Collin helped her with the helmet. She hadn’t noticed it before, but there was a hole for her hair to come out. after they worked it through, her curly brown hair stuck out like a perky pony tail.

He closed the back zipper. Now, the only parts of her flesh that were exposed to the air were her face and her crotch, and most of that was covered by the crotch strap.

“Is this it?” she asked.

“Just about,” he replied, fiddling with the skirt that was attached to the suit. Laura’s eyes were drifting shut as he did so. “I just have to finish it up.”

Collin found the squeezebulb and pumped up the attached skirt. When he was done, the skirt stuck almost straight out. It extended almost two feet outwards. It did not go low enough to even attempt to cover the open crotch of the outfit.

“Now, young lady, get to work!” he said, giving her a gentle slap on her rubber covered buttocks.

Laura opened her eyes at this. “What do you want me to do?” she asked.

“There’s twenty phones in the lobby,” he said. “Each room needs to have one hooked up. That seems like an ideal joby for you.”

Laura’s dildo had still not buzzed a bit. “All right…” she said, walking towards the lobby.

She wobbled as she walked. Although she was accustomed to very high heels, these were even higher than the normal six inch heels that she wore for Collin.

Laura grabbed two phones and made her way slowly down to the rooms. The first one she chose to do was her own room.

She didn’t have too much trouble finding the phone jack in the room and hooking it up. Laura closed the door behind her and looked around the room. “God, am I tired!” she exclaimed.

Laura sat down on the bed and tried to lay down. The inflated skirt immediately got in the way. “Well, there has to be a way to deflate this thing,” she said.

After a minute of fumbling with her rubber covered hands, she managed to find the valve. As it deflated, she was finally able to lie down somewhat comfortably.

Laura’s fists clenched suddenly as the vibrator near her clitoris suddenly came to life. It did not come on gradually, but instead immediately turned on full blast.

“Holy fffff….” she exclaimed, kicking her legs around.

The senastions were so sudden and jarring that she could not even consider them to be pleasurable. Laura clawed at the belt with her hands, but could do little to affect the course of events there.

Perhaps twenty seconds later, the vibrations stopped. With a small sigh, she unclenched her fists and tried to find a confortable spot on the bed.

About a minute later, the vibrations were back, just as suddenly as before.

“What the…?” she said, twisting around on the bed as the vibrator buzzed away.

Again, twenty seconds later, the vibrations stopped. By this time it ended, she was starting to become aroused enough to like the feeling of it there.

As Laura thrashed about on the bed, she endured another dozen of these cycles. Each of them made her a bit hotter, but the time that it was off seemed to undo the effects of the vibrations.

God! This is going to take forever! she thoght. I won’t be able to finish, and there’s no way that I can sleep in this!

Damn that Collin! Damn!

Isn’t this what you asked for? a corner of her mind said. Didn’t you ask for something vibrating to keep you awake?

Shut up! she thought back to that corner. Just shut up!

Laura rolled out of bed, and made it to her stiletto heeled feet. Slowly, she carried the phone out and made her way to the next room.

There was no recurrence of the vibrations as she set up the next phone. Puzzled, she made her way back to the lobby and grabbed two more phones. Collin was nowhere to be seen.

Two more installations, and no events. “I don’t get this,” Laura said.

Again, she sat down on the bed of the room and laid down. Within a minute, the vibrator near her clitoris jumped to life.

“F*ck!” she exclaimed. She waited for the vibrations to subside, then stood up and headed back to the lobby.

As she installed the next phone, an idea came to mind. “Is it when I lay down?” she asked.

Experimentally, she laid down again. The vibrations were there within a minute. “How does it know?” she wondered.

Laura grabbed ahold of a nightstand and bent over at the waist. Within a minute, the vibrator kicked on.

I bet that it can tell when it’s tilted! she thought. It only turns on when it’s turned at an angle.

So… as long as I’m standing up, and supposedly working, it will stay quiet.

Whenever I try to lay down and sleep, it kicks on, and keeps me awake.

Damn that Collin! “Damn!” she exclaimed.

Laura was taking her last pair of phones when the phone in the lobby rang.

“Collin?” she called out. “Collin?”

She poked her head in the office, but there was no sign of him. She stood over the phone, letting it ring four more times as she debated.

“Hello?” she said as she picked up the phone.

“Is this the Secret Palace?” came a man’s voice. It was not familiar to her.

“It is,” she said. “How can I help you?”

“I just saw your advertisement in Bondage: The News,” he said. “I wanted to ask what you do there.”

“Well,” Laura said, sitting down on the chair. As her skirt was still deflated, this was not a problem. “We have twenty rooms, all fully prepared for bondage games,” she said. “There’s a dungeon set up with some really cool stuff. We also have several hospital rooms, if that’s what you’re interested in.”

“Hmmm… well, that’s nice. I’m really into… well, spankings.”

Spankings? Collin didn’t say anything about spankings. “What do you have in mind?” she asked.

“Well, you know, being bent over being paddled, you know, like, by a woman wearing leather. You can do that, can’t you? How much would it cost?”

“I… I’m not sure,” she stammered. “The manager is not here right now.”

“I also really get into, you know, the anal thing,” he said. “Like… having a woman ‘do me’ with a big strap on dildo.”

Laura’s eyes widened and she started to feel very uncomfortable with the conversation. “Maybe if you could give me some more details,” she said.

“Well, It’s kinda hard to talk about this,” he said. “I was hoping that you had something written up that would, you know, say what you did? Then, maybe I could pick something that I wanted, you know? Like, I’m not really sure what I want, and I don’t really know what you do.”

“I wish that I could help you more,” she said honestly, “but I’m really not the right person to talk to. Can I take your number and have him call you back?

“Uh, I’d rather not,” the man said. “Maybe I’ll call back later,” he said.

“Well, all right,” Laura said. She heard a dial tone before she finished speaking.

“Hmmm…” she said, thinking about the call.

A minute later, she heard the sounds of the freight elevator opening up. “Collin?!” she exclaimed.

“In a minute!” he shouted back.

He strode into the lobby and walked behind the desk. “Now, is that they way you’re supposed to look?” he asked.

It took her a second to figure out what he was talking about. Laura rolled her eyes and stood up, then found the squeeze bulb and started to pump up her inflatable skirt. “While you were gone, there was a call,” she said.

“Another applicant?” he asked.

“Acutally, no,” Laura replied. “It was a potential customer. He said that he saw your advertisement in some sort of bondage news thing.”

“A customer? Already? I was told that it didn’t come out until Wednesday.”

“I have no idea,” Laura said with a shrug. “But… I had a really hard time talking with him.”

“Did he have an accent?” he asked.

“No, nothing like that.” The skirt was nearly done. Laura gave it a few more pumps to finish it. “He wanted to know what we could do for him, and I couldn’t answer him.”

Collin narrowed his eyes. “You told him about the rooms, the dungeon, and the hospital, didn’t you?” he asked.

“What I knew about them,” she replied. “But… he wanted to know if he could get paddled by women wearing leather, and… well, if he could be screwed by a woman wearing a strap on dildo.” As Collin absorbed this, she continued. “He also wanted to know how much this would cost.”

“I’m sure we could work something out,” he said. “Did you get his number? Or will he call back.”

“No, and I have no idea,” she said. “He also wanted to know if we had anything written up that would say what we could do. I get the impression that he had a hard time talking about it, and he’d rather just read something and say: that’s what I want!”

“Oh,” Collin said. “I… didn’t quite anticipate this.”

“Remember when you gave me that story from the bondage magazine? And you said that’s what you wanted to do? I think that is what he wanted to browse through.”

“That’s… really something I should have done,” he said.

“I bet that we’re going to have this problem with a good chunk of the people who call,” Laura said. “I know that you’re going to charge for the rooms, but are you going to charge for doing these funky things to people? Exactly what are you going to do? And… who’s going to do them?”

“Those are some really good questions,” he said.

There was a minute of silence while Collin thougth. “You know,” Laura said, to break the silence, “This vibrator is truly evil.”

He smiled at this. “Thank you,” he replied. “I do try.”

“So… are you going to make up a list of ideas for people?” she asked.

“I… it’s so hard to anticipate everything that people are going to want,” he said.

“You don’t have to,” Laura said. “You probably just have to give them a starting poing. Collin, you could start by using your own dirty imagination,” she said. “I’m sure that there’s quite a bit of filth there waiting to be written down.”

“Well, I suppose there are a few things…”

“And you know,” she said, putting one hand on her hip, just above the inflated skirt, “Anything you write up, we’ll have to try out first. Just to make sure,” she replied, grinning.

Chapter 25

“Well, I have the dungeon worked out fairly well,” Collin said. “Staying overnight while chained up will cost about $50. Pertty much anyone can chain them up. We’ll have one of the girls unchain them in the morning.”

Laura was leaing on the doorframe to the office. I’m so tired, she thought. “How high are these heels, anyway?” she asked.

“I think they’re six and a half inches,” Richard replied.

Did I really want to know? Laura wondered.

“Did you come up with any fantasies?” Laura asked.

“Well, you know that I wrote these up for a submissive guy…” he said.

“Does that mean that you don’t want to try them out?” Laura asked.

“No, no, that’s not what I mean at all… It’s just… I don’t want you to think that this is my favorite thing.”

“What is your favorite thing?” Laura asked.

Collin didn’t answer her. “Let me show you what I have so far. It’s more of an outline, rather than a story. Here’s a printout,” he said, holding up two sheets of paper.

She slowly stepped forward and took the offered paper. “I’d love to sit and read these, but…”

“Oh, go ahead and deflate the skirt,” Collin said. “You probably want to get out of that and take a bath,” he said.

I really just want a vibrator that will let me finish! she thought, but did not say aloud.

Laura let the air hiss out of the skirt and sat down. As long as she didn’t tilt her hips forward or backward, the vibrators stayed off. “Let’s see… the title of this one is ‘A Dog’s Life…’ hmmm…” She skimmed the outline, and saw that it consisted of a person being bound such that they had to walk on all fours, eating and drinking out of bowls, and generally living the life of a dog.

“Not one of my personal favorite fantasies, but I’ve heard about it often enough,” he said.

“Next… ‘Spanking Agony’… I see you included a butt plug in this one.”

“It was inspired by your phone call,” Collin said. “I’m not a big spanking fan. I’ve dabbled on both sides of the paddle, but I’m no expert.”

“That leaves… ‘Milked Dry’.” She scanned the description with interest. “Now this seems very interesting. Is this the kind of thing that turns you on?” she asked.

“Well… you could say that,” Collin said. He looked down at the floor while he said that.

“Let me get out of this, get cleaned up, and we’ll try it,” she said. “The night is young.” And it might give me a chance to get some sleep!

“I’m not sure if I trust you to be in charge… after the stunt you pulled last night.”

“Don’t trust me?” Laura said with her best innocent look on her face. “I feel offended.” Well, how long would you have kept him tied up? Laura had no answer to this internal question.

“Come on,” Laura said. “I’m sorry about that.” No, I’m not, but I can’t tell him that! continued her mental conversation without vocalization. “Is there some way to make you feel better about it? I really think that we should try everything out.” Definitely, after discovering the lack of phones!

“Well, there might be a way,” he said. A smile was on his face as he continued. “Perhaps… I could lock something on you, as insurance to make sure that you released me before next week.”

Laura thought about that, and nodded. “We can try that,” she said. “As long as it vibrates! And none of this kicking on and off stuff! I want the controls right in my hands!”

“How many different chastity belts do you own?” Laura asked as he looked at what Collin had in his hands.

“I call upon my fifth amendment rights, and I refuse to answer that question,” he said, putting the belt on her bed.

With Collin’s assistance, she had completely shed her previous rubber garments and was now naked. Laura had showered and relieved herself fully while Collin had gathered up things for her to wear.

“The corset first,” Collin said. Laura stood up and turned her back to him.

This corset was made of shiny black leather. Collin unhooked it in front and put it around her body. As he hooked it together in front, Laura wriggled around inside of it. Even with the laces loose, it was rather tight on her body.

The corset started just above her hips, and extended all the way up to her breasts. Two attached cups supported her breasts, and they extended upward just enough to mostly cover her nipples. The top half of each breast was bare.

Laura grabbed hold of a bedpost as Collin tightened the laces. Collin was not satisfied with his work until Laura was almost gasping for air.

“Aren’t you done yet?” she asked breathlessly.

“I just need to tie it,” he said.

Collin picked up a pair of stiletto heeled thigh high black leather boots, so Laura sat down on the bed. “Six inches each,” Collin announced as he slid her right leg into the black leather of the first boot.

The leather stopped halfway up her thigh. There was lacing up the front of each one, and Collin spent five minutes just tightening the laces.

Matching black leather gloves were next. These came up to her biceps, and also had lacings to tighten them up.

“Now, the part that you’ve been waiting for,” Collin said. “The belt!”

“Finally!” Laura exclaimed.

Laura watched as Collin put the belt around her waist. There was a flat square metal box in front with a keyhole in the center. Collin snapped it together, and Laura heard a click from the box as he did so.

“Two crotch straps?” Laura asked. She noticed that only one of the straps had a single phallus attached. The other strap was plain except for an oblong hole in it.

“Indeed,” Collin replied. He pulled the first one between her cheeks, past her crotch, and locked it into the metal box. Laura was surprised when nothing slid into her as Collin did this.

“This is the time limit, dear Laura,” Collin said. “Without being unlocked from the belt, you’re going to have a very difficult time in case you need to have a bowel movement.”

Laura felt down at her crotch, and noticed that there was a long and wide opening in the strap that exposed her vagina. “Ready for part two?” Collin asked.

“Anytime,” Laura replied. Collin applied lubricant, then pulled the second crotch strap over the first one.

Laura felt as something long and rubbery made its way up throught he hole in the first strap, and slid up into her. “Mmmmmm…” she said softly.

“Nice and tight now,” Collin said, pulling the crotch strap tight.

Laura felt the wide dildo as it slid into her. Even though it was lubricated, there was a moment of discomfort after it was fully inside of her. There was also a fullness further up, near her clitoris, as another rubbery object worked its way into place.

Collin buckled it into place, but there was no evidence that it was locked on. “Well, how do you like it?” Collin asked.

“It’s wider than the others,” she said. “But… it shouldn’t be a problem. Except… where are the controls that you promised?”

“Here you go,” Collin said, handing her a box about the size of her palm. A one foot electrical cord dangled from it, and there was a single control knob on the front of the box. “Let me plug it in for you,” he said, bending down between her legs.

Just as he plugged it in, Laura turned the knob on the controls. “Whooo!” she exclaimed, grapping hold of the bedpost with a leather gloved hand.

“Don’t get carried away yet. There’s one more part,” he said.

Reluctantly, Laura turned the vibrator off. She looked up, and saw that Collin was holding up a knee length black leather skirt.

He put it on the floor, and Laura carefully stepped into it. She was not at all surprised that the skirt pushed her knees together tightly, and fit her like a glove all the way up to her corsetted waist. Collin buckled it into place around her waist. The control box was just above the skirt. When Laura let go of the box, the wire kept it dangling just below her waistline.

“Now, no more playing until you have me all set up,” he said.

“Where are we going to do you? The dungeon?” Laura asked.

“I set up the pole there, while you were taking your bath. Everything is there now.”

Laura followed behind him as he made his way to the dungeon. Wearing the high heels and the knee length leather hobble skirt slowed her down considerably.

There was a new addition to the dungeon that she quickly spotted. Near the center of the dungeon, there was now a two foot high metal pole sticking straight up. On top of the pole, an eight inch long silicone rubber dildo was attached. At the bottom of the pole, there was a pedal attached to it.

“This is really kind of like a hydraulic jack,” Collin said. “Pumping the pedal will push the inner cylinder upwards. When it’s fully extended, I think that the pole is a little under four feet high.”

She watched as Collin demonstrated how the pole was extended and retracted.

“All right, you pathetic slave you,” she said. “Time to get your clothes off!”

As Collin disrobed, she surveyed the intems that Collin had laid out on a small table near one of the walls.

“Wrist restraints, two sets of leg restraints, and this ever so interesting belt,” she mused aloud. “Belt first, prettyboy!”

Laura picked up the leather belt and brought it over to the naked Collin. He buckled it into place around his waist. Dangling from the front, there was a large leather sheath with lacing along the top. The sheath looked to be much wider than needed to hold his now erect penis.

Collin put his rod into the sheath. Just the tip was visible when it was fully inside of the sheath. An electrical cord dangled from the base of the sheath.

Laura pulled the lacings of the sheath tight, making his penis snug. She knew that most of the space inside of the sheath was taken up by various mechanical devices. Once she finished, Laura made her way to the table and returned with a bottle of lubricant.

“Use it liberally,” Collin said as she applied it.

“I’ll use as much or as little as I want!” she said, getting into her role.

Collin’s eyes widened momentarily, then he let out a sigh. “As you wish, mistress,” he replied.

Laura squirted some lubricant on the top of the dildo and watched as the viscous liquid made its way down.

“Allright, slave! Assume the position!” Laura exclaimed

Collin walked over to the pole and stood over it, with the tip of the dildo a few inches under his anus. Laura tried to put her high heeled foot on the pedal of the hydraulic shaft, but with the very tight hobble skirt that she wore, she found it nearly impossible to keep her balance. “You’re going to have to think of another way to raise this up,” she said as Collin watched her nearly fall over in the attempt.

“I can see that,” he replied.

“Well, you can just pump it up yourself!” she said. “Your legs still work fine.”

Collin complied, and each time he depressed the pedal, the dildo rose by an inch or so. Within a half dozen foot strokes, the dildo was pressing on his crotch.

He then slowly worked his body down onto the rubber shaft. As he did so, Laura saw that it was a very flexible dildo. It took him a better part of a minute to get the dildo inside of him. Once it was inside of him, he carefully worked his foot to the pedal and continued to pump it up.

Collin stopped after another eight strokes of his foot. Each time that the dildo rose up, he brought his pelvis up with it. By the time he was done, the dildo was almost fully inside of him even with his knees straight.

“That will do for now,” Laura declared. She retrieved the leg and wrist restraints from the table. The first set of leg restraints was sized to fit him around the ankles. However, Laura found it impossible to buckle them in place with the heels, corset, and tight skirt that she wore

“The skirt has to go for now,” she said, unfastening the skirt and letting it drop to the floor. “Don’t worry. I’ll put it back on.”

This gave her enough freedom of movement to fasten the leather straps around his ankles. The restraints held his legs together and kept his ankles attached to the metal pole as well. Collin could not separate his legs, nor could he move them from their place.

The other set of leg restraints fit him just above the ankles. These were just as tight as the ankle straps, and kept his knees firmly against the metal pole.

“Almost done,” Laura said. Collin put his hands behind his back as Laura fastened them together with the leather wrist restraints. These had attacked leather mittens that would prevent him from unbuckling the restraints himself.

“There,” she said, stepping back. “Now that looks good.” Collin looked at her as he wriggled his pelvis around. “How does that feel?” she asked.

“Well, I wish that you would have used a little more lube, but it’s all right, I guess.”

“There’s only one last thing,” Laura said. She walked back over to him and took ahold of the electrical cord that was attached to his penis sheath. After a second of searching, she spotted an electrical outlet within range of the cord. “Let’s turn on the power!” she exclaimed, plugging it into the wall socket.

A loud humming sound emenated from Collin’s crotch. “Whoo!” he exclaimed. The tip of his penis was visible through the opening in the wide leather sheath that covered the bulk of his shaft. A few seconds after the power was applied, Laura watched as his hard shaft slowly rose up until it was pointing upward, in spite of the weight of the vibrator.

Collin tried to turn, and Laura saw that this twisted the rubber dildo within him. “Oh, god, this is going to be fast!” Collin exclaimed.

“How fast is fast?” Laura asked.

She could see his legs straining to separate from each other, but the straps held them tightly together. Collin moved his arms from side to side, but the handcuffs with attached leather mittens kept them from accomplishing anything.

Collin suddenly moved his hips forward and backward. Laura could see the dildo sliding in and out of him slightly as he did so. Just a few seconds afterwards, Laura was surprised as white fluid shot out of his erect penis. The first pulse hit the glass wall that bordered the lounge. Several subsequent aftershocks sent his semen onto the floor in front of him.

“Oh, god,” Collin said, breathing heavily. The vibrator continued to buzz merrily as Laura surveyed the room.

“There has to be a better way to do this,” she said. “Otherwise, someone’s going to spend a lot of time mopping the floors.”

“I suppose so,” Collin said.

“That was pretty fast,” she said.

“Ah, the dildo can do that to me,” he explained. “I was wondering if you could turn this off for a few minutes until I recover.”

“Sorry, handsome,” Laura said playfully. “That’s not what you wrote up. Besides, I don’t get any breaks from this outfit here.

“You are now,” Collin replied. “Isn’t there a piece missing?”

Laura looked down at the black leather skirt on the floor. “I suppose there is,” she said as she carefully knelt down to retrieve it. She could feel the dildo sliding around inside of her as she moved.

“I’m going to let you stew here for a while,” she said, tapping the box that hung down between her legs. “These batteries need draining, you know.”

“Laura!” Collin exclaimed. She did not reply, but had a smile on her face as she walked out of the dungeon. With each step that she took, there was a sharp click as the shoe struck the tile floor.

Once she was out of the dungeon, she almost ran to her room. One hand held the skirt, while the other one held the box that connected to her belt.

“Let’s see what this thing can do,” she said as she sprawled out on the bed.

The first jolt of power from the vibrator inside of her was too strong for her tastes. It was more jarring than pleasant. Laura turned it down, and let out a moan as the vibrations massaged the pleasure zones inside of her.

A few minutes later, she had turned the knob to maximum power. “Oh, my, ohohohoh!” she exclaimed as she grabbed ahold of the headboard with both leather gloved hands. She twisted her hips around, and tried to arch her back even though she was wearing the black leather corset.

This orgasm snuck up on her. One moment she was writhing on the bed, and the next moment Laura sucked in her breath as every muscle in her body tensed up.

She let out a groan as she fumbled for the control nob. A few seconds later, she turned off the vibrations as the world swirled around her.

Finally! she thought as she slowly came back to reality.

Chapter 26

Laura slowly slid the dildo back into place inside of her. Once she buckled the strap of the chastity belt back into place, she sat down on the toilet seat and put her legs into the leather skirt.

A few seconds later, she was standing in the six inch heels as she zipped the skirt up. I guess its time to check up on Collin, she thought as she fingered the control knob on the box that was suspended from her waistline. The batteries are just about dead, anyway.

She carefully walked out of her room and headed to the dungeon. “God, it’s nearly midnight,” she muttered as she saw the clock in the lobby.

With short circular steps, she made her way into the dungeon. “So, how is our guest doing?” she said as she made her way to Collin.

Collin did not immediately answer. He was slouching forward, and his knees were slightly bent. Laura saw that there were additional stains on the window and on the floor. He was breathing heavily as the vibrator massaged his rigid cock. His body was covered with perspiration, and drops of sweat dangled from his chin and nose, waiting the proper moment to fall. “Collin?” she said as she came close.

“Ggggh,” he said as he tried to twist around to face him. His face screwed up as his motion twisted the dildo inside of him. “Laura…” he said as he looked up at her.

“So, are you ‘milked dry’ yet?” she asked, with a smile on her face.

“Laura… could you just turn this off for a few minutes?” he asked. “You have no idea what this is like! I… dammit, it feels like I’ve been on the edge… for an hour!” he said as he moved his hips around a bit.

“Poor baby,” she said without sympathy. Laura reached forward and gently batted his erect manhood. Collin’s breath hissed through his teeth as she did this.

“I’m serions!” he said. “Please! Just for a few minutes!”

“I’m surprised at you,” Laura replied. “In your writeup, you say that this can last for sixteen hours or more. It’s hardly been four(?) hours since we started.”

“Well, I’m going to change the writeup,” he said. “I don’t know how, but I’ll change it.”

“You know,” she said, putting one hand on her corset exaggerated hip. “I might be talked into turning it off for a little while,” she said.

“Thank you!” Collin said.

“Not so fast! I said might.”

There was a moment where there was no sound except for the buzzing of Collin’s vibrator. “You want something,” he said between breaths as he rolled his eyes.

“Not really,” she said, making her way towards the wall socket. As she slowly started to squat down to unplug his vibrator, she stopped. “Well, there is one thing,” she said, turning her head back.”

“What do you want?” Collin blurted.

“Well, dear Collin, you could tell me where the spare batteries are located.”

“Batteries… there are some in the middle drawer in my desk,” he said.

Laura unplugged the vibrator, and the buzzing sound finally went away. “Well, I’ll be back in a few minutes to plug you in,” Laura said with a smile on her face.